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    Anna and the Angels with guest Silvia Bianco

    in Spirituality

    My guest this week is the amazing Silvia Bianco, also known as 'Chef Silvia', who will join me to talk about making peace with our food and seeing it differently.

    Silvia Bianco is an award-winning chef, writer and former restauranteur of the much loved Italian restaurant Biscotti, in Ridgefield, Connecticut where she quickly became known as Chef Silvia. 

    Chef Silvia began offering cooking classes to her restaurant patrons in 1995 and today she give classes to private and corporate group such as GE, Unilever, Dannon and many more. She is the resident chef at Williams-Sonoma Danbury, CT store; has cooked at the highly acclaimed Ridgefield Playhouse and the James Beard House as well as numerous TV shows, including The Today Show on NBC. 

    She is the author of Simply Sauté and a regular contributing writer to the hugely popular media network, Simple Reminders as well as the Huffington Post and Awakening People. Chef Silvia considers herself a holistic chef and spiritual teacher, writing from her years of spiritual study and practice as a long time student of A Course in Miracles.  

    Chef Silvia has an MBA in Marketing from Pace University and a BA in Theater from The State University of New York. 

    For more details about her work, including great recipes, please visit: http://www.chefsilvia.com

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    Anna and the Angels with guest Carmella Whitehead

    in Spirituality

    Join me and my guest, psychologist and thought-leader, Carmella Whitehead as we talk about relationships and how to have healthy boundaries.

    Carmella Whitehead, LMFT helps individuals and couples connect on a deep, spiritual, meaningful manner.  She is best known for utilizing the concept of using one’s triggers to grow oneself, thus resulting in a deeper connection with another.  Devoted to sharing this perspective with others, her intention is to help individuals reconnect with the truth of who they are, thus having lasting connections with their lives and the loved ones in them. She received her masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama.  She is trained in systemic and cognitive-behavioral approaches as well as extensive post-graduate training in Mindfulness Therapy, Eastern philosophies, and spirituality. She has been practicing therapy for over a decade, and her approach is a holistic one, where all aspects of the individual’s emotional health are equally considered.

    She is a thought leader, writer, speaker, and psychologist. Her unconventional and innovative perspectives on self-growth and relational connection have earned invitations to speak and write about her approach with many media outlets including: SRN.net, FOX News, CBS Radio, the North Carolina American Association of Marriage and Family Therapist, Pfeiffer University, the Evolve Summit with Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Charlotte Lab School, and StayHappilyMarried.com.


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    Anna and the Angels with guest Laurie Lankins-Farley

    in Spirituality

    Laurie Lankins-Farley has been recognized for her gift as a Psychic Medium and Intuitive. She has worked with and assisted people, parents and families all over the world. With the strength of connection, her experience, and the power of her gift. She is becoming a well known Thought Leader and international guide to many, sharing the stage with such speakers & Thought Leaders, as: Dr. Shefali, Neale Donald Walsch and Bryant McGill. 

    She writes parenting articles for The Global Conversation, as well as being co-author of Conversations With God For Parents, with Neale Donald Walsch, the New York Times best selling author of the "Conversations with God" book series. She has also published an inspirational children's book, The Positive Little Soul, for the children of humanity.

    Farley entered the world of television and film as a stylist, but progressed in her career and became involved with the casting process for commercials shot in the Pacific Northwest. (Extras Only Casting). Her expertise and keen eye for talent caught the attention of a major film producer. She helped in casting extras in such films as Twilight, What the Bleep Do We Know?, and was the casting assistant for the film, Conversations with God.

    For more details about Laurie and her work, including how to book a pure intuitive guidance session, please visit: www.thepureintuitive.com

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    Anna and the Angels with guest Emily A. Filmore

    in Spirituality

    Join me and my guest, author Emily A. Filmore to talk about conscious parenting and how to live with gratitude despite life's challenges.

    As a mommy, author, speaker, artist, former licensed attorney, and wife, Emily has a very fulfilling and busy life despite the autoimmune disease that wracks her body! Emily and her husband, Scott, practice attachment parenting with their nine-year old daughter, Sage, and twenty-two year old nephew, Rickey. 

     Emily has four books and also writes for international publications of the topics of spirituality, parenting, and health. She and Laurie Lankins Farley co-authored the book, Conversations with God for Parents, with internationally best-selling author, Neale Donald Walsch. 

    Emily has lived with an autoimmune disease for the past twenty years and recently wrote a book about living a happy life in spite of her disease - The Marvelous Transformation: Living Well with Autoimmune Disease. She hopes her readers will understand that “chronic illness doesn’t have to lead to chronic unhappiness!” because while her health has prevented her from many typical experiences, such as working a full-time job, being as active as she would like, and living a "normal” life, through her positivity and gratitude (and a lot of naps) she has managed to live well anyway!

     Emily also wrote two books in the With My Child series of illustrated children’s books, intended to help parents and children bond through every day activities. 

    Her hope is that her work will touch others in positive ways; and to inspire them to look for the gifts they are receiving in their own lives. www.emilyfilmore.com

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    Anna and the Angels with guest James Gardner

    in Spirituality

    I'm excited to welcome my first radio guest of the year, James Gardner, inspiring healer and medium and author of the newly released book, How to Heal from Trauma and PTSD: Your Ultimate Guide to Becoming the Person You Want to Be.

