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    Weapons Man writes that Gen. Mattis would make a fine president in the vein of George Washington.  Why? 

    Phyllis Schlafly - Part deux

    Trump meets with Italy's northern league leader and find they're in total agreement on immigration. Meanwhile, the Sicilian Mafia has declared war on all Muslims on that island, and prmises to drive them off by any means necessary.

    And... today is primary day in 6 northeastern states.  The results?  coming right up!


  • The Andrea Shea King Show

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    The latest polls show Trump up in California with an average of 15 point lead over Cruz. Exclusive data analysis shows GOP primary turnout is up by 8.7 million votes, more than 60% in 2016 versus 2012. And the Kasich campaign has conceded Indiana, giving Cruz a "clear path to beat Trump there.'

    The hypocrite Obama might as well have delcared that Britain lost the war of Independence because they have small appendages.  US-EU Trade deal close to abandonment as Yanks refuse to lift protectionism with Europe.

    Phyllis Schlafly - the inside story of the Conservative icon's internal battle for survival.



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    After we look at the GOP presidential race, we cast our attention toward Europe where there's a lot happening.


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    The media.

    Boston Globe Tries, Fails Miserably with Fake Anti-Trump Front Page; Here’s Why

    Donald Trump, Megyn Kelly, and the Fraud of Conservative Media

    Colorado GOP blundered on 2016 presidential caucus

    Obama's Willing Executioners in the Media

    The Next President Is Going to Be Hated

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    Can Donald trump win the delegates he needs to get to 1237? 

    This past weekend was not a sleepy one for sure.  It was hellzapoppin on the political scene.

    David Bossie, founder of Citizens United, Michael Patrick Leahy, and Mike Flynn weigh in.  And if you're a political junkie, it is a fascinating look at where the candidates are and where they're headed.


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    2016: The Year Americans Found Out Their Elections Are Rigged.

    And, Donald Trump’s campaign huddled with House Republicans on Capitol Hill on Thursday in an attempt to win more lawmaker support for his campaign for president. While Karl Rove's Super PAC is privately telling donors that Trump can win.

    It's only a matter of time before tose terrorists get into the United States, says former Amb. John Bolton.  Does that mean they're not already here?

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    As Pat Buchanan wrote last night, "Trump’s presence in the race has produced the largest turnout ever in the primaries of either party. He has won the most votes, most delegates, most states. Wisconsin aside, he will likely come to Cleveland in that position.

    "If, through rules changes, subterfuge and faithless delegates, party elites swindle him out of the nomination, do they think that the millions who came out to vote for Trump will go home and say: We lost it fair and square?

    "Do they think they can then go back to open borders, amnesty, a path to citizenship, the Trans-Pacific Partnership and nation building?

    Whatever happens to Trump, the country has spoken. And if the establishment refuses to heed its voice, and returns to the policies the people have repudiated, it should take heed of John F. Kennedy’s warning:

    “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.”


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    Former UN Ambassador John Bolton discusses Republican frontrunner Donald Trump’s proposal to block a portion of the roughly $25 billion annual money transfers sent to Mexico by Mexicans living outside the country until the Mexican government agrees to “a one-time payment of $5-10 billion” to pay for the border wall.

    We know that all of the immigration policies that the Democrats have espoused, and a lot of Republicans as well, are designed to change the electorate — because Dems can’t get any of their policies through in a normal American electorate.  So they’re trying to change it… but maybe we should step back and wonder if it’s already been changed.

    Does Cruz’ overwhelming victory in Wisconsin make it all but impossible for GOP frontrunner Donald Trump to win the 1,237 delegates he needs to secure the nomination ahead of the RNC convention in Cleveland?

    The fourth estate is dead.  It has been replaced by a corporate centric, Wall Street compliant, institutional business enterprise intent on making its employees part of the parade; And if natural political osmosis doesn’t provide the desired outcome, well, they’ll just manufacture it…

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    NOTE: ANDREA WAS UNABLE TO DO THE SHOW & IS RESCHEDULED FOR JANUARY 6th!    Andrea Schroder returns to the show to talk about her new line of candle, "Love Lights," and update us on her and husband Ricky's busy careers producing, directing and acting in film and television.   Andrea built her first home at 18, and never stopped. By the time she was midway into raising their 4 children, she had finished more than fifteen homes, and several commercial projects built, renovated, and furnished. She appeared on Bravo's "Top Design," which she credits as a great learning experience. A couple of years ago, she was feeling she had lost her passion, spark, and light. Realizing that she needed for her work to have more purpose, she had to reflect on her principles and design sensibilities, and "Love Lights" candles were created. She creates the organic fragrances herself, and makes the candles with coconut oil, wich can be used also as a moisturizer. For every candle sold, another candle goes to a part of the world needing light. Currently, Mali (Africa) receives those candles to brighten the homes of some of the poorest people in the world.    Andrea says,  "Together we can make this world more beautiful, one light at a time." Website: http://andreaschroder.com/   Jeff Siegel, our favorite wine curmudgeon, returns to talk about holiday wines and the upcoming sixth annual Drink Local Wine Conference, which promotes the local wineries throughout the United States. The April, 2013 event will be held in Baltimore, MD. Jeff's website: http://www.winecurmudgeon.com/

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    The ANDREA SHEA KING SHOW - Elizabeth (Letchworth) Chryst

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    Last night’s clean sweep by Trump of the five northeastern states — all blue or purple — what’s the reaction in Congress today?

    How will the seeming inevitability of a Trump nomination play out with Senatorial re-election campaigns? 

    Will 24 endangered Republican Senators now start making nice to him?

    Our Capitol Hill Insider Elizabeth Chryst joins us tonight with her reaction to last night's blow-out primary results and to today’s announcement that Carly Fiorina will be Cruz' running mate if he gets the nomination.