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    HBCU Tuesdays! Discussion On ALA State Football & Coach Brian Jenkins Allegation

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    Brian Jenkins turned the Bethune-Cookman University football program into a winner, but off the field former players and coaches say the program was rife with rules violations and teetering on the edge of dysfunction because of the animosity between them and Jenkins, who is the new head coach at Alabama State University.

    With one exception, they independently provided nearly identical details of rules violations and what they felt was Jenkins' mistreatment of players.

    Allegations against Jenkins and his program include:

    — Improper benefits provided to players;

    — Improper housing arrangements;

    — Continued and extensive violations of the NCAA weekly practice time limits;

    — Failure to pay three assistant coaches that resulted in a federal lawsuit;

    — And, bullying of staff and players with retaliation against those who spoke up.

    Prior to Jenkins' departure in December from Bethune-Cookman, officials there had conducted an investigation into a number of allegations, and assistant athletic director Tony O'Neal, who wouldn't answer questions about the investigation, said, "Anything that needed to be reported (to the conference and NCAA) was reported."

    "I talked with Coach Jenkins about those issues, and he was very up front with me about everything," Hines said. "My view on that is that it's all personnel matters from his previous workplace and this is a fresh start. (The trustees and I) have discussed those issues, and I made them aware of potentially what could be out there."

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    Shawn Moore - From Gang Life to Ministry

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    On Thursday January 29th 2015, at 2pm est, 1pm cst and 11am pst, join me as I have a very candid discussion with a man I met and have the deepest respect and admiration for. Gangs are active throughout the country and there are strong bonds between members and stong animosity between rival gangs. Sean survived these turbulent years to dream of a better life and building a wonderful family. He studied hard and found God along the way. He is now an ordained Minister and in the process of writing a book detailing the path that led to the place where he has found his peace. Tune in to hear Sean's story !

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    Uniting the Races with Basmin Nadra

    in Spirituality

    In United States, racism has been a tool for separation, inhuman treatment, animosity, emotional, mental & physical disturbance. Most recently, in Ferguson, Missouri, Michael Brown,an 18-year-old black male, was shot to death after an altercation with Darren Wilson, a 28-year-old white police officer. There have been other shocking incidents like the killing of 12-year-old Tamir Rice, who was waving a toy gun around a park in Cleveland,Ohio. The racism in United States is not just against the black people, it gets directed towards a person of color or someone of a different nation and culture. Most incidents don't get reported. Needless to say, there is a lot of turmoil within the people. We are here to address that today.We must realize that we are not separate. Understanding and embracing the human ability to relate beyond the pain, mistrust and racist attacks is necessary to create a peaceful and harmonious society. However, we are there not there yet, as a massive consciousness. To shine more light on the subject, I am so pleased to announce our special guest Basmin Nadra along with Magdala Ramirez.

    Basmin is a native St Louisan She is a poetess, pianist, lyricist, vocalist, storyteller, actress, spoken word artist, intuitive. Her show Daughter Of All Relations Harmony in Diversity for HueMan Healing offers original prose, saga’s and songs.She recently responded as an Artist Activist to the Mike Brown killing in Ferguson August 11, 2014 and continues to participate in marches, forums and discussions surrounding police brutality and HueMan rights in America.  She has appeared in recent “OpDoc”’s in the St Louis area and interviews with local television.

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    Maureen Hackett, Founder Howling for Wolves & Sandra Skinaway, Tribal Chairwoman

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    Fast Horse Productions' The Martha Fast Horse Show

    Special Guests: Maureen Hackett (Minnesotan), Founder of Howling for Wolves and Sandra Skinaway, Tribal Chairwoman, Sandy Lake Band of Mississippi Chippewa.

    Show Topic: "Ask Minnesota Governor Dayton to Suspend Wolf Hunt."

    Minnesota is home to the largest original and most biologically diverse wolf population remaining in the lower 48 United States. The vast majority (79%) of Minnesotans view the wolf as an asset and think it should be protected for future generations. Wolves have been historically a persecuted species and vocal special interest groups maintain a position of animosity towards wolves today.

    State legislative and wildlife policies have been designed to facilitate recreational wolf killing to cater to special interest groups; not designed to protect wolves as an important state asset and ensure their long-term survival. Wolves are unique creatures that capture the wild spirit of our north woods but they need strong advocates to stand up against this anti-wolf agenda. Get informed about the issue by reading our Fact Sheet and MN Wolf Brief.

    For More Info: www.howlingforwolves.org

    Featured Song: "Wolf Song" by Wade Fernandez

    Producer/Host: Martha Fast Horse (Rosebud Lakota), Engineer/Talent: Justin Severson (American)

    Airing Monday 11/10/14 at 2:00 p.m. CDT on Blog Talk Radio

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    The Philadelphia Eagles have won thier third straight game after being down by at least 10 points to all three teams. This game included everything the old skool NFC East rivalries gave us. Animosity,hard nosed play at the line of scrimmage ,missed FG's, a kickoff runback,a differed kickoff, and a fight ! Thank you football gods for all the joy bestowed on us these first three weeks. Lets review ,dissect and re-enjoy yesterdays game tonight at 7-8pm EST on THE BIRDS EYE VIEW .

