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    Angel Party - Angel Card Readings from April Reynolds Angel Therapy Practitioner

    in Spirituality

    Call in now 714-242-5256 or post a question or message at http://www.Facebook.com/AngelRadioNetwork and April Reynolds, Angel Therapy Practitioner, will be doing angel card readings for you! When you get nervous focus on service! A great way to raise your vibration is to be of service to others! Post your questions and/or call in.... and we'll have fun on Facebook.com/AngelRadioNetwork too! 


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    Jodie Torney Angel Therapy Practitioner Does Free Readings

    in Spirituality

    "I can help you as an Angel Intuitive doing an Angel Card reading for any issue you have or general guidance. As an Angel Therapist I can help you understand why your body feels unhealthy and what your body is trying to tell you. I can do distant Reiki healing and evoke the help of Archangel Raphael."
    "I love my work, I love who I am and my passion is to connect your with your Angels so you can live the happy, peaceful life you deserve!" -Jodie Torney 
    To find more about Jodie please visit www.jodietorney.com or https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jodie-Torney-Angel-Therapy-Practitioner/194555733979266
    She works with clients internationally and is currently located in Queensland, Australia. 
    This will be a hot show....call in early to reserve your spot for an angel reading by Jodie! 

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    Interview with Denise Sutherland - Angel Therapy Practitioner

    in Spirituality

    Angel Therapy Practitioner®, Denise Sutherland lectures and hosts a variety of workshops on the healing power of the angels. As a mystic and ambassador of the Divine “Messengers”, Denise’s primary mission is to spread the word about the angels and to encourage the direction of one’s Divine Purpose. Her work inspires spiritual and emotional healing, gives counsel on health, career and relationships, and promotes an understanding of the inner voice of Spirit.
    Because Denise believes healing occurs in many forms and on many different levels, she approaches healing from a holistic perspective, offering an amalgam of therapies for mind, body and spirit. Denise is certified in Angel Therapy by Dr. Doreen Virtue and in Past-life Regression Therapy by Dr. Brian Weiss. Ms. Sutherland is also a Kahuna ARCH Healer and yoga instructor. To learn more about Denise, please visit her website at www.imagesfromthelight.com.

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    Yes, it is Friday the 13th a day of blessing and good fortune if you believe it to be so.  In Numerology, the number 13 becomes 4, (1+3=4). Thirteen describes a pattern of new beginnings (1) + creative expression (3) = building and structure (4).  It is actually a theme of solid, grounding movement. So in essence, number 13 is a strong vibration representing organization and accomplishment in a creative and unique way.

    When I realized why Spirit was pressing me to have a broadcast this Friday my first thought was, Lord, how shall I proceed?  The answer was, remember your Angels, because to you, Friday the 13th is a great  day, but there are those  who seek encouragement to receive  the vibration of energy  for this day.

     Relying heavily on my Angels to guide me I chose  Lisa Rivers, trained and Certified to be an Angel Therapist Practitioner and Angel Card reader by Doreen Virtue. to speak with  you this Friday the 13th. Lisa is also an Angel Healer Practitioner and a Level II Reiki Specialist and has channeled the guidance of the Angels with you before.

    To ask a question and receive encouragement for whatever you may have on your heart, you may call in, 646-478-5120 or listen online http://tobtr.com/s/7430887 

    Remember this is not a fortune telling show, this is a Programme to assist you in remembering just how great you are. . .  Namast'e.  

    Reverend Sharon 


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    As a part of the message that I have recieved about the importance of the energies shifting through at this time, in this space, it was impressed upon me that the Angels had something to say. Angel Specialist Lisa Rivers agrees and will share her ability to read the Angel cards of Doreen Virtue with whom she has trained. Lisa Rivers is always a blessing to have on the air, come join us at 1:30pm on this great Friday as we remember that are shifting into a higher level of understanding. To listen or call 646-478-5120 or : http://www.blogtalkradio.com/youareahealer/2015/04/03/fri .  



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    Your Angel Stories & Encounters ...Plus Angel Messages for Our Callers!

    in Spirituality

    On today's show:  Hosts Janice Fuchs, Maria Maas and Dax Carlisle discuss Angel Stories & Encounters with their Callers! Call in with YOUR Angel Stories!

