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    ***Pope Alexander 6th Rodrigo Borgia--Paul Revere--Betsy Ross(elizabeth Grissom)-Admiral Canaris Abwer German Navy Spy chief--Kim Philby--communist spy in British Intelligence--Colonel Rank in the KGB-J. edgar Hoover--FBI longtime chief--first executive of African Heritage--Watergate Nixon Administration Convictions--Halderman-erlichman--Mardigan---Hillary Rodham(Clinton) fired from Watergate Committee for lying

    ***First of California's Dirty Dozen political operatives--Rosario Anaya( Bolivian Cocaine Connection) Angela Bradstreet--British Lesbian who fled england--Bradstreet bullied California's legal establishment to defund the Boy Scouts--

    ***Rose Pak--Chinese suspected lesbian --political bully--Received an affordable condo at half price from the emerald 
    Fund operated by erickson from south america



    January 1st Births-Deaths & events relevant to US(a)

    Admiral Arleigh Burke  US Navy  death 1996

    Music--Japanese Symphony Orchestras all play Beethoven's 9th Symphony

    2015 Review--10 news stories affecting you and yours--that were ignored-censored and/or suppressed

    2016 Forcast

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    POLITICAL ANIMALS---President John Adams 2nd President

    ANAYA!--Bolivian Cocaine Connection is dead!--The significence of this cocaine connected trafficker

    ***Connections- Politician residence fraud-Real Residence-Alameda County--City of Oakland  4928 

    ****Bolivian cocaine Trafficker Connection  Antonio Suroco

    ****Women Major Drug Traffickers

    Oct 30th Births-Deaths & EVENTS relevant to US(a

     JUDICIAL ANIMALS--Kevin Vincent Ryan(Alberta Canada born) gets controversial award from St. Thomas Moore Society--Why?

    Oct 30th Births-Deaths & events relevant to US(a)

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    Literary Symposium - C.J. Anaya

    in Books

    Dreamers Radio is excited to welcome C.J. Anaya, young adult author of The Healer.

    Taken from C.J. Anaya's website:

    "C. J. Anaya began writing short stories for family and friends when she was thirteen years old. This soon morphed into an extensive project every year during Christmas as a way to create a fun and inexpensive Christmas gift.

    Her passion for reading and writing led her to following her own dreams of becoming a published author. She was born in Utah and raised everywhere else. She even lived a few years in Brazil, enjoying the people, the culture and learning the beautiful language of Portuguese; a language she is still fluent in to this day. As a result of her exposure to varying peoples and cultures, her interests became varied as well.

    As a mother of four children she is now a singer and a songwriter, a baker and a cake decorator, a dancer and a choreographer, a girl with a degree in Criminal Justice and a first time published author of YA paranormal romance and fantasy. She is also married to the most deliciously, handsome looking Latino. As always, she has plenty to write about."


    Be sure to check out her links below and grab a copy of The Healer today!




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    POLITICAL ANIMALS---President Warren G. Harding-   -  America's first President with African Heritage(Black)--"I can't help it if one of my ancestors jumped over the back fence!"

    Other little known historical facts about Harding--"Was Harding America's first modern president to espouse civil rights for Negroes?

    Other little known accomplishments of President Harding--Bureau of the Budget--Press Office--International Naval Disarment Conferance

    James Knox Polk--One Term President

    PUBLIC POLICY ISSUE--Should Public Officials--Judges and Appointees be limited to TWO TERMS IN OFFICE?

    Arthur Balfour--British Cabinent Official who authored "THE BALFOUR DECLARATION" which Britan would sponsor a homeland for Jews after WW One

    SAN FRANCISCO COUNTY JAIL--That other Jail's abuse of detainees --

    ***Male Rapes Case(s)

    ***Brutality inflected on detainees--Breaking an arm of a detainee]

    ***US Mail tampering and destruction of US Certified mail

    ***Conducting a voter registration using the address of the San Francisco Jail in violation of federal law

    ***Destruction of  Ballot boxex containing ballots from black precients


    MAJOR WOMEN DRUG DEALERS & TRAFFICKERS---Why BOLIVIAN Rosario Aramburu Anaya is important

    Political Animals

    Who Was James G. Blaine?

    November 2nd Births-Deaths & events relevant to US(a)

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    Quarantine Radio Interviews Anaya Daffe

    in Hip Hop Music

    ILL McKenzie and Beat M.D. talk to up and coming R&B singer Anaya Daffe about her career and future plans in the business.