    James will be talking about how he transformed his life against all odds and sharing how you can, too!

    James had his world torn apart at the age of five. A catastrophic car crash left him fighting for his life, not expected to survive. Major brain damage left James paralysed on the left side of his body; like a rag doll.

    James has fought tooth-and-nail to defy the odds to rebuild his life.  Sheer determination has paid off and James now walks with confidence in his stride as a gleaming example of what hard work and guts can do when you put your mind to it.

    James is the author of How to Heal from Trauma and PTSD: Your Ultimate Guide to Becoming the Person You Want to Be and shares all his learnings in this highly informative book so others can heal from trauma without going through the living nightmare he endured to piece his life back together and make it work.

    James works as a healer and spiritual medium. For guidance readings or one-to-one Spiritual Counselling with James or more information about his book: www.iamjamesgardner.com

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    Anna and the Angels at Christmas

    in Spirituality

    Join me for the last radio show of 2015 where I'll be sharing some exclusive Christmas surprises for my listeners and giving Angel Readings to some of you!

    You can find out more about me and my work at www.anna-taylor.co.uk



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    Anna and the Angels with guest Jo Beth Young

    in Spirituality

    Join me and my guest, the multi-creative Jo Beth Young as we discuss her definition of 'wildness' and how you can experience more of it in your own life!  

    Jo Beth Young is a multi-creative in the realms of music, singing, art and writing. Further to her work in band Big World Blue and Kalitae, she is a coach, speaker and writer on the art of living as your authentic  spiritually wild and natural self in the modern world and a fully qualified sound and bio energy healer.  She has coached clients internationally for 10 years, and co-created the Illumination Oracle with spiritual teacher and channel Sally Claridge Teixeira.  Her work can be found at www.wildnessrising.co.uk  and www.jobethyoung.co.uk  

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    Anna and the Angels with guest Sally Claridge Teixeira

    in Spirituality

    Join me for another radio show this time with my guest Sally Claridge Teixeira who will be talking about her powerful journey and sharing love and guidance with us for this present time. 

    Sally Claridge Teixeira is an inspirational channel, healer and spiritual teacher.  Bringing through the collective conscious energy of Channelling Love, Sally holds the space for physical healing, insight and spiritual awakening to take place within this powerful healing current.  Sally is the co-creator of the Illumination Oracle Deck which uniquely offers guidance through sacred art with channelled words and she also facilitates The Power of Love workshops and Safari Spirit Retreats.

    For more details: www.channellinglove.com 

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    Anna and the Angels with guest Anna Frolik

    in Spirituality


    Join me for the last show of the year when I'll be talking to Anna Frolik about LOVE! She'll be sharing the amazing journey she took to meet her soulmate and how you can manifest a wonderful love life, too! 

    Four years ago, Anna took a leap of faith. She left behind everything she knew to find all that she had always dreamt of. True freedom, a true sense of purpose, a true home, and above all: true love.

    Along her journey, Anna created many magical things that brought new light into her life each time she thought there was none left. Today, she happily shares her creations with magical explorers from all around the world, in the hopes that her gifts will help many others embrace their dreams and create a life that truly brings joy to their hearts.

    Among her favorite creations are two decks of healing cards-the Magical Heart Healing Cards and the Blessings of Abundance Cards as well as a collection of guided healing meditations. She also offers private angel readings and business coaching sessions specifically designed to help creative individuals make a living with their greatest passions.

    To learn more about Anna and her work visit:




  • Anna and the Angels with guest Erica Longdon

    in Spirituality

    Join me for another show where my guest is the wonderful healer, psychic and author Erica Longdon where we discuss relationships, spiritual awakening and the power of sound!

    Erica Longdon began working in television and radio in the 1970s heralding a career which spanned three decades. A major car crash in the eighties started her on an alternative path to holistic healing and energy work, and awakened her gifts as a healer and psychic. She now works and teaches as a psychic advisor on 12Listen.com, broadcasts her weekly radio show: Breakfast With Erica on 12Radio.com; has her own healing practice in Kent, England; and is the author of Starscopes, her monthly horoscopes, which are published internationally online via 12Listen and Xperience magazine, and also in Kent’s Verve Magazine.

    In Pursuit Of Perfect Timing is her début novel. 

    More about Erica






  • Anna and the Angels with guest Necole Stephens

    in Spirituality

    I'm back on the air after a 3 month break talking to Medium, Life Coach and Author, Necole Stephens!

    Necole Stephens enhances a spiritual awareness while empathizing from her very own experiences with grief, darkness, and everything in between. As a nationally recognized Medium, Spiritual Coach, and Author, Necole travels throughout the country, giving inspirational lectures on learning how to create balance and joy by using your (very own) intuition. Necole was named one of the top twenty-five “Most Inspiring Facebook Pages”, and is featured on the Best Psychic Directory. You can also find Necole on Instagram and Twitter.

    Necole is the founder of Zachary M. Tompkins Memorial Fund, a Non-Profit 501(c)3 Organization in honor of her son, Zachary