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    in Elections

    Hello, my name is Annette M. Blackwell

    I am a Mayoral Candidate for the City of Maple Heights. I made the decision to  run for office because the residents

    of  Maple Heights have had to settle for a compromised quality of life for far too long.  More specifically, in the

    areas of safety, senior services, year-round youth recreational activities and other desired community services.


     • Recruit and Retain a "Best & Brightest" Administration

    • Aggressive Economic Recovery; Economic Development

    • Citizen Representation — Better Transparency of Citys' Business Practices

    • Public Relations - Improve Citys' Image

    • Quality of Life Consciousness (Safety, Seniors & Youth)

     Read more about me and my plan for Maple Heights ! http://blackwell4maple.wix.com/blackwell4mayor

    Elect Annette M. Blackwell 

    Candidate for Mayor - City of Maple Heights

    General Election Tuesday, November 3

    Innovative, Invested, Involved - Expect Something Different!


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    in Radio

            First on the menu for today's show, is an interview with candidate for Maple Hts, Mayor, Annette Blackwell.  She is being assisted by Kimberly Brown - who is an electric activists in the greater Cleveland area.  We had Ms Blackwell on the show before, and we welcome her honesty and participation.  347-205-9366 -

    then, Hilary Clinton was on the hot seat with the political court - we'll briefly discuss that issue, Ben Carson takes a poll lead in Iowa - and we'll get around to GAY TV, are we being influenced by the amount of gay activity on the tube?

    347-205-9366 - CAVS fans, where ya at?

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    Relationships - love, family and more- Annette McCoy and Maureen St Germain

    in Spirituality

    ANNETTE is joined by regular guest MAUREEN ST GERMAIN
    from Transformational Enterprises Inc who has written many books
    including her lastest, BE YOUR OWN GENIE
    Annette and Maureen have a wealth of wisdom and experiences
    to share about relationships, love, family......
    These Ladies invite U to share your stories and experiences too
    Come join in the fun and allow others to learn from your experiences
    and sharing
    BE opportunistic. BE brave, Seize this moment to share on air
    Call in on 347 202 0232 or share with us via the chatroom


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    Soul Essence Magic part 3 -- Sacred Play- Jade Hom joins Annette McCoy

    in Spirituality

    This is the third and final part of this three part series of Soul Magic presented by Jade Hom and Annette McCoy

    Do you allow joy and play to help you remember who you really are?
    Your inner child knows the essence of your soul.
    What is sacred nurtures your soul.
    Jade Hom is with Annette McCoy
    Together they invite U to explore and delight in discovering who U really are

    During the show Jade will present a 20 minute activation to
    assist with your Soul alignment and healing your inner child

    A show that is a definite must listen!!!!!!!
    Join us for fun and learning


  • Our Bodies Speak- Are We Listening?- Annette McCoy with Marney Perna

    in Health

    Your body is talking to U?
    Are U Listening?

    What messages is your body giving you right now?
    Are U Listening?
    Are U heeding this vital information?

    MARNEY PERNA,Kinesiologist and "Body Communicator"
    joins Annette McCoy to share her knowledge and expertise in
    interpreting your body's messages
    MARNEY will be delighted to receive your questions.
    Let MARNEY answer your questions via the chatroom
    or call in on 347 202 0232

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    Life Coach Annette Jones, Emmy Award Winning Director, Producer Nick Nanton

    in Business

    Annette Jones  received her life coach training from popular self-help book author Martha Beck's coach training program. She is the owner of Ananda Transformations Life Coaching, a blogger and a fine art photographer. She uses her coaching super powers of intuition, compassionate listening and unique insight to help her clients connect to their own inner wisdom. She helps her clients to create more success and happiness in their lives through transforming their negative thoughts and beliefs with special coaching techniques

    Nick Nanton 3-Time Emmy Award Winning Director, Producer and Filmmaker, Nick Nanton, Esq. known as the Top Agent to Celebrity Experts® around the world for his role in developing and marketing business and professional experts, through personal branding, media, marketing and PR. Nick serves as the CEO of The Dicks + Nanton Celebrity Branding Agency, an international branding and media agency with more than 2200 clients in 33 countries. Nick has produced large scale events and television shows with the likes of Steve Forbes, Brian Tracy, President George H.W. Bush and many more. Nick is recognized as one of the top thought-leaders in the business world, speaking on major stages internationally and having co-authored 36 best-selling books, including The Wall Street Journal Best-Seller, StorySelling™

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    Are U Shifting?- BE The Change- Annette McCoy with Rosemary Butterworth

    in Self Help

    Rosemary invites each of us to “BE the change for our children”. How can each one of us create love for ourselves and all living matter on this planet?

