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  • Church of Reality 117: Animal Cruelty

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    All people seem to focus on anymore is people! What about the animals, but they don't matter because they don't have souls lol

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    Spotting Animal Cruelty "Imagine That"

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    Friday 04/19/2013 at 12pm EST Imagine That w/Michelle Shaw & Barbie Spotting Animal Cruelty and what to do when you see it.
    Guest Speakers: Sue B "Former Animal Cruelty Investigator" And Joan Sammond "Animal Cruelty Investigator with the Georgia Humane Society"
    Call in with your questions suggestions and comments (646)716-6587 REMEMBER TO PRESS 1 WHEN YOUR READY TO SPEAK WITH THE HOST OR A GUEST SPEAKER.

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    Animal Abuse (The Animal Cruelty Episode) First Airing

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    This episode was originally scheduled to air on Saturday, September 20th, but due to scheduling conflicts, it will air first on Friday, September 19th at 10:00PM.  We will rebroadcast this Friday night show in our normal Saturday time slot for those of you unable to listen on Friday.  Sorry for the inconvenience.  Will will be back next Saturday at our usual time.  Thanks for listening!

    The subject of animal abuse is never a pleasant topic, but is one that none-the-less, needs to be addressed.  There seems to be more and more news stories about innocent animals being abused, hurt, or killed at the hands of humans.  What can we do to stop this awful behavior?  Who typically commits these crimes?  Youths or adults?  Why do these crimes occur?  What are some of the less obvious signs that an animal may be being subject to abuse?  Join hosts J and D as they explore this topic in an effort to spare all animals from the devastating effects of animal cruelty.  Saturday, September 20th, 5PM, CT.

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    Hamstrong: The Fight Against Animal Cruelty

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    Many kids and adults love to play video games. Sadly, many video games involve animal abuse or encourage players to kill animals to score points. What if there were a video game and animated series that showed what animal cruelty is all about? 

    Hamstrong is the superhero of an iPhone game that is also the hero of a music video and future animated series that aims to educate players about animal cruelty. Hamstrong is a hamster that is imprisoned in an animal testing lab against his will and seeks any means necessary to escape and bring freedom for the other animal captives. After witnessing mistreatment to his fellow animals, Hamstrong decides to seek revenge and uses his intelligence and courage to outsmart his captors and rescue his friends.

    Before he was captured and imprisoned in the lab, Hamstrong had a normal life as a popular DJ. One night, as he was making his way home after a DJ gig at a dance party, a shifty rodent catcher confused Hamstrong for a street rat. A mysterious animal testing facility known as “The Lab” had hired the rodent catcher to patrol the streets and round up stray animals.  After being injected with a strange formula, Hamstrong became genetically modified and developed a new ability that enables him to navigate the lab with ease. He can now roll himself into a ball and spin his way around with incredible speed and stealth. Not one to sit idly by, Hamstrong is determined to fight back against injustice!

    Tune in to this segment of The Organic View Radio Show, as host, June Stoyer talks to Geoffery Antony, the creator of Hamstrong to discuss his activism and passion for education through cutting edge technology. ©2013 TheOrganicView.com. All Rights Reserved.


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    Pathology of Animal Cruelty in Illegal Gambling Operations

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    Dr. Cathy Reimers Ph.D., psychologist and her sister, Diana Dorsch, as co-host, explore the seeds of pathology of animal cruelty when animals are involved in illegal gambling operations. The horrors of dog and cock fighting will be revealed but the underlying pathology of the human beings who run such operations or participate is perhaps more frightening according to Dr. Cathy. “We continue to live in a cruel and brutal society not much different than ancient Rome’s Colosseum when spectators cheered as the atrocities occurred.” Listen in and hear the roars of Dr. Cathy and her sister, Diana as they expose the truth.

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    Animal Cruelty, Legal Gambling Affecting Children

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    Dr. Cathy Reimers Ph.D., psychologist and her sister, Diana Dorsch, as co-host, explore animal cruelty involved in horse and greyhound racing as a legal gambling operation. It is “a race to total disaster.” Legal gambling operations may influence children to later become out of control gamblers or develop other addictive or abusive behaviors.  Gambling’s impact upon the family will also be discussed. “We continue to live in a cruel and brutal society that places greater value on profit and entertainment than the sanctity of life itself.” At the end of the day, only the animals deserve to stand alone in the “winner´s circle.”

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    The Road to Enlightenment, with Kellie Fitzgerald and Leah Frieday

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    Today I'm doing something a bit different from my usual show.  Today, I'm talking about a subject very near and dear to my heart and soul and I have the amazing privilege to be talking about it with a friend who shares my views.  Our subject is animal cruelty and in fact living a cruelty-free life.  Whether you've never had a pet or like me you've had hundreds...living a cruelty-free life is something that should be of paramount importance to each and every one of us.

    As always thanks for listening.

