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    Anita Wills Interviews - Dinyal New Mother of Two Sons Killed In Oakland CA

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    Freedom Speaks is a part of the National Network in Action (NNIA), founded by Dr. Jean Kennedy and Dr. Floyd Harris Junior. Author and Activist Anita Wills is the show Host. 

    This week an Oakland mother, Dinyal New, shares her unimaginable grief at the loss of two sons within a span of three weeks. Her Youngest son, Lee Weathersby was only 13 years old, when he was gunned down on his way home from a Youth Club. Within days after burying her youngest son, her 19 year old son, Lamar Broussard was shot and killed. No parent should have to bury their child from these types of situations. It is pass time to put an end to violence in our communities.

    Tune In and Listen Up!


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    Welcome Anita to the Voice of Joy

    in Spirituality

    Welcome Anita Bryant Robinson, Graphic Designer.  Thank you for being a guest on the Voice of Joy Radio Ministry.  Looking forward to sharing this broadcast session with you.  Your testimony will encourage many who are needing a jump start to success. How she found an interest in graphic design.  A service that is needed in the field of many organizations.  You seem to have an eye for production. design,   A heart for others and the compassion the world needs.  Eager to share your interest and gracious enough to accept this invitation.  God bless you as you bless us with your time, talent and treasures.  Thanks for being on the Voice of Joy Radio Ministry.

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    Anita Hill, "Confirmation" Hearings, Escaping Abuse, Power of Thoughtful Calm

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    Inspired by the HBO movie "Confirmation" today we discuss physical abuse, sexual abuse, abuse of power and the necessity to escape abuse with a savvy, strategic self-preserving plan and assistance.   Anita Hill as portrayed in "Confirmation" by actress Kerry Washington, known for her staring role in Scandal, images a calm, educated, self-aware, gracious and savvy woman who greeted the unwanted sexual conversations from Justice Clarence Thomas with rationale and social awareness.  Anita Hill's bravery and straight-forward discussion of the events led to an increased awareness that women are to be treated with respect in all domains of life, work, home, and in media.  This pertinent discussion casts its shadows on the current signs of misogyny embedded in the antagonistic attacks by Donald Trump on women in general and public figures in particular when he freely and openly ridicules women for their intelligence, beauty co-efficients, qualifications, training, education and experience.  He unwarrantedly and openly attacks professionals including highly educated, experienced and knowledgeable individuals like Hillary Clinton.  This is not about politics but about equality of male and female expressions of respect and what role women play in that on-going, and improving dialogue about overt, violent and covert forms of abuse.  

    Dr. Carol Francis has worked with abuse in marriages, work place and families for over 38 years.  She is a licensed Clinical Psychologist, Marriage, Family and Child Therapist, Certified Hypnotherapist. Her in-person work is in the South Bay Los Angeles Beach Cities can be accessed at DrCarolFrancis.com, 310-543-1824.

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    In Search of The Holy Language w Anita Meyer & TJ Morris

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    Anita Meyer, Author, Lecturer, Linguist and Independent Researcher. Anita is going to share her knowledge with TJ and talk about the coming up Global Pyramid Conference where we plan on meeting.Biography - Author, lecturer and independent researcher.  Anita Meyer attended college for Criminology. Through her many studies she is also a linguistic decipherment expert in ancient writings in the fields of orthography, paleography, and graphology, and is also a Cryptology whiz. Among many other skillful abilities...  she is also a visual pattern recognizer in the study of nature and structure.Off the beaten path, Anita is a forensic religious procurement specialist who thoroughly engages in finding strong evidences for God’s existence. Purpose - Author Anita Meyer has written these books to bridge the gap between science and religion, and to reveal intelligent design in the framework of all that exists.Achievements - Author Anita Meyer has participated in author shows, book signings, large international conferences, conventions, schools and religious institutions, comic cons, as well as many famous places such as the Sci Fi Café, Barnes & Noble and many other book stores and local places. She has also participated on radio shows and written articles for Ancient America magazine, which made front cover news.


