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    REELTalk: Gen. Paul Vallely, Jed Babbin and Andrew McCarthy

    in Politics Conservative

    Joining Audrey for this week's REELTalk - Russia has begun airstrikes against Syrian rebels…is Putin challenging Obama’s leadership in the world? And will that further weaken our national security? We'll find out answers with Maj. Gen. PAUL VALLELY! Plus, with Putin again flexing his muscle, this time in the Middle East, is Obama’s lack of response, endangering our security? What’s going on in the small nation of Moldova that matters to our national security? Author & former Deputy Undersecretary of Defense, JED BABBIN will share his wisdom on this and more. AND, has Iran already blatantly violated Obama’s Iran deal? And has the President provoked this by his weakness? The 2nd Amendment is under fire once again...as the Left chips away at our gun rights…isn’t it time we understand the mindset and purpose behind that Amendment? We'll get answers to these and more with Author & former Assistant U.S. Attorney, ANDREW McCARTHY! And...In the words of Benjamin Franklin, "If we do not hang together, we shall surely hang separately." Come hang with us...

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    Andrew McCarthy: Not on Free for All Friday!

    in Christianity

    We were expecting to spend a few minutes with Andrew McCarthy to discuss his new book Faithless Execution: Building the Political Case for Obama's Impeachment, but apparently he wasn't in the loop regarding the interview that was confirmed with his publicist.

    Instead, we had a typically unscripted Free For All Friday talking about anything that came to our minds, including politics, technology and, most importantly, what the Bible says.

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    Andrew McCarthy on the Case for Obama's Impeachment

    in Politics Conservative

    Is there really a case for Barack Obama's impeachment? Former federal prosecutor and renowned author Andrew McCarthy reveals the true depths of Obama's high crimes and misdemeanors as explained in his new book "Faithless Execution: Building the Political Case for Obama's Impeachment." Impeachment, McCarthy says, is not a legal remedy but a political one. Even faced with proof of high crimes, Congress will not act to impeach without the will of the American people. And while the public increasingly recognizes the President's lawlessness, they have largely acquiesced to it, for political expedience or because they fear another Clinton impeachment fiasco.   

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    REELTalk: Author Andrew McCarthy & LTC Sargis Sangari on ISIS & Obama

    in Politics Conservative

    Joining Audrey for this week's REELTalk - the situation in Iraq continues to deteriorate...once liberated, it's now slowly but surely being taken by the Islamic Caliphate wannabe, ISIS. The Obama administration continues to deny reality...but reality is exactly what is hitting the world in the face with every move ISIS makes. And what about domestic issues like civil unrest...is Obama CREATING the reality in the streets of city's like Baltimore...a reality that appears to be encouraging thugs and attacking law enforcement: From the leadership! We're going to discuss with the man who lead the prosecution against Sheik Omar Rahman (mastermind of first attack on WTC 1993), author and contributing editor of National Review, ANDREW C. McCARTHY! PLUS, with ISIS having already made clear they are attempting to commit genocide against Middle East Christians...all according to their holy texts...why is the Obama administration ignoring the plight of Christians? We're going to find out answers with LTC (ret.) SARGIS SANGARI, of The Near East Center for Strategic Engagement. AND, more 2nd Amendment info-ammo for your quiver with Johnny Kakalaki on The Smoking Gun! We're standing on TRUTH: The foundation of all true freedom! 

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    Actor, Andrew McCarthy

    in Entertainment

    Actor/director, Andrew McCarthy joins us to talk about his new project "Come Dance With Me," which airs on the Hallmark Channel.
    Many of you may remember him from cult, iconic films like “St. Elmo’s Fire,” “Pretty In Pink,” and “Weekend at Bernies,” just to name few. 
    He is starring in a new movie, "Come Dance With Me" and it is premiering on the Hallmark Channel on Saturday, December 8th at 8:00 pm (EST).

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    TRUNEWS 6/13/14 – Andrew McCarthy & Richard Aldrich

    in News

    Former U.S. federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy makes the case for the impeachment of Barack Obama for high crimes and misdemeanors.  In the second half of the program, University of Warwick Professor Richard Aldrich discusses the future of surveillance and implanted microchips.  

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    The Dolly McCarthy Show

    in Radio

    News Anchor, reporter and mother of 5, Dolly McCarthy, is juggling her career, kids and laundry! She's a good friend, a good listener and an all-around good gal --born & raised on Chicago's northwest side! In her "spare time, Dolly produces a weekly radio show. Listen to her every Thursday morning at 9:30 a.m. CDT for a dose of good news, good guests and a good laugh! The Dolly McCarthy Show can be heard onwww.blogtalkradio.com/TheDollyMcCarthyShow;Touhyville.com; Slam Internet Radio Network, 1530 AM WCKG and Rivet Radio in Chicago. 

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    The Andrew Powell Show presented by FanDuel and netTALK Connect

    in Sports

    TONIGHT ON THE SHOW (LIVE @ 8:00 PM ET): Will Dwight Howard be out of Houston by the NBA Trade Deadline? Bill Walton is a pothead! And Andrew has proof! Is the NBA schedule too tough on the players? Kanye West and Taylor Swift have beef! (Again) Could LSU lose it's college football program? The Golden State Warriors have an absolutely bright and fascinating future. ESPN ranked LeBron James the third best player in NBA history, do the guys agree? Florida and Miami are scheduled to compete in college fooball in 2019, but why haven't the papers been signed yet? And with the head coach salaries in college football increasing near the $10 million mark, are we on our way to a salary cap for student-athletes? PLUS MORE! You can call into the show at (929) 477-1592 and you can tweet the show @andrewrpowell or @ThePowellShow. The Andrew Powell Show presented by FanDuel and netTALK Connect is LIVE Monday-Friday 8:00-10:00 PM ET here only on FOX Sports Radio and iHeartRadio.

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    Dolly McCarthy interviews Josh Seiter from The Bachelorette TV Show

    in Radio

    Josh Seiter chats with Dolly McCarthy about his experience on The Bachelorette TV Show. 

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    The Andrew Powell Show presented by FanDuel and netTALK Connect

    in Sports

    TONIGHT ON THE SHOW (LIVE @ 8:00 PM ET): 'Suki' from SCU and 'Suki' called out our own Bill from Long Island after he poked fun at her show last night! And Bill and Casey ended up starting a Twitter war! Tonight should be interesting... Also, why did the Miami HEAT send Hassan Whiteside straight home after the game against the Spurs? Phoenix Suns teammates get into a fight! Could we see the reemergence of the blue and yellow in Los Angeles? Surprisingly, Andrew hasn't discussed the Beyonce-Black Panthers story yet. He will tonight! Do fans have more power than many think? Cleveland showed mad love to Kobe last night! Is Dwight Howard on his way out of Houston? And the NBA is considering putting advertising on their uniforms? PLUS MORE! You can call into the show at (929) 477-1592 and you can tweet the show @andrewrpowell or @ThePowellShow. The Andrew Powell Show presented by FanDuel and netTALK is LIVE Monday-Friday 8:00-10:00 PM ET here only on FOX Sports Radio and iHeartRadio.

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    Super Bowl Review with sportswriter Michael McCarthy

    in Sports

    In another appearance on the Sportsology channel, The FDH Lounge reviews Super Bowl 50 with sportswriter Michael McCarthy.