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    Moving Forward as a Religion

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    Now that the Black Mass of Oklahoma is reached its pinnicle in the media, we will continue to move forward.  For those who are unaware, part of constitution is: We shall call chaos into order in unison with the vexation brought about by the Proclamation of Evil Deeds done by the entire original denizens of Hell. Thus creating finite evil, infinitely.  Our Purpose is to practice and organize in the worship of Angra Mainyu, to maintain Traditional Ahrimanism by creating chaos within our communities as shown to us by Angra Mainyu, and to educate people about religious Ahrimanism.

    Where are we moving next?  Well, listen as Dastur Adam Daniels explains where the Dakhma of Angra Mainyu is moving into the future.  Is this just a fad or has this Church been progressively moving forward while being ignored by the media untill recently.  Here we stand proclaiming the Devil at the Gates, Gawd in all his glory is powerless against us!  



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    Daeva Worship, Sorcery From the Devil

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    Daeva and Pairaka are the male and female Arch-Demon to the devil Angra Mainyu.  The term arch-demon is used as a common term to denote the ranking amongst the Devil's hordes.  Just as Ahura Mazda has 7 Ahuras aka arch-angels, Angra Mainyu has his 7 Daeva that are arch-demons.  There are other daeva, divs, and druj as well.  These are the levels and types of demonic entities that found within the Traditional Ahrimanic sorcery and spiritual path.


    Zarathrustra chose to demonize the Vedic Hindu Deva as False or Wrong gods.  He also did the same to some Persian gods as well.  Through this we find chaos at the heart of undoing.  This lecture will discuss the aspects of what Daeva are and what usefulness do they have in sorcery, mantra, and prayer.  


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    Traditional Ahrimanist, Spiritual Warrior

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    What is Traditional Ahrimanism and Daeva Worship?  Dastur Adam Daniels did an intense email interview with Satanic Stones.  This interview was personable with the Dastur and had him go over how Traditional Ahrimanism was created, and with Karlton Sells's permission, we have reprinted the interview on our blog Dakhma of Angra Mainyu. (Great Read!)  The interview also shows Dastur's evolution from Laveyan Satanist to a Daeva Worshiper.  The area not touched, was how much of the Dastur's Martial Arts training, Buddhist practice, and over all study of Eastern Philosophy/Religion.  

    Dastur Adam will be discussing the Eastern elements to Traditional Ahrimanism and how the blocks help set the stone foundation upon which Ahriman's Spiritual Warriors can learn to empower themselves to contend with spiritual and psychic opposition.  This same religious path gives people a practicle real world way of life that leads to fulfillment, through open expression of our animal nature and carnal desires, which vex and offend the righteous.  We are not a political organization, we are a Church and we will fight for our right to practice and expression our religious devotion that is protected by the First Amendment.  Now the evolution of a new spiritual evil has birthed forth into this world, and may Angra Maiyu's essence be scattered into the wind, water, fire, and earth.   

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    Those Crazy Catholics

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    As we approach Semptember 21, 2014, more and more blogs are coming out of the Catholic Community.  In other news sorces you find other professionals debuking the Catholics claims.  Dastur Adam Daniels of the Dakhma of Angra Mainyu gives his perspective on all this hype.  Its an interesting look into religious banter and belief from the pious side.  Lets look into the loony toones of FAITH!

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    Black Mass of Oklahoma Hysteria

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    Dastur Adam Daniels will discuss the Black Mass of Oklahoma, and answer questions that he sees rising up in all the media feeds on the internet.  http://blackmassofoklahoma.weebly.com/

    The provided link is the website created for the Black Mass of Oklahoma, and it gives information as to the event.  We are aware that the Arch-Bishop of Oklahoma wrote a lengthy email to the press, and then decided to disappear for a week.  We remain available for the media and public for interviews and to answer any questions that folks my ask.  The report from News 9 has sparked controversy of what type of Satanists is the Dakhma of Angra Mainyu?


    Here are some of the topics for this discussion.

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    Demonic Possession and Catholic Exorcism

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    Dastur Adam Daniels will discuss the topic of Catholic Exorcism, and demonic possession.  Hollywood has been trying to link demonic possession to the parlor game known as an Ouija Board.  This game was invented in 1890, and was made popular during WW1.  It is by no means a traditional divination tool.  Leave it to Hollywood and the Catholic Church to scare people with more paper particles.  This is seen from the popular film the Exorcist and other Hollywood films.

