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    Eric's favorite show of the season! A show about nothing.

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    In this episode Owen will be in the captains chair and talking about who knows what with who knows who.

    He will be joined by Rob Stone from High Plains Herpetocuture to help him host the show


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    Talking to Tom Crutchfield

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    On to days episode I am talking to Tom Crutchfield. tom is the man that changed The reptile hobby for every . with out Mr. Crutchfield our hobby would not be where it is today .You can credit him with alot of the firsts in the hobby.He is a true legend and pioneer in the hobby. You can go to any reptile event and hear his name and most likely see Mr.crutchfield .So please join me and welcome him to the show If you have a question for him please call in live at 718-766-4119 press 1 .

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    Herping in Australia with Nick Mutton and Ryan Young.

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    In this episode we will be talking with two of the greatest python breeders in the world. Nick Mutton from Inalnd Reptiles and Ryan Young from Molecular Reptiles. They will be telling us all about their recent trip to Western Australia. It should be a great show and one you won't want to miss.




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    The Carpet Python morph rountable

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    In this epsiode we are joined by our panel to discuss carpet pythons morphs. This is all about the different morphs in the carpet complex.

    We will be joined by Hesham Elleisy from Magic Carpet Pyhons, Don Patterson from Don Patterson Reptiles and newcomer Josh Roberts.

    If your into morhs and genetics then this is an epsisode you won't want to miss.

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    Steven Tillis from RepTillis Herps

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    please welcome Steven Tillis From Reptillis Herps to the show. On this episode we will be talking about Blood pythons and where the hobby of reptiles is going in the future . Steven is an out standing blood python breeder her has high quality blood pythons and I have baught from steven in the past and they are out standing animals. If at any time you want to ask steven a question please feel free to call in at 718-766-4119 press 1 to ask your question. check out his web site http://www.RepTillisHerps.com

  • Grant and Mary Hubbard of Wreckroom Snakes

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    Got a spouse who's into Reptiles? Hey, don't laugh!  It happens all the time. Sometimes, your mate's 'other' passion can grow on you to a point where you suddenly have something really cool in common besides the burning flame you share for each other. There are lots of folks out there that put the 'mom and pop' in a mom and pop business, but Grant and Mary Hubbard don't just keep the wheels turning at Wreckroom Snakes, they truly enjoy every minute of it. CK catches up with the Hubbards to see how splitting up the workload with well defined tasks that play to their respective strengths helps Grant and Mary get 'er done, and have some fun, all at the same time.

    Some of you may have attempted to listen to this show on 10/5/2014. That show took place, but was never recorded by blog talk. This episode is the re-do of that ill-fated show. Hope you enjoy.

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    The Carpet Python Complex

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    In this episode we will be breaking the carpet python complex. If your just getting into carpet pythons this will be an episode you wont want to miss. We will be hitting on the current taxonomic state of carpet pythons, natural histroy and some of the lines that are avaiable in hobby. 

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    Radio Angola: The Forgotten War in Cabinda-Angola

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    Radio Angola (RA)-a radio without borders will host a discussion about the Armed Conflict in Cabinda that the Angolan government and the International community have failed to adequately address the ongoing war. Our panel of experts will discuss the armed conflict in Cabinda and how this conflict can be resolved. RA will broadcast this discussion live on Friday, December 26, 2014, at 6 pm in Washington and 12 am in Angola.

    By Florindo Chivucute

    You can participate directly in the program via Skype or T: (914) 338-0378 Questions and suggestions can be sent to: info@friendsofangola.org. Radio Angola is one of the projects of the Friends of Angola.

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    The MPR holiday show!

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    In this episode we bring another year of Morelia Python Radio to a close. We will reflect on the year that has past and look forward to a great 2015.

    We have some special guests stopping by to hang out with us. So if whether your putting up your decorations, putting your snakes down for the winter or hatching out eggs on the other side of the world come and hang out with us for some Morelia talk!

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    Voices of South Africa with Johann

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    I am a South African born white male and was born in the middle sixties. My family has been in South Africa since the middle 17th century. My forefathers from my dad’s side came to South Africa from Germany and later married a girl from the Netherlands over here. My history goes back to a Germany back to the 12th century in a town called Griebenow in North East Germany. I grew up in a mostly Afrikaans environment and I have 3 brothers and 1 sister.

    I have my own small one man business specialising in the design, manufacture and installation of kitchen & bathroom cabinetry. I am a keen photographer, philosopher, human rights activist and I play Squash (similar to Racket ball in the USA) at least three times a week. I played rugby, participated in Amateur wrestling and Mixed martial arts. Nowadays I stick to self protection art like Krav Maga and keep fit by doing a lot of jogging, swimming and spending time outdoors. Now, that is when I am not online trying to save the world…..

    I have studied Sales Marketing  management and I am also studying part time towards obtaining my International accreditation as an Installation Electrician at a local technical college. I finished High school at the age of 18 and I had to do National service in the South African Military Services (SADF) as a White male after High school as it was the law in South Africa at the time (Conscription compulsory military service). I opted to sign up for permanent service in the South African Navy for almost 5 years.


    South Africa was involved in the Angolan Bush War during that time and we took part in many operations in and outside our borders. I left the Navy and went on to work and study part time in the Sales and Marketing field for several years. I later became involved in the Insurance industry and became involved with insurance brokering and later worked as Sales and Marketing Director in a privately owned company.

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    Talking About Ball Pythons and Breeding Of These Wonderful Snakes

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    Ball pythons come in many colors and varieties. Today we will be discussing some ball pythons with my special guests. This should be an informative show with my special guests. Their names will be a surprise given out on day of show! There are thousands of Ball Pythons that have been bred with many more being bred as we speak here. So, come join us on December 6th for a great show! Call in live at 1-347-677-1837 to speak with guest. Have a great day!

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