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    The Holiday Show for Red River Radio Tales from the Pages

    in Books

    Host Barbara Ehrentreu welcomes guests from the last year to Red River Radio Tales from the Pages on Wednesday, December 17th at 4PM EST. Each guest who can make it will read a holiday story or poem. Besides the guests all listeners are encouraged to call in and share their own holidays stories and poems. The guests who might be on are : Jami Gray, Lorena Bathey, Penny Estelle, Ken and Anne Hicks, Ashleigh Galvin, Karen Vaughan, Sara Jayne Townsend, Alma Alexander. I want to thank all of them for being part of the show and hope they will all be able to make it. Happy Holidays and a Very Happy, Healthy and Peaceful New Year to all.

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    The 10 Top Secrets to Super Successful Networking

    in Women

    During this hour with Marnie and special guest, AnneMarie Cross you'll discover:

    1. What networking is and is not.

    2. What to avoid so you don’t tarnish relationships before you even start.

    3. Ice Breakers vs. Deal Breakers – how to know the difference.

    4. 3 key steps to maximize your networking results.

    5. What not to do when you introduce yourself.

    6. How to put together a powerful introduction that WOWs your audience and leaves them wanting to know more.

    7. What to say next after someone asks you, ‘So tell me more...”

    8. How to calm your nerves and increase your confidence when introducing yourself.

    9. Key follow up strategies to nurture your relationships.

    10. Networking and building your list of contacts – key tools to have in place.

    Anne Marie Cross’s podcast is in the Top 50 for Entrepreneurs and Top 100 for Small Business (Small Business Trends).  As a Small Business Marketing & Mindset Business Coach she shares her marketing and mindset business growth strategies with entrepreneurs - globally. Learn more at AnnemarieCross.com



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    Godscribe Sondra Sneed - Messages and Answers from God

    in Spirituality

    The nature of the being that is the creator of all being is able to communicate to the human mind through a Godscribe.  This human can interpret the vibrational signature of the being we call God, (a.k.a. Source Energy, The Force, Force of Being, Great Spirit, Four Things Given, Alpha Omega, The One, etc.), into language. When you want to know the deepest part of your soul, there are ways to master your own Source connection.  When you are part of an eternal process, it is the nature of eternity itself that must be employed, to know what’s already written on your soul’s most Self.  This most Self is accessible to a Godscribe.

    Sondra Sneed is a Godscribe.  We are blessed to have her join us on WOWFactor Media as she answers your questions of God.  Sondra has an innate ability to receive messages directly from God that are profound in nature, and incredilby healing and helpful for you on your journey to whole-ness.  Learn more about Sondra at www.sondrasneed.com

    Email your questions in advance to joanne@poweroffreedom.ca 

    Contact Jo-Anne and Heather www.poweroffreedom.ca

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    Anne Ortelee's December 14, 2014 Weekly Weather

    in Self Help

    Anne Ortelee, a nationally (NCGR-PAA Level 3 and PMAFA) and internationally (ISAR-CAP) certified astrologer discusses the cosmic energy we can expect to experience on earth during the upcoming week. There is often a short astrology lesson.  Listen and learn how to navigate your week in alignment with the heavens... Check out her website at astroanne.com for a written version of the Weekly Weather.

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    The Michael Dresser Show

    in Books

    Thank you for joining us on The Michael Dresser Show! Today we welcome these guests to our show:

    Kathy Fettke: Author of "Retire Rich With Rentals: How to Enjoy Ongoing Cash Flow from Real Estate...So You Don't Have to Work Forever," http://www.RealWealthNetwork.com

    Tiffany Papageorge: Author of "My Yellow Balloon," children's grief during the holidays, http://www.myyellowballoon.com

    Julie Anne Eason: Professional writer who helps writers build their brand and their businesses by writing books that lead to backend products & services, http://www.JulieAnneEason.com

    James R. LaPiedra: Author of "Identity Lockdown: Your Step-By-Step Guide to Identity Theft Protection," http://yourid360.com

    Peggy Caruso: Author of "Revolutionize Your Child's Life: A Simple Guide to the Health, Wealth and Welfare of Your Child," http://www.lifecoachingandbeyond.com

    Doris Wise Montrose: President and founder of the Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors and a new subsidiary group, Jews Can Shoot; http://www.JewsCanShoot.com

    Thank you for joining us today on The Michael Dresser Show!


