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    Voices of South Africa with Johann

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    I am a South African born white male and was born in the middle sixties. My family has been in South Africa since the middle 17th century. My forefathers from my dad’s side came to South Africa from Germany and later married a girl from the Netherlands over here. My history goes back to a Germany back to the 12th century in a town called Griebenow in North East Germany. I grew up in a mostly Afrikaans environment and I have 3 brothers and 1 sister.

    I have my own small one man business specialising in the design, manufacture and installation of kitchen & bathroom cabinetry. I am a keen photographer, philosopher, human rights activist and I play Squash (similar to Racket ball in the USA) at least three times a week. I played rugby, participated in Amateur wrestling and Mixed martial arts. Nowadays I stick to self protection art like Krav Maga and keep fit by doing a lot of jogging, swimming and spending time outdoors. Now, that is when I am not online trying to save the world…..

    I have studied Sales Marketing  management and I am also studying part time towards obtaining my International accreditation as an Installation Electrician at a local technical college. I finished High school at the age of 18 and I had to do National service in the South African Military Services (SADF) as a White male after High school as it was the law in South Africa at the time (Conscription compulsory military service). I opted to sign up for permanent service in the South African Navy for almost 5 years.


    South Africa was involved in the Angolan Bush War during that time and we took part in many operations in and outside our borders. I left the Navy and went on to work and study part time in the Sales and Marketing field for several years. I later became involved in the Insurance industry and became involved with insurance brokering and later worked as Sales and Marketing Director in a privately owned company.

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    Talking About Ball Pythons and Breeding Of These Wonderful Snakes

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    Ball pythons come in many colors and varieties. Today we will be discussing some ball pythons with my special guests. This should be an informative show with my special guests. Their names will be a surprise given out on day of show! There are thousands of Ball Pythons that have been bred with many more being bred as we speak here. So, come join us on December 6th for a great show! Call in live at 1-347-677-1837 to speak with guest. Have a great day!

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    Chondro Round Table returns

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    In this episode join us for another installment of "The Chondro Round Table." We will be talking with Brian Fischer, Jason Stevens from Colorado chondros and David Newman from Morelia addiction  We will be discussing some of the more debated topics and ideas when it comes to chondro husbandry.


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    Dansk Reptil Radio - Episode 2 - Vestlige Trynesnoge med Lasse Carlsen

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    I denne Episode vil vi snakke Vestlige Trynesnoge med den mest erfarende i danmark inde for avl af denne art - Lasse Carlsen. 

    Vi vil komme ind på optimale forhold i fangeskab, og hvilken fremgangsmetode man skal gå, hvis man ønsker at prøve kræfter med opdræt.

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    Professional reptile rack building with Paul Edwards of Protek Caging

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    Airing 12/7/14 at 8:00 PM EST

    Many of the hobbyists in our community decide to take their interest up to the breeder level. When that decision is made a whole new set of equipment is needed. Not all the equipment out there is created equal. Here at Gecko Nation Radio we want to advise you about the absolute best and safest products for your operation. Like anything else in this world, you get what you pay for and quality will certainly cost a bit more. Paul Edwards from Protek Caging has a vision to create some of the worlds absolute best reptile racks and they sure are! Check out his website at http://www.protekcaging.com. Tune in to this episode to learn what it is like building top quality racks and also what it takes to break into the rack marketplace. If you have any questions feel free to call in at 646-478-5331 and join us in the chatroom during the live broadcast. The chatroom works best with Google and Firefox browsers. 

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    The Jag show!

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    In this episode we are going to hit on the jag gene in carpet pythons. With all the new people coming into carpet pythons we thought it would be good to take it back to the begining of carpet morphs and hit on this morph. Were going to set the record straight and de-bunk the myths for you.

    This was a good week for Morelia news and were bringing it to you.


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    Morelia Python Radio- The Philly roundtable

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    In this episode of Morelia python radio we are joined by Zach Baez from Darkside Exotics and Matt Minetola from Philly Herp. We will be hitting on a variety of topics from Carpets/chondros to Bloods/Short tailed pythons.



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    Morelia Python Radio- The Listeners episode

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    In this episode we want to hear from you. If you have a question or a comment give a call into the show


    You can also send us an email info@moreliapythonradio.com

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    BT and CK talk breeder loans and other things

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    Most listeners to our show know that reptile breeder loans can be a dicey topic of discussion depending on whom you ask. My belief is that breeder loans between friends and associates can be mutually beneficial, but require a high tolerance for risk on the part of both parties involved. Clearly, sending a valuable animal across the country in the hopes that a lot of variables will go just right and produce a favorable outcome for both parties is not for the risk averse, or those with a weak constitution! One has to be able to eat some unfortunate news occasionally, and one needs to trust one's counterpart 100%.

    As it turns out, BT and CK are going to participate in exactly such an endeavor this upcoming season, and, they are going to document the progress right here on the show for our listeners. Good times on the way? Or a recipe for disaster? Time will tell! Tune in and find out how the two-letter-fellas end up when the summer 15 babies finally pip their eggs. First installment begins with this show. Wish us luck!

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    Leachianus Geckos with Steve Cemelli of Leapin Leachies

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    If you like geckos as much as some of us there is one species that pretty much tops them all in some peoples opinion. Leachianus are among the largest geckos in the world and no one has a more complete collection of them than Steve Cemelli of Leapin Leachies. Join us for an in depth discussion on the different localities, husbandry and breeding of these very special geckos. Hang out in the chatroom while the live broadcast airs and of course call in with any questions that you may have. The chatroom works best with Google and Firefox browsers and the call in number is 646-478-5331. Press #1 when prompted to be put into the call que. I will answer calls in the order that they are recieved.

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    Locality Chondros with Daniel Natusch

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    In this episode we are joined by Daniel Natusch to discuss the different chondro locality types. Daniel has written numerous papers on chondros and other python species. His field research, with all types of morelia, will offer us a window into the world of this magnificent beast.
    We first met Daniel at ICAS and was blown away by his presentation about chondros and other morelia. His first hand experiences in the wild of PNG and Australia will give us a very unique insight into this world.

    Daniel has also supplied us with pictures of the different types of chondros and we will have them posted on our website www.moreliapythonradio.com so you can follow along as we discuss them on the show. 


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