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    Inside The Cage Radio with Courtney Anaya

    in MMA

    Monday, November 4th at 6:30pm pacific time will be a special edition of Inside The Cage Radio with Courtney Anaya as we recap Bellator 106. I will also preview the upcoming UFC Fight for the Troops that takes place  Wednesday. Inside The Cage Radio will return on Thursday, November 7th at our regularly scheduled time and day.

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    Windswept: Stories of Enduring Love

    in Books

    Join host Debbie Workman, this week as she is visited by authors from Beau Coup Publishing;s latest release "Windswept: Stories of Enduring Love". Guests include; CJ Anaya, Eryn Black, Gracie Wilson, Isobelle Cate, Jami Brumfeld, JamieLynn Boothe, Katherine Rhodes

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    POLITICAL ANIMALS; Senator Melendez(New Jersey) facing federal public corruption charges---Melendez is originally from Cuba\

    Which federal-state or local legislator will face or maybe facing federal corruption charges?  Nancy Pelosi?  Willie Brown?  Rose Pak?--Ed Lee? Rosario Anaya?  or?

    Former Russian Policeman caught spying for the US--Roman Ushakov received 15 years in the gulag?

    Ushakov is not sharing the fate of Col. Oleg Penkowsky, who was executed for spying for the US and Britain

    Other spies

    Political fiction--Only Russians--British and Americans spy on each other

    Church Steeples now sought for wi fi transmission

    Warming to all employees--Monitor your pay check deductions and make sure these deductions are promptly remitted to the proper govenment agencies--Income Tax--Unemployment Insurance--Disability Insurance--Social Security

    MARCH 6TH BIRTHS-DEATHS & EVENTS--  Relevant to US(a) (1810) Illinois was the first state to mandate vacination--Anton Cermak Chicago Mayor assasinated in Miami Florida,

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    Meet Nina Brown, Business woman, Crystal Singer, Anaya–Ra

    in Spirituality

    Nina Brown is a mother, grandmother and businesswoman, a cum laude graduate of Bryn Mawr College. Nina is retired from a successful career as President of a company she formed to assist women in establishing business enterprises. From there, Nina acted as a consultant and leader in the field of alternative medicine, collaborating to form a company to bring neurosensory diagnostic tools to injured veterans who suffered brain impairment in the Gulf and Vietnam.

    Early in 2009, Nina was guided to attend an Earth-Keeper event with the intent to support planetary healing. Shortly after, with the encouragement and insight of James Tyberonn, she began receiving information about how to work with Phi Vogel Crystals for recoding DNA, about who she is from an expanded soul-perspective and the role she is to play in facilitating planetary ascension.

    In November, 2009, Archangel Metatron directed Nina to work with a powerful 144 Vogel Phi Crystal which is a sentient conscious being as well as a highly capable Atlantean-Sirian-Pleadean precision tool. Nina ceremoniously welcomed the Vogel Crystal into her life and received the following information:

    Above all, Nina has surrendered her will to the Divine and lives each day by divine guidance. She now devotes her enormous energies full time to her sacred spiritual mission. As the needs of the collective shift, what is asked of her evolves, and this beautiful work unfolds.

    Anaya–Ra will download the form of energy needed, always to achieve zero-point balance, and of course that means the majority of energy brought in will be what we in duality think of as the Divine Feminine Energy.

    For more information go to www.crystalsinger.com

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    Catherine Anaya - CBS 5 - News Anchor

    in Television

    Three-time Emmy Award-winning journalist CATHERINE ANAYA anchors CBS 5 News weekday evenings at 5, 5:30, 6:30 and 10:00 pm. She joined CBS 5 News in January 2003.

    The Arizona Associated Press Broadcasters Association named Catherine 'Anchor of the Year' for 2003, the same year in which she as named "Best TV Newcomer" by Phoenix Magazine – the same magazine that just last month named Catherine and co-anchor Sean Mclaughlin “Best Evening News Team”.

    In 2006, she was honored with her third Emmy Award for her report about twin boys burned in an apartment explosion, their recovery and their plight to remain in the U.S. for medical treatment.

    Catherine is a versatile journalist in both broadcast and print. She writes an award-winning column for Latino Perspectives Magazine. To view Catherine's past columns, click here.
    In May 2007, Catherine won the first place award for Magazine commentary/analysis from the Arizona Press Club for her magazine column about the two Honduran boys with burn injuries. She previously wrote an award-winning monthly parenting column for Los Angeles Family Magazine.

    In October of 2004, Catherine proudly co-anchored a presidential debate special for CBS 5 News with the legendary Walter Cronkite.

    Catherine Anaya joins the Boomer and The Babe Show for a conversation about the news business and all it entales as well as its inner workings.