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    Storms of Life, Being 'Thinkful', and Psalm 30:4 (Everyday Thanks #24)

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    Today, I am thankful for the storms of life.

    Our quote of thanks is from an Unknown Author. He said, "In the old Anglo-Saxon, to be 'thankful' meant to be 'thinkful.' Thinking of one's blessings should stir one to gratitude."

    Our Bible verse of thanks is Psalm 30:4. It reads, "Sing unto the Lord, O ye saints of His, and give thanks at the remembrance of His holiness."


    365 Days of Thanking God by Daniella Whyte
    Available wherever fine books are sold, including Amazon Kindle for only $2.99!

    Everyday Thanks Devotional
    Everyday Thanks Devotional Blog

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    Why God hate some people before he created them

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    In National Geographic world history has written some religious insanity, and such are unprecedented in the life of moderm intelligent human beings. Charlemagne waged battle in the name of Christianity. "It is our task," he said, with the help of divine goodness to defend the holy church of Christ  everywhere. The church's teachings and practices shaped the lives of Christian Europeans. As representatives of Christ on Earth, medieval popes eventually clamed patal supremacy, or authority over all secular rulers.  The text says:  In the Middle Ages the church's most important  achievement was  to Christianize the divers peoples of Western Europe. In 597, Pope Gregory 1 sent Augustine to convert the Anglo-Saxons in England. The medieval  Church developed its own boday of laws and administered  the sacraments, it had absolute power in religious  power. What is seriously and fatally wrong with this Church establishment, is that  it lacks real precedent, no occasion is cited for where the church got its initiative from, as to where the initial authority  derived.  How can the evil invation of Jews brings or yield us Jesus?  How do they come up with a spirit God that foreknew all things prior to making the creation. How can a God knowingly make man to sin, and beforehand hate and love some people over others?

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    "James Somerset, an enslaved African, was purchased by Charles Stewart or Steuart, a Customs officer when he was in Boston, Province of Massachusetts Bay, a British crown colony in North America.

    Stewart brought Somerset with him when he returned to England in 1769 but in 1771 Somerset escaped. After he was recaptured in November, Stewart had him imprisoned on the ship Ann and Mary (under Captain John Knowles), bound for the British colony of Jamaica. He directed that Somerset be sold to a plantation for labour. Somerset's three godparents from his baptism as a Christian in England, John Marlow, Thomas Walkin and Elizabeth Cade, made an application on 3 December before the Court of King's Bench for a writ of habeas corpus. Captain Knowles on 9 December produced Somerset before the Court of King's Bench, which had to determine whether his imprisonment was lawful."

    The Chief Justice of the King's Bench, William Murray, 1st Earl of Mansfield, ordered a hearing for 21 January; in the meantime he set the prisoner free on recognisances. A request to prepare arguments was granted Somerset's counsel and so it was not until 7 February 1772 that the case was heard. In the meantime, the case had attracted a great deal of attention in the press and members of the public donated monies to support the lawyers for both sides of the argument.


    Granville Sharp, an abolitionist layman who continually sought test cases against the legal justifications for slavery, was Somerset's real backer. When the case was heard, five advocates appeared for Somerset, speaking at three hearings between February and May. These lawyers included Francis Hargrave, a young lawyer who made his reputation with this, his first case; James Mansfield, Sergeant-At-Law William Davy, Sergeant-At-Law John Glynn and the noted Irish lawyer and orator John Philpott Curran."

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    author's uncle fell at the bridge at Remagen. WWII had a profound effect upon the people who fought in the war and those who were left at home. These stories reflect how relationships were changed and/or strengthened. Tale begins in 1921 providing glimpses of post-WWII England and America as the narrative winds itself to the present day. Settling illuminates multiple family stories which entwine in an Anglo-American epic of great passion and evolving wisdom

    Giveaway question: What is the name of the WWII battle where the central character fought? Draw from correct answers received, winner gets a copy of the book personally signed by the author. on the hammer show

    Also, Brian and I will be going over the winners and losers of the GOP Debate.

    If you would like to join us in the studio, the number to call is 646-595-3032

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    A Time of Utter Darkness (RP)

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    This show will prove to you beyond any shadow of doubt that the old world of the caucasian/anglo or Western world has fallen headlong deep into the judgment and that the saying of the prophets of old are now coming to fruition. It will empower you on you the time and what is coming in this time, and also show you where you should be in this time of poverty, war, dissaitsfaction, dread, and pessimism. So join us because you will not want to miss this! Why? Because your life and lives of your loved ones may depend on it!

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    Come and listen to a 'Live & Dynamic Prophecy' of the events of today

    in The Bible

    Hi, the Author never know what is going to be said until the unfolding moments. So please come and be a part of the unfolding mysteries of the word of the Lord. Come and decipher the voice of the Lord and hear a word in due season. The topic is looking at the pending combat of the out the flames of terrorism once and for all! Alternatively in this case are these just old knuckles grazing from the time of the Romans intrusion on the Normans and Anglo-Saxon that the vexed soul still simmers in the new world! Well folks be apart and help to twist the story line in these coming episodes.

