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    IndieReview BTS spotlight Cogs in Time 3 Anthology! Author Andrea L. Staum!

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    ~~Hello Everyone! My name is Michelle Cornwell Jordan, I am your host! 

    ~~The definition of Maverick is an unorthodox or independent-minded person.

    Also called a TrailBlazer! I have the pleasure of chatting with one of these "Thinking Outside The Box Artists" Cogs in Time 3 Anthology contributor, Fantasy Author Andrea L. Staum (Steamworks Ink publishing). #NewRelease!

    Andrea L. Staum is the author of the Dragonchild Lore series and contributed to several best selling anthologies. She's a trained motorcycle technician with an Associates in Supervisory Management, is an amateur home renovator, and somehow manages to find time to write. She lives in south central Wisconsin with her husband, three 'unique' cats.

    Click https://twitter.com/DragonchildLore



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    Pop Culture Crazies - POLITICON - Dog caught DUI - Mass shootings real narrative

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    Hr1  Recapping the POLITICON conference from the weekend in California. It was supposed to be bipartisan, but was heavily Democrat/Progressive leaning.

    Tami Jackson, Senior Editor at Barbwire, went to Roseburg, OR to cover President Obama's arrival and the community's reaction on the heals of mass shooting and knee-jerk calls for gun control.

    "Ride the Thunder" movie pays tribute (finally) to our brave & noble Vietnam Veterans.

    Hr2  California's Gov. Jerry Brown signs bill unfairly targeting crisis pregnancy centers. Unless the mother's life is in danger, looking for an abortion is not a healthcare matter.

    Andrea Nelson, from the Clover Agency, joins Joe to discuss recent news events that you probably won't hear anywhere else.

    Are millennials too fragile to cope with life, requiring counseling for routine life speedbumps?

    DUI suspect tells authorities his dog was driving. No. It didn't work.

    Every mass shooting in US since the 1950s except 2 occurred in gun free zones. Blowing holes in #LibLogic.

    Hr3  Commercial by "Americans for Shared Prosperity" drives liberals nuts! Obama is a lying, cheating, no-good, paranoid manipulator who says he'll change, but never does…

    Wasn't everything really Columbus' fault? If he hadn't come here, none of this would have happened. One man, two narratives. Hero or villain?

    Jessie Watters, Watters' World Columbus Day Edition: Do we teach history anymore? These people are clueless.

    Obama loses his cool and filibusters during interview with Steve Kroft when questioned about ISIS, Syria, and Iraq.

    Have you had your healthy dose of reality lately?

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    Representative Kevin McCarthy on Thursday abruptly took himself out of the race to succeed John A. Boehner as House speaker, apparently undone by the same forces that drove Mr. Boehner to resign.  the backstory.

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    Ask MomRN Show

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    Today's show:

    Kim Tran, MS PharmD, APhA trained immunizer and published researcher, shares how you can make plans now to prepare yourself and your family for the flu season.

    Laura Fuentes, the mompreneur behind MOMables, knows just how important post-game nutrition is, and as a soccer mom herself she’s created some post-game snacks that all young athletes from coast to coast are sure to love. Laura tells us about her top tips and tricks when it comes to quick post-game snacks.

    There was a time when men’s sexual problems got all the attention. Those days are over! Women’s sexual health has been making headlines lately, but there's still much more women need to know. Joining us to talk about women's sexual health issues, which impacts women of all ages, is Brooke Faught, Clinical Director of the Women's Institute for Sexual Health. 

    This is a crucial time of year for many people, because it's the enrollment period for health insurance plans. Here to help with these difficult choices is Lifestyle Consumer and Money Savings Expert Andrea Woroch.

    Renovating older home? Nicole Curtis, star of HGTV’s “Rehab Addict,” is here with ways to maintain the look and feel of your older home while updating with the latest conveniences.

    Money Saving Expert Elisabeth Leamy shares her tips and "hacks" for saving on your holiday shopping!

    "Travel Junkie" Julie Dimon, co-host of National Geographic's "World Travels" gives us some tips on how to use your vacation time before the end of the year.

    October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Patient Joan Mancuso shares info about Metastatic Breast Cancer the Beyond Pink Campaign.