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    Daytime after dark welcomes Alica Wills on the show

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    Daytime after dark welcome Alica Wills back to the show. and she has been in alot of great shows and she another world and then she warm our hears as Courtney on GH 2001-2006 and then again last year for the Nurse ball to see her son spencer. and also She has been on Days and 7th heaven and alot more shows it will be a great interview and she will be taking you calls

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    Mz Mocha Chats with Author Anita Davis

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    Chatting with Author Anita Davis..............

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    When Wills Don't Go As Planned with David Paterson

    in History


    This show will examine various case examples of when "wills" don't go as planned such as protests to wills, residual estates and guardianships. In addition, this show will review the records of probate for a typical slave-holding estate.

    Public historian David E. Paterson studies people who lived in nineteenth-century Upson County, Georgia, especially those who experienced slavery and Reconstruction. A civilian employee of the US Navy by day, he spends his leisure hours researching and writing local history.  David has helped manage the Slave Research Forum at AfriGeneas.com since about 2001.  David emigrated to the U.S. in 1958 from Scotland and was granted U.S. citizenship in 1975.  He lives in Norfolk, Virginia.

    Link to diagram of “Typical Actions in Probate of a Slaveholding Estate Probate Process”:

    Companion link to an explanation of the diagram, “Records of Probate for a Typical Slave-holding Estate”:


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    Monday Night Live Broadcast with Evangelist Anita Fuentes

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    Join Pastors Ignacio and Anita as we delve into this evening's breaking world news headlines matching bible prophecy! Headlines mainstream media just won't touch.

    Is your name written in the Lamb's Book of Life: http://www.anitafuentes.com/
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    Dr. Anita Nahal, the Diversity Queen, also an Author

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    Note the time in your Time Zone. Show airs at 7:00 am Pacific, 8:00 am Mountain, 9:00 am Central, 10:00 am Eastern, 11:00 am Atlantic.

    What Is Diversity? According to Dr. Anita Nahal, “The answer to this question can be simultaneously challenging and confusing, depending on one’s frame of reference. However, it is essential that we grapple with the meaning of diversity in order to understand its challenges and complexities." 

    In fact, there can be diversity in almost anything we can think of: what we wear, say, do, eat, and the list goes on indefinitely. Diversity is also a state and conditioning of the mind. And this, in turn, frequently leads to misconceptions and biases.

    Anita Nahal, PhD, CDP, teacher/professor, administrator, writer, publisher, and mentor for over 25 years, has a doctorate in US History and is a Certified Diversity Professional (CDP).

    Dr. Nahal, with significant work on diversity and multiculturalism, was honored by the Society for Diversity as the Member for the Month of March 2013. The write up is available at:


    A previous winner of 2 diversity-related awards at Howard University included the Cultural Diversity Awareness Award (2006) and the Unsung Hero Award (2007).

    With numerous diversity-related publications, Dr. Nahal’s research (along with co-PIs) include a major quantitative study on diversity at Historically Black Colleges and Universities which was published as a chapter in a book in 2015. 

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    Friday Night Prophecy Broadcast with Pastors Ignacio and Anita Fuentes

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    Join Pastors Ignacio and Anita Fuentes for this evening's live on-air broadcast. We will discuss and uncover headlines matching biblical prophecy that mainstream media just won't touch! Don't Miss it!
    ****** SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! ******
    Oh my friends, the Lord Jesus Christ has an Urgent Exhortation for the body of Christ in these last days. This tour will prove to be a conduit for the Savior's Urgent Warning to the Last Days Church, you cannot afford to miss it... 

    SAN DIEGO, CA - MAY 14th, 2016 -Saturday
    Hilton Garden Inn San Diego/Del Mar 3939 Ocean Bluff Avenue - San Diego, CA - 92130 
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