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    News & Prophecy: They're desperate for war as the system goes under

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    *A Must Listen*- This show goes into the heart of what is going on geopolitically and economically. We will address everything from the recent NATO provocation against Russia to the meltdown of the Western monetary system and how all of this relates to prophecy and the implosion of not only the American economy, but of the entire Western monetary system and the collapse of Anglo/European might, wealth, and influence.

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    Eyes Wide Open: DemBlogTalk

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    "Holiday Showdown with Your Fox 'News' Watching Relatives: Counter-Talking Points to Help You Smack Down the Misinformed, Ugly, Fox Rhetoric at The Family Gathering!" 
    Once again right wing media misinformation is stoking the flames of fear!  The anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, and anti-refugee rhetoric has been ramping up along with the usual unabashed racism we have been seeing more openly espoused on many media outlets on the right and on hate-radio toward Non-Anglo and Non-Christian Americans.  Now we have seen peaceful anti-racism activists be abused and assaulted at Trumr rallies, including a young man, and #BlackLivesMatter activist, this week.  We have also seen a slew of governors, a vote in US Congress, and almost all of the GOP presidential candidates boldly express their rejection of the idea of opening our door to desperate refugees from Syria who have fled the brutality of ISIS.  This can mean only one thing for your family gathering this Thanksgiving!  That's right, your Fox 'news' watching relatives will be fully loaded with bogus talking points and hateful rhetoric, and they will have their GPS programed to zero in on your logical, fact based, critically thinking brain waves and the beating of your 'love thy brother' liberal heart!  Prepare for the showdown and arm yourself with the facts to smack down the predictable Thanksgiving dinner talking points,  with Eyes Wide Open: DemBlogTalk!   Our guest will be Sarah Slamen.  Sarah is a 3rd generation Syrian-American and a real activist for the Texas and the National Democratic Parties.  She has been in Louisiana campaigning for John Bell Edwards who won his gubernatorial bid to beat scandal ridden US Senator Vitter and become the new Governor-elect of the state!
    We will also have our weekly #FeelThe Burn Report, LIVE from the Sanders campaign! 

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    Behind the Headlines: Global Police State? Interview with Scott Rickard

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    This week on 'Behind the Headlines', we're interviewing former U.S. intelligence officer ‌Scott Rickard. Rickard is a linguist and veteran of the communications technology and national security industries. For three decades, he worked with national security and international service providers in Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), Communications Security (COMSEC), and Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), advising a number of governments and intelligence agencies on analyzing and prioritizing their intelligence collection efforts.

    Rickard continues to monitor, corroborate, and communicate fact-based research and analysis of the international business environment, emerging technologies, and geopolitical developments. In recent years, he has been an outspoken critic of US foreign policy and blanket public surveillance, and has made a number of appearances on RT, Sputnik and PressTV.

    Join us this Sunday 22 November 2015, from 2-4pm EST / 8-10pm CET for an insider's perspective on mass surveillance, the non-stop terror attacks, the stand-off between the U.S. and Russia, and more.


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    ENVISION THIS: Combining the intelligence quest of the mind with the wisdom quest of the heart 

    Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould, a husband and wife journalistic team, gained exclusive access to Kabul following the Soviet invasion. As the first American journalists to tackle that story they got a unique view of Afghan life and a revelatory look at how the U.S. defined itself against the rest of the world. But as they confronted the wall of East-West propaganda that shielded the true nature of the conflict from the public, they found themselves drawn into a story that was growing into mythic dimensions.

    It was in 1992 when they started working with Oliver Stone on a screenplay about their journalistic adventures they realized a profound shift in their consciousness. That was when the esoteric side to their Afghan experience began to form as a story which they called The Voice and which Stone asked them to merge into the factual Afghanistan story.

    It started as a dream-inspired story about the 12th century Anglo-Norman invasion of Ireland, an enterprise largely run by the Fitzgerald family. Over time their minds opened to a new kind of parallel metaphysical story  as they merged ancient components from Celtic mythology and Irish history with the geo-politics surrounding Afghanistan. The Voice, which was published in 2000, foretold of Washington’s post 9/11 misadventures in Afghanistan. What makes the story truly unique is that the underlying esoteric motives of the geopolitical events laid out in this telling are revealed through one man’s deeply personal mystical journey.

    Along with The Voice, they are authors of Invisible History: Afghanistan's Untold Story (2009) and Crossing Zero The AfPak War at the Turning Point of American Empire (2011) published by City Lights. For more information visit their websites at www.invisiblehistory,com and www.grailwerk.com .

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    White Identity Politics: Anti-Blackness Pt. 3b

    in Culture

    Please join us as we discuss white identity politics. This 3 part series will discuss how the establishment profits from identity politics. We will discuss how capitalism was built on slave labor and is currently fueled by anti-blackness.  The political elite continues to exploit and manipulate the proletariat for their own selfish agenda.

    How did European immigrants became 'white' and at what cost?
    How is white supremacy perpetuated by honorary white people?
    What role does people of color play in capitalism?
    Are (some) white people victims of identity politics? Does it adversely impact their lives?
    What are social contracts? How are they negotiated?
    Are people of color truly attempting to end white supremacy or are they trying to get a seat or better seat at the table?
    Are the black political elite overseers that profit from telling poor and working class blacks to forget about and/or pray about being oppressed?
    And much more...