  • Are you an Angel or a Ninja? Find out more from Online Coach Support Founder

    in Self Help

    Colleen Roberts is owner of two websites – onlinecoachsupport.com and colleenscoachingcorner.com.  She is passionate about promoting and supporting other life, biz and wellness coaches that may feel overwhelmed with all the different tech and marketing aspects of running a business by providing a safe place that they can share and learn with likeminded people.  She provides training sessions and soon to be hosting busy bee workshops to ensure the practical steps get done.  She also provides a teleseminar training platform – using Instant Teleseminar that members can use for free.  They can gain confidence with a resource without having to pay for another service they may not be quite ready for.  Training and co piloting is also provided if required.  She is also a Certified Life Coach and currently studying marketing, soon to be a Content Marketing Strategist.  Colleen lives in Perth Western Australia, also works full time, mother of five children and one grandchild.


    Colleen is putting together her new course specifically for members – The Honeycomb Effect.  She loves the analogy of the honeybees.

    For more information you can visit: http://www.onlinecoachsupport.com/



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    Take 2 Radio Jr is a kids show hosted by Andrea or Pam on the 2nd & 4th Sunday of the month at 7pm eastern!  

    We are bringing families back together in front of the radio to listen to their favorite programs.There will be stories, music, fun facts, guest authors to read their children's books, and more! Want your book read on air or do you want to read it on air? Do you sing children's songs or have a recorded songs that you would like played? Email take2radiojr@gmail.com 

    Our host is Andrea who is a singer and future teacher or Pam the owner of The Take 2 Radio Network. On twitter @take2radio @Take2RadioJr & Andrea @callherdreax3 

    Sunday, October 11th: In this episode Pam will talk to the children's author LaDann Hendley, 9 yr old Jordan Barker (voice of the girl in the book), and Bryce Miller (voice of Shimmy) and then they will read her book called "Shimmy-Shimmy Shamrock and the Legend of the Leaves" at 7pm eastern time!

    About the book: Yes, four-leaf clovers really are lucky! When his young friend finds the elusive four-leaf clover, Shimmy-Shimmy Shamrock comes to life and tells the tale of how our luck really began. The legend of the cloverleaves takes on a whole new meaning when it begins with the Trinity and ends with the fortunate redemption of those who believe.

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    Liquid Libations Radio 10/10/15: A Night of Randomness!

    in Poetry

    Join your hostess, Andrea, for an evening of poetry from here, there and every where!  The phone lines and chat room will be open! So sit back, listen and enjoy the power of the spoken word! Listen via internet http://tobtr.com/s/7989537, telephone (646) 478-5072 or Skype.  If you want to share your poetry and/or spoken word just dial in and press the #1.  

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    The ANDREA SHEA KING SHOW - Elizabeth (Letchworth) Chryst

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    A politically charged budget package moving in the House this week is creating a headache for Senate Republicans. The package, which under budget reconciliation rules cannot be filibustered, will block money for Planned Parenthood and gut ObamaCare. And... The Democrats are bucking Obama in defense vote.

    Meanwhile, The House has formed a special panel to probe Planned Parenthood.  And the House (conservative) Freedom Caucus has endorsed Daniel Webster for speaker, as Trey Gowdy rips Kevin McCarthy on his comment about Hillary's dwindling poll numbers. 

    Details and back story tonight with Capitol Hill expert Elizabeth Chryst.

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    The world is not safe. Earthquakes, tornadoes, and floods are seemingly happening with increased frequency and intensity.  Terrorist attacks are on the rise. Christians are being persecuted in Amerca. It's time for the Church to step up and prepare for the trials and tribulation to come.

    So writes Carl Gallups, author of "Be Thou Prepared - Equipping the Church for Persecution and Times of Trouble", who joins us tonight to talk about what the Bible says about being prepared for disasters.



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    Talk The Talk Radio - Leave

    in Christianity

    ng giants, storms, wars in your life? Need guidance? Questions about your life, relationships, purpose? Seeking revelation? Do you want to better understand what God is saying to you? Tune in to Talk The Talk Radio with your host "The Northern Belle" Playwright Andrea Carr every Saturday morning at 8:00 a.m. Log in www.blogtalkradio.com/faithinme or call 347.857.4339. Thank you!

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    in Politics Conservative

    A brief evaluation of the situation in Syria.

    A nation in the throes of committing suicide.

    The good news is:
    ISIS left so weakened by airstrikes and desertion it could be wiped out in just HOURS. Imagine what we could have done if Obama wasn't a girl