    Rosemary has simple, easy tips for us to practise and incorporate into our daily life.  Annette McCoy and Rosemary Butterworth.....What a duo!!!!!

    Rosemary has such a wonderful way of helping people from all walks of in her beautiful, gentle, soothing, supportive way. Co-founder of The Academy of Light in Sydney Australia, Rosemary is a Life Coach, Spiritual Healer and the author of How To Move Forward.  Annette McCoy has great pleasure to BE with Rosemary as she shares her wisdom, knowledge and humour. Rosemary will  also lead us through a gentle meditation which is always a special treat.

    Join us in the chatroom or make our day and ring in with your thoughts  Dial USA 347 202 0232

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    Special Guest Annette Larkins- 73 Years Young and the Queen of Health

    in Vegetarian

    73 Years Young Annette Larkins has always been an inspiration to me. She was gracious enough to join us on High Frequency Radio and share some of her insight and knowledge as it relates to health.

    I found out about Larkins when a friend emailed me a viral video of her that aired on local South Florida WPTV station March 1. She is amazingly youthful in her appearance at 73 years of age.

    I beleive that she is the example of how we are SUPPOSE to be and the road that leads to a new paradigm as it relates to truly living life!

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    Edge Quantum Leaps for Life with Annette Rugolo

    in Spirituality

    What exactly is karma and why is it important to know about it?  What is the difference between karma and dharma? How do we know when we have karma to clear and what does it look like?  Can we clear it on our own or do we need help?  

    Join Annette Rugolo, owner of Conscious Life Resources, as she explores the world of karma in this series of 3 shows.

    Do you know how to recognize the difference between individual karma, family karma and group karma?  Is everyone born with karma?  Why do we have karma and why is it important to clear it?

    Annette has been working on clearing her own karma and helping others understand and clear theirs for over 15 years.  Her ability to see and clear the karmic patterns created in this and past lifetimes, have given her an understanding of where we get stuck in this lifetime.  

    In each show, she will guide you in a powerful meditation and help you release karmic patterns.


    Thank you for your interest in the Edge! Please go to edgemagazine.net to view the latest issue of the Edge. 

    For information on advertising in the Edge please contact Cathy Jacobsen at 763.433.9291. Or via email at Cathy@edgemagazine.net

    For article submission please contact Tim Miejan at 651.578.8969. Or via email at editor@edgemagazine.net

    Or for further information regarding the Edge Talk Radio contact Cathryn at via email at Cathryn@EFTForYourInnerChild.com


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    Soul Essence Magic part 2 -- Embrace Your Divinity- Annette McCoy and Jade Hom

    in Spirituality

    Following Soul Essence Magic part 1 in September
    here is Part 2........thank U Annette and Jade
    How do we allow for the Divine to show up for us in everyday life?
    Listening to inner guidance -- it's the Divine taking care of you.
    Accessing help from the Divine
    Jade has another activation for us - an energy clearing followed
    by a download of our Divine blueprint,
    Jade will assist us to align our energies with the energy of the Ascended Masters
    WOW........How does it get any better than this?????


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    Imagine There's No Vitamin G

    in Motivation

    Imagine There’s No Vitamin G. No, I’m not writing science fiction and of course why on earth would we WANT to live in a life without Vitamin G. If we can imagine life without, we can surely imagine a life FILLED with VITAMIN G. Bringing together all the imagination we can muster LIVE on Wednesday, November 25th, 8am EST, so mark that on your calendar. Of course we are bringing along the award-winning artist, David A. Martinka, who so generously provides our theme music. Find more of his music at http://www.redbellymusic.com and also http://www.sunshadows.net. FREE DOWNLOADS available. And we are bringing together all kindred spirits; http://www.blogtalkradio.com/perspectivepower and on our FAN PAGE http://www.facebook.com/perspectivepower.  Always open to imagining a world FILLED with VITAMIN G!  The link below will take you to the LIVE show and the archived podcast, so be sure to SHARE!


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