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    Animal Communication With Linda Trent

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    Join host Nikki Williams on Wednesday, February 10 at 7 pm (CST) for this week's Radio PRS. Our guest this week is the multifaceted intuitive and healer, Linda Trent. Linda has learned to communicate with animals on a heart level. She learned the art in 2001 and found that animals truly opened up to her. She can communicate with animals anywhere using a picture or detailed description. She shares her many healing modalities with animals as well. Tune in this week to learn more about Linda, her amazing gifts and her insight into the hearts of animals. You can call in and chat with Nikki and Linda about animal communication during the show at 646-668-8212

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    Voices Carry for Animals # 76 : Guest- Robert Margolin - Animal Rights Activist

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    Hosted by Debbie Dahmer

    Guest will be: Robert Margolin- Animal Rights Activist, Screenwritter, Martial Arts Grandmaster, Fitness and Health Guru

    Robert's first real job was working at a Chuck Norris karate studio. Robert's also started writing Martial Arts movies and was in talks to star in one of those movies while training for his fighting debut. Robert was a passenger in a fatal freeway accident that broke his back and left him in a body brace for 2 years. He lost 80 lbs. of lean muscle and at 6 ft. tall Robert was down to 115 lbs. and felt weaker than a newborn kitten. Seven doctors told him he would never be able to do Martial Arts again.

    Finally, Robert's family helped to load him into the car and took me to see Franco Columbu. He cut him out of the body brace and together they started rebuilding his back. The first deadlift he did was measured in inches and ounces. Robert eventually worked up to over 400 lbs. Robert did preacher curls with Hulk Hogan, bench presses with Jake (Body By Jake), and Carl Weathers showed his favorite exercises. Robert's healing journey had begun! His Vegan lifestyle has made him healthier and help others to do the same. Robert educating and spreading awareness throughout.. Being a animal rights activists and helping the animals in need and being a voice for the voiceless.

    http://www.thenard.org/  The official day in the US that gives a voice to animals, educates the public about their plight, and fights for their equal rights!

    On June 5, 2016, the 6th NARD will be commemorated with events in 13 cities: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Colorado Springs, Seattle, New York City, Toronto, Ottawa, and for the first time in Dallas, Nashville, Charleston, DC and Vancouver too! Help us make it happen!


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    Advocating for Animal Reformation with Pet Nutritionist Kelly Bates

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    Kelly Bates owns two pet food and supply retail locations in the North San Diego area, where she is able to share her passion for pet nutrition with the surrounding communities.  She has been in the pet industry since 1999 and previously owned a pet sitting business.  She graduated from California State University San Marcos in 2004 with a BS in Biology.  Her degree has served her well in the pet industry, helping to determine the quality of products she wants to carry.  This has enabled her to educate her staff and customers about the quality of products she stands behind in her retail locations.
    Ms. Bates currently serves on the Board of Directors of two Non-profit organizations and had served in one business organization. She has served as Secretary for Canine Angels Service Teams since 2013.  CAST raises and trains service dogs for children with special needs.  She also serves as Treasurer for the Fallbrook Chorale, as she has loved singing since the age of 5.  She also served as Secretary and Treasurer for BNI, Business Networking and Referrals International, from 2005-2010.  
    Ms. Bates is currently focusing on raising awareness for local rescues in the immediate area.  Each month, Pet Nutrition Center hosts a pet party, which raises funds to be donated to the rescue or organization for that month.  Twice a year Ms. Bates collaborates with her vendors to collect over 50 raffle baskets to support CAST at their annual graduation and during PNC's anniversary event.  Kelly currently resides in Fallbrook, CA.

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    Learning Life Lessons About Relationships With Your Pet (EXPERT)

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    Learning Life Lessons With Your Pet  © Judy Helm Wright wwww.AnimalHumanConnection.com

    Our family used to think we needed to focus on teaching and training our pets. Actually, it was the other way around.  While we were concerned that they know about  “sit” “shake hands” and “fetch” they already knew all the important stuff in life like loyalty, kindness and love. We were blessed with the animal wisdom they shared with us

    This week we will focus on relationships:

    Protect your loved ones
    Be loyal to your pack members
    After a conflict, shake it off and let it go
    Say what you mean, mean what you say, but don’t say it in a mean way
    Sometimes the best idea when it gets stressful is to close your eyes and ignore it
    Love unconditionally without expecting anything in return
    Don’t keep score of who does what for whom. You make the first move
    Be open to being loved & accepted. Why wouldn’t someone like you?
    Enjoy compliments and pats on the back
    Greet your family with the same excitement I greet you.
    Watch for non-verbal cues to gauge the character of visitors
    If someone is mean to animals, they are not worth associating with
    Understand the true value of a good friend. Friendship is the basis for all relationships
    When someone is having a bad day, just sit close by quietly and listen
    Be kind to those who may never have a treat for you
    Never, ever lie or be unfaithful to those who love and trust you

    Join us today @ www.AnimalHumanConnection.info