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    Animal Shelters

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    Animal shelters and how the adoption and rescue proccess takes place

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    Pet Radio-Catification with Animal Planet Superstar Jackson Galaxy

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    Animal Planet superstar Jackson Galaxy and his associate Kate Benjamin join us to talk about their new book Catification and will take your questions! Speak to the Cat Daddy and Cat Lady directly! You will learn how to make your home more cat friendly with style and comfort without looking like a crazy cat person!

    Jackson is a professional cat behaviorist and has helped thousands of people to have a better life with their feline friends. Kate is the modern cat lady who has searched out more unique cat products that fit into modern home decor with her company Hauspanther and has worked closely with Jackson.

    Their new book is entitled Catification and is a must for every cat parent. Join us for this unique opportunity to get to know two of the most influential cat experts.

    Waffles the Cat has over one million Facebook followers! he and his Mom will join us and answer your questions. Waffles is a Scottish Fold breed cat with a very unique look and manner.

    Additional guests: Adopt a Shelter.com, and several products perfect for Catification!

    Please follow the Pet Radio Facebook page and web site


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    Planet OSHAY FAMILY FEUD: "THE HOOD VERSION" (cohosted by Whitney)

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    Tonight is gaming night in the LEGENDARY Planet Oshay. We will be playing one of our FAVORITE blog talk radio games: FAMILY FEUD! We will split up into 4 different teams ! Last time yall said I was cheating but yall lying because I wasn't.  Its gonna be a great show so make sure you call in!!!!!

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    Planet Oshay Drama: "Everybody Hates Prentis"

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    This is a freestyle topic tonight discussing shit thats been going on in Planet Oshay. And guess who is hosting? ME! Oshay the great!! This show will be talking about the group split of the planet and why everybody hates Prentis (an admin in the group)! Its gonna be fun, so get ready

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    Planet Oshay Role Play

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    This show we will test the listeners role play. How spontaneous are you and does being put on the spot when it comes to sex make you nervous? hmmm we'll see in this episode of Planet Oshay BlogTalk Radio

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    Trill Nigga Island: Planet Oshay

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    Tonight we will be doing TRILL NIGGA ISLAND....HOSTED BY OUR ADMIN YAZMINE AND OSHAY! We will be putting N*ggas thru the ringer and making them go through hell or high water to get to the next round. Men will be voted off the island after each question until only ONE man survives the ISLAND!!! GREAT RADIO SHOW so be ready for some FUN!!!

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    Planet Zorg 42: pt3 Global Warming & Net Neutrality

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    Planet Zorg 42: pt3 Global Warming & Net Neutrality

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    Planet Zorg 43: Sons of Anarchy

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    Zorg gives his review of the series. 

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    Planet Restoration's PR 13:20 Debut Show on 11/11

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    On Planet Restoration's debut of the new weekly PR 13:20 broadcast, hosts Mikuak Rai and Bilal Samadhi share insight into the movement, music, and media that PR aims to promote. With so many challenges facing humanity and the planet, there is great need for a positive, pragmatic, and encouraging outlook...one that emphasizes solutions and possibilities. We, the concerted human family, have much to gain by honoring and applying the wisdom and awareness of Indigenous peoples' perspectives and practices the world over, while simultaneously acknowledging and allowing greater room for the creativity and evolutionary impules being felt by so many, as all people and the planet undergo an unprecedented transformation and restoration in this new day and time.

    Tune in to Planet Restoration; and, join the movement to restore, uplift, inspire, and celebrate life. After all, we are the ones we've been waiting for!

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    Late Night Convo With Tone Denero and Planet Oshay

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    Tonights show is a late night talk show style broadcast.  Its 4am on the East Coast and the members of Planet Oshay are turnt up coming off a great Labor Day of festivities.  So if you're awake tune in and lets get familiar with one another. If you miss this, no worries, you can download the show and listen to the broadcast to see what you have missed.  Tonights talk show style broadcast will be hosted by the Rose Gold G himself, Tone Denero!  

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    Animal History Museum

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    If you’ve ever owned a horse, been owned by a cat, watched in awe as whales swam out to sea or even simply cried when Old Yeller died, you know that humans can, and often do, form extremely strong bonds with animals. And yet, despite millennia of anecdotal evidence showing the important role that animals play in our lives, there has been little formal, institutional acknowledgement of their significance. Until now.

    The Animal History Museum is the first museum designed to explore, honor and advance our understanding of the complex and evolving nature of man’s interactions with, and relationship to, the other species around us. We're going to be located in the Los Angeles area but our exhibits are being developed by a team of professionals around the globe... who are passionate about all things animal… for the benefit of all ages and segments of the general public… whether they are drawn to the museum by the same passions or simply want a place to learn and ask questions. Please visit us on the web atwww.animalhistorymuseum.org to to learn more about our plans!

    Please visit our Facebook page. We're planning lots of opportunities for you to enter photos and stories of your favorite companions for inclusion in our exhibits, win prizes, give your opinion on a variety of animal-related topics and more, so please check back frequently! If you like what you see, please "like" our page and help us grow!

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