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    Angelica Joni on "the DrCal Hour Of Insight"

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    Angelica Joni is an award wining singer and song writer. The song "I see right through you" has given her the attention she deserves. She won the Indie Channel Music Award for Best New Pop Artist in 2013. Her latest single is called "Weightless". This is an uptempo piece that still allows her voice to shine. Angelica has a great talent, and we will speak with her on Monday March 2 ,2015, our first guest of the month, with your host DrCal

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    Hope For Lunch

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    Today we will be talking about Smartshopping, coupons and cashback!  And a community project in Angelica, NY

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    CUFFED? A Film About Addiction, Recovery and Life With Angelica Hester

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    Today it's with great pleasure that I welcome to the show director, editor, producer and creator of Little Birdie Films, Angelica Hester. Angelica is here with us to talk about her latest project, an feature length documentary film called CUFFED? a film that's meant to explore the most important questions about addiction, recovery and life.

    CUFFED? follows the lives of Amir, Daniel, Bart, Tonya, and Gary, all people who have been irreversibly affected by addiction. Their stories are accompanied by expert commentary from highly regarded doctors, therapists, and government officials who have dedicated their lives to the study and treatment of this disease. CUFFED? highlights the arguments of both pro- and anti-Methadone groups in order to investigate the administration, use and misuse of Methadone. In addition to the discussion of current methods of treatment, CUFFED? also brings to light different programs in development to combat addiction without pharmaceutical substitutes. The effectiveness of one-on-one counseling, meditation, 12-step, and yoga are all explored.

    To get involved and support CUFFED? through their Kickstarter campaign, Click Here.

    To check out CUFFED? on Facebook, Click Here and for Twitter, Click Here.


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    Robert Cardoza Live

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    Today on robert Cardoza Live my Expert Contributor Suzette Mehler will continue her ongoing series, "Set Up My Cell Tech Corner". My Special Guest today is Angelica Wagner talking about Body Talk and the Naficy Medial Group with its advances in PTSD and Brain Injury Treatment Advances. I will also be discussing Politics, Money, Current Events, the IRS, Business and Personal Financial Planning Tips and I will be answering your emails. Stay tuned for our Lifestyle Segment.

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    Janine Hamner and Angelica Dulce, WM Green Program

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    Our guest this morning is Janine Hammer of Waste Management.

    Janine brings over 20 years of experience in government affairs, community relations, environmental sustainability, and customer focused service to Waste Management. 

    After attending NYU, Janine got her start working for non-profit organizations including Neighbor to Neighbor and Global Green where she served as the Development Director and the Coalition for Clean Air where she served as Chief Operating Officer.

    Since joining Waste Management in 2008, Janine has worked closely with a number of WM’s franchise Cities, developing new recycling programs, creating public education tools, and creating community partnerships.

    Janine has also used her extensive fundraising skills to help several WM franchise Cities win and manage new grants. 

    Today it’s all about reusing, recycling, reclaiming, repurposing and environmental responsibility and this morning we’re going to hear about Waste Management’s brand new green program.


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    Angelic Inner Essence Specialist Show

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    Angelica Rose, An Angelic Walkin. a national gifted Angelic Inner Essence Specialist, Certified Hypnotist & Author of Relaxation CDs, DVDs, 2 Books, and Inspirational Stickers which you can find on the website http://heartofmotivation.webs.com/

    This show will share a variety of tools to assist you on your spiritual path. The show includes call ins for Angel, Your Spirit Guides, Medium messages and answers to questions. At times I there may be guest appearances Music: Precious moments Precious Truth Michael Hammer 

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    Youtube Video Spiritual Journey to Spiritual Oneness:  http://youtu.be/xBhaGZ7EcZU

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    Male point of view of women

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    Real Soul Music Talk Radio presents a talk about a different point of view of women.  Host DJ Jano G and Co Host Mr. Yeyo and special guest Queen Angelica will give their perspective on the matter.  We discuss the topics such as Why Women dont get credit? Why women dont get the same rights? What we need to do as men to help us as well as the ladies.  Please join the movement and we do not judge anyone.

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    The DrCal Hour Of Insight "NEW MUSIC"

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    NEW MUSIC, Part One

    This is a new segment for the show. Some of the artists that have been interviewed on our show have new CD's and music that has not been shared on “Insight” before. The music comes from Country Artists, PoP, Artists, Smooth Jazz, Etc. We will be sharing a brief bio of the artist as well as info about where their music can be purchased. Here are some of the artists that I will be featuring on this show. Angelica Joni, Madi White, Sawdust Road, Ryan Kikgore, Tony Exum Jr. Craig Brann, Gail Jhonson and  "Jazz In P!nk"  This will be Part One of this New Music segment. Part Two will follow on Tuesday February 10 @6PM.

    Your Host DrCal...




    Your host DrCal…

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    Black Historical Month

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    Real Soul Music Talk Radio presents a Trruth and balance discussion on the matter.  This part 3 of the discussion the Finale.  Host DJ Jano G and Co Host Mr. Yeyo and Special Guest Queen Angelica Gibson will join tonight topic.  Please join the movement and we do not judge anyone.

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    From Flawed to Fantastic with Guest Angelica Wagner

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    Angelica Wagner is a Certified Bodytalk Practitioner and teacher among other credentials. She teaches globally, the processes and procedures that remove all limitations from people's brain and body. This includes TBI survivors like my previously featured guest, Tom Snyder. You can listen to Tom’s interview on archive right here at Brain Injury Radio.

    Fantastic Frank survived being trapped in a fire 35 years ago. He is the epitome of perseverence. Motivated to inspire millions, you can read his story at [www.FantasticFrankJohnson.com]

    Book Fantastic Frank to speak at your next event or meeting! Email: Frank@fantasticfrankjohnson.com

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    Sexy Romance is back! Guests - Naughty Nights Press- Special World Of Ink

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    Please join host Marsha Casper Cook and her co- host Elizabeth Black on Jan. 27 at 6PM PST 7 PM MT - 8PM CST 9 PM EST as they welcome Publisher Gina Kincade from Naughty Nights Press. Joining the fun will be  Angelica Dawson and Phoenix Johnson.


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