    Should people begin to understand Catholic rules of possession, you must commit a mortal sin.  These sins are based off the 10 commandments.  As seen in the media lately, there "rules" are gaining much attention as they are being removed from the public because of the seperation of Church and State.  Catholics have the theocratic government for centuries, you think they are going to give up now?  So, they pulled out the last gun, DEMONIC POSSESSION!  If the Devil is real, then Gawd must be to.  "God is dead, he died for his pity of man." Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

    Let the Black Flame of the Dark Dastur enlighten you about this contraversial topic.  Remeber, Dastur Adam is the person who wrote the First Satanic Exorcism, and finalized it with the Traditional Exorcism.  

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    Black Mass of Oklahoma Cognitive Dissonance

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    What is Cognitive Dissonace?  The state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change.  To simplify this topic for this discussion, we will delve into the religious cognative dissonace that the Black Mass of Oklahoma is causing.  For further understanding of this pyscological concept, here is a link:http://psychology.about.com/od/cognitivepsychology/f/dissonance.htm.  The main theme will be how the concepts of how the omnipotent Gawd can't stop the Devil's Mass.  Dastur Adam Daniels will also explain how all this ties into the tools of the Devil: Vexation and Doubt.  Enjoy learning more of the Devils game.  http://youtu.be/pkXIYgsvO0c

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    The Failure of Prayer and Fasting

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    Per Bishop Slattery, http://www.dioceseoftulsa.org/index.cfm?load=news&newsarticle=2897, the Catholic sheeple where suppose to pray and fast from 8/6 to 8/15.  Then on the 15, at some feast, more prayer and whatever it is that they do.  I can tell you that both the Arch-Diocese and Diocese in Oklahoma where closed and not taking phone calls on the 8/15.  Either these people are serious or just lazy.  Considering how many "holidays" the Romans had, I suspect lazy.  Recently, Dastur Adam Daniels had an interview with News 4, KFOR Oklahoma City.  http://kfor.com/2014/08/11/archdiocese-of-okc-pleas-with-the-city-to-cancel-upcoming-satanic-ritual/  Here is Coakley's opinion,“The Satanic ritual that is scheduled to be performed at our Civic Center is to invoke those dark powers, which I believe are very real and call them into our city, into our community.” said Archbishop Coakley.  Sounds as though, somebody has been doing light reading into the Dakhma's teachings and prayers.  Listen as Dastur Adam Daniels discusses prayer.

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    Oklahoma City Arch-Bishop Paul Coakley

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    Oklahoma City Arch-Bishop Paul Coakley, on July 1, 2014 released a statement to the Press.  http://archokc.org/top-news/3527-deliver-us-from-evil-amen  He claime 200,000 Oklahoma Catholics were enraged and 1 billion Catholics world wide.  Jennifer McClintock, a Civic Center spokeswoman, said "She counted about 1,200 complaints from the public and said Civic Center staff had returned about 75 calls."  http://newsok.com/oklahoma-city-stance-on-black-mass-upsets-catholic-archbishop/article/5004625/?page=2

    Arch-Bishop Paul Coakley argues with City Manager Jim Couch about the Oklahoma City Civic Center Music Hall taking a law suit to stop the Black Mass and infringing on Freedom of Speech, the 1st Ammentment.  As Jim Brown explains, the Federal Court has ordered the Civic Center to allow for shows regardless of content as long as no laws are being broken.  Jim Brown also makes it clear that wasting tax payers money on a law suit that will lose, is not looking out for the City's interested, and he swore to up hold the Constitution of the United States.  http://newsok.com/excerpts-city-archdiocese-exchange-email-over-black-mass/article/5005568 


    Dastur Adam Daniels retorted and sent a statement to the press.  It was ignored and not published.  So that will be shared here as well.

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    Zoroastrianism (Understanding World Religions #15)

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    Our quote for today is from Francis of Assisi. He said, "I have been all things unholy. If God can work through me, he can work through anyone."

    In this podcast, we are making our way through Garry R. Morgan's book, "Understanding World Religions in 15 Minutes a Day."

    Our Understanding World Religions topic for today is, "Zoroastrianism." 

    How many people do you know who believe that after they die God will weigh their deeds and, as long as they have at least 50 percent good deeds, will allow them into heaven? This idea of God using balance scales to weigh deeds is held by many, including quite a number who call themselves Christians. But this concept is definitely not found in the Bible. So where did it come from? 

    Zoroastrianism, a religion most people have never heard of, was the first to put forth the concept of judgment by weighing good and bad deeds, called ethical dualism. Due to their geographic distribution today, and because persecution in some countries forces them to keep a low profile, it is difficult to know how many Zoroastrians there are. Estimates range from a low of 150,000 to as many as several million worldwide. The most reliable figures place the number at 250,000.