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    Moretti Underground - The Liberty Report

    in Radio

    Please join Hosts Jo Anne Moretti and Scott Ferrarello, along with our correspondents and colleagues, each Monday at 8pm EST for the latest news, commentary, investigative journalism and featured guests.

    You can also engage in the conversation in our always interesting chat rooms.

    We bring you the news and patriot reports mainstream media wont.

    See you there.

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    The Hen's Pen w/ Wendy, Marilyn, Sunshine gal, Anne Marie & Dan Hall

    in Religion

    Sunday 4pm ET/3pm CTRL/2pm MTN/1pm Pac call in and listen, share comments or ask questions at 1-347-934-0379 or online during or after the program at:


    Today's topic is  Holidays, should we celebrate them and why? part 2 Health and fitness tips for our fellow Christians

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    Dr. Ridgely and Sr. Anne Muhammad at "The Buying Club"

    in Food

    Welcome! Join Host Dr. Ridgely Muhammad and, his wife, Sr. Anne Muhammad Saturday December 13, 2014, at 8:00pm, as they discuss the Buying Club and recent events, you don't want to miss information that is factual and rarely heard without confusion, so be present and bring a friend with you into the studio at 347-945-5454 or be our guest in the chat room via www.blogtalkradio.com/noimoa, scroll downward on our home page. We look forward to everyone's comments and questions!

    To visit the farm website go to http://www.noimoa.com  There is much to be seen and we kno w you will enjoy your visit, share with a friend, family or collegue! smile. We have a donation button at that site so prove your support for this exciting show and make a contribution... To contact our provider and program engineer send and email to, nouvelspecialist@verizon.net.


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    We are Americans who worked all of our lives to now this condition which is worsening as we see the destruction of  our society via the lack businesses which create employment, healtcare systems that are collapsing to the very rich, elders within the US are forced to live in a status less than human in many cases and tossed into kill zones established again to make money and nothing more after years of work which cause the very people to become Made Men and this sociality. And more and more criminal acts because the people themselves can see little as a result in being sociality slaves to drive up income into the pockets of the few.

    On the Detectors we cover it all and this program is not created for the weak minded, and those who are not willing to walk amongest the free thinkers, and others who have the dream that America is the place, where everyone can come to escape from other places that offer them no rights at all. America has been invaded, and unless we within the ral media allow you to see all of the sides of a story... Not just to story that creates us income, then we are no better than the very media to push into power the very evil men in the world as within 2014  we are witnesses the return from the ashes the very people who destoryed are world many times in the beginning......

    As history repeats itself if we allow it, and its all about people connecting together in a better fortune, come learn of the history that had generated this future and now we together can create change.

    Hosted by D'Anne Burley and Bob Jones callers 1-718-508-9513 join and like my fan page and become a part of the millions who want to learn and create a world that is for all of us .

    Respectfully yours

    D'Anne Burley

    email danne.burley@gmail.com

    call me 1-630-863-9971




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    Oh Shift

    in Culture

    OH SHIFT- Sometimes it is the LITTE THINGS that bring us the BIGGEST SHIFT!  SHIFT is the weekly program hosted by Founder and Creator of the digital magazine, The Magic Happens, Editor and contributing writer, Kathleen Anne McCarthy and Editor and contributing writer at The Magic Happens;  best selling, award-winning published author, Annette Rochelle Aben.  The Magic Happens is a digital world home to a community of writers who are thriving out loud! Enjoy these two thinking ladies who are open to shifting perspectives on many things. The doors are wide open to lots of conversational opportunities. Listen weekly, FOLLOW the program at www.blogtalkradio.com/themagichappens and comment on the show at www.facebook.com/themagichappens . TWEET us and PIN your thoughts with us on PINTEREST!  Writers are welcome to JOIN The Magic Happens family!  Contact Kat @ kat@themagichappens.com FOLLOW the great reads and writers in our digital magazine www.themagichappens.com This program, SHIFT is LIVE 12Noon EST every Sunday!

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    Night-Light with Rev Anne Rose

    in Spirituality

    The Rev Anne Rose returns to Night-Light.  She is onr of the most talented mediums I have ever workd with.  She is compassionate and empathic and brings with her a unique and insightful approach to sharing her gifts with us.  Join us for a most interesting show.

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