    Call in or e mail birdseyeview215@gmail.com 

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    Stilettos and Convos with Miss Lee: Revenge

    in Radio

    Aug 4th:"Revenge" Have you ever wanted to get revenge on someone? Did you get revenge? What was the outcome? Has anyone gotten revenge on you?  Tune in to "The Elements" featuring Kieara Monet  this 1st Monday!

    Its the home of the conversation! Stilettos and Convos w/Miss Lee is a show that will give you music, information, interviews with guests from Faith Evans to Nicci Gilbert to Donell Jones, and HOT Convo about topics that matter to your life. 

    Miss Lee and her Co-Hosts know how to motivate conversation. Tune into Stilettos and Convos Every Week for exclusive segments!

    1st Monday's: The Elements w/ Keiara Monèt,
    2nd Monday's: Poets and Convos w/ Marcu Omari,
    3rd Monday's: Rhythm and Vibes Mix w/ DJ Amaze, and 
    4th Monday's: Footprints and Convos w/ Meek Love! 

    Join the convo with Miss Lee, T and the crew!

    TUNE in for Hot Convos Every Thursday Night's at 8pm!

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    PMN Radio Episode 94

    in MMA

    Inching closer to that 100 episode mark. Tonight we will talk about the fiasco involving Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones. Real, staged or true animosity? 

    RFA hits up South Dakota to be the first sanctioned event in the state's history. Joining us to talk will be Darrick Minner. Minner submitted Austin Lyons at RFA 13 and will face fellow Tennesseean Luke Sanders on August 22nd. Cory Galloway will return to the program as he prepares to meet Bruno Frazatto to kick off the AXS TV broadcast. 

    V3Fights returns to Memphis after a stellar show in Nashville last week. They busy brand is making waves as they amp up their schedule and are busting out shows nearly every week it seems. We will go over this weekend's event and talk to some of the fighters looking to make a splash. 

    Free audio book and 1 month trial of Audible.com  - www.audibletrial.com/prommanow

    Official podcast of ProMMANow.com

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    Week 19: Forgiveness

    in Self Help

    Holding on to grudges, animosity, and hurt is one of the most hurtful things one can do to one's self. Join us today as we discuss forgiveness.

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    Ep. 54 - Giants Talk from San Francisco

    in Television

    It is fitting that the 54th episode of the Bedford & Sullivan podcast is Giants-themed, as they celebrate their 60th anniversary of the 1954 World Championship. And now that the Mets have been swept out of town, the animosity will be much less so in my tone.

    Live from outside the ballpark in San Francisco, Jersey native and Giants fan Rich Rodgers will join us to discuss how his fandom manifested itself and stories from the years gone by. Podcast mainstay Steve Rothschild will join us as well.

    So, why don't YOU join us at 10am PT for the latest edition of the Bedford & Sullivan podcast?!

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    Join P.O.P.S. Movement Radio Networks, June 4,2014 6:30pm Central / 7:30pm Eastern Times By simply dialing 7139550708,( BRIDGING THE GAP ) between various barriers. Chime in with us as we discuss, Solutions, What is the importance of getting rid of stored up animosity, we might have against our neighbors, parents, schools, small businesses, police, churches or anything that suppose to aid in the wellness of our neighborhoods. This week we will strive to implement step 1 (forming a bond) of the 6 steps to peace.


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    Music of 'Hosts' with Miles Patzer - Ben Bradlee takes on 'The Kid'

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    Introducing HOSTS, the forthright pseudonym of Miles Patzer. The Nashville-based Milwaukee transplant is a singer/songwriter capable of evoking levels of emotion through his bare-bone sets that leave his listeners in an unfathomable state of introspection.

    Upon first listen, the candor and somber disposition of HOSTS' debut album, Hearttaker, conveys a seemingly bleak outlook, but upon further examination, Patzer asserts that even in an utter moment of destruction and sadness, there’s literally nothing you ever have to worry about again.

    Patzer is unabashed in recounting episodes of animosity and personal anguish, yet manages to weave such incidents into a context which allows the listener to accept each song on a visceral level.

    Ben Bradlee Jr. is the author of the NY Times best-selling biography The Kid: The Immortal Life of Ted Williams, published by Little Brown December 2013. He spent 25 years with The Boston Globe, 10 years as a reporter and 15 as editor.

    As a reporter he served on the Spotlight Team at the State House bureau and as the paper’s roving national correspondent. He covered the 1988 presidential campaign of Michael Dukakis and also reported overseas for The Globe. Bradlee has written three previous books, The Ambush Murders, the case of a black activist accused and ultimately acquitted after three trials of killing two white policemen, Prophet of Blood, the story of polygamous cult leader Ervil LeBaron and Guts and Glory: The Rise and Fall of Oliver North. 

    A graduate of Colby College, Bradlee served in the Peace Corps in Afghanistan. On his return to the United States he went to work as a reporter for the Riverside Press-Enterprise, remaining there until mid 1975. Bradlee has three children. He and his wife Janice live outside Boston.

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