    You can also send us your Angel Stories/ Encounters and we will read them Live, On-Air!

    Simple send your Angel Story(s)/ Encounter(s) via a message on our Facebook Page: Facebook.com/AngelPractitioners or Email it to us at: angelstories@angelpractitioners.com!

       …Plus, Angel Messages for their Callers! 949-203-4840

    ...plus, filling you in on the latest News, about AngelPractitioners.com, the Certified Angel Practitioner™ Course, teh Angelic Mediumship & mentoring™ Course, the International Association of Angel Practitioners and MORE!

    ...Join us in the Chat Room (BELOW) and join the conversation! The Chat Room will appear and open before Show Time....

    Connect with us at: Facebook.com/AngelPractitioners and Follow us on Twitter: @MyAngelAdvisors

    After four years of broadcasting and 200+ episodes, The Angels Monday Show is NOW: Angelic Realms Radio!

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    Master mind group.

    in Entertainment

    Hi Angels, Tuesday and Thursday we are having a master mind group where each of us put our intentions and goals out to the group and The power each of us have and all of us have as a group.  creates our goals to reality.

    The show starts at 8:30 am 

    The call in number is 760 890 7143.

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    Daily Gogetemism #214 Coming With Prepaid Baggage

    in Lifestyle

    This is about when you dget with someone because they have money ut find out that along with the money comes a whole set of issues that a erson may have. Maybe they're needy or clingy. Maybe they're abusive. Maybe they are just bat shit crazy. Nothing in life is free.

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    May 5 ~ Chris Kehler, Energetically Healing the Holistic and Spiritual Community

    in Health

    Charlotte View welcomes back our favorite Holistic Canadian Practitioner, Chris Kehler. Once again Chris will amaze our callers and listeners with his outstanding ability to use remote energy healing and his intuitively work with modalities such as dowsing, metaphysical tools, radionics and Quantum Touch. 

    During this show, Chris is 'Paying IT Forward' to the Holistic/Spiritual Community by inviting a selected group of Psychics, Mediums, Medical Intuitives, Life Coaches, Spirituals, etc who have lived in service for their whole existence and who agree with Chris that Energy Healing can be used for health problems so they instantly become a thing of the past.

    Here is how Chris' protocol works: 

    He starts by using the pendulum and chart method of finding the area that the illness is  
    Finds what stressor is causing the illness. 
    Performs the energy work ~ He uses an array of different types of "tools" to neutralize the stressor in any particular area.

    The energy from Chris' tools works just the same over the phone and Skype as it does if you were in-person. 


    E-mail: ckehler100@shaw.ca

    Website: www.chriskehler.net

    Skype: chriskehler


    in Entertainment

    Award winning author Debra Shiveley Welch was born in Columbus, Ohio and has lived in the Greater Columbus area all of her life. She now resides in Central Ohio with her husband Mark and son Christopher, also a published author.

    Debra is the author of five books: Cedar Woman, the story of a woman of the Lakota Sioux who opens the first high end American Indian restaurant in Central Ohio and winner of Books and Authors Best Native American Fiction award, Christopher Meets Buddy, a children’s book on the proper care of a pet parrot, A Very Special Child, a well-received children’s book which received the FaithWriters Gold Seal of Approval – Outstanding Read Award, Christopher Bullfrog Catcher, written by her son at eleven years of age, and scribed by Debra, who also wrote its introduction, Son of My Soul – The Adoption of Christopher, winner of the FaithWriters Gold Seal of Approval – Out Standing Read, Books & Authors Excellence in Literature, Books and Authors Best Non Fiction, and AllBooks Reviews Editor’s Choice awards, and “Jesus Gandhi Oma Mae Adams,” Debra’s first novel, co-authored with Linda Lee Greene.  All are available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

    Currently Debra is writing Spirit Woman, a sequel to Cedar Woman, Christopher’s Family Table, a companion cook book to Son of My Soul - The Adoption of Christopher, Memories of an Old Farmhouse, a micro-memoir about her memories of her family’s ancestral farm and Swinging Bridge, a collection of poems, short stories and essays.