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    MarsWithoutBorders Dr Matthieu Komorowski on Teleanesthesia & Analog Astronauts

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    Dr Matthieu Komorowski M.D. is an experienced anesthesiologist from France and recently an analog astronaut as the crew health and safety officer with Crew 133 at the Mars Desert Research Station, MDRS, in Utah USA. He is a member of MarsWithoutBorders, a team of qualified scientists and creative artists working to develop and test ideas and develop capabilities for future Mars exploration and colonization.

    Matthieu is a member of the International Space Surgery Consortium, ISSC, working in the area of space medicine specifically in pioneering remote telesurgery-teleanesthesia protocols and procedures for future long-duration space missions.






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    Analog Pedals vs. Multi-Effects Units/Tube Driven Pedals

    in Christianity

    Todays episode we will discuss analog pedals vs. multi-effects. Which do you prefer? We will also discuss tube powered overdrive pedals. Your calls, prayer requests, and open line discussion.

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    RG Ingersoll - A Song in Search of it's Singer - Show 7

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    RG Ingersoll - A Song in Search of it's Singer - Show 7

    Ingersoll discusses how the new recording artists of today are going back to the old ways of analog recording and producing their music on vinyl.  They call the CD an anique, just like our grandparents old 78 RPMs.  However, old recording artist as well as the new ones are using old techniques to record new songs with the sounds of the 1930's equipment.  It's a radical way to make recordings and they are getting major airplay on all media types.

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    Philmchology W/Brenda B: John Carpenter's The Thing (1982)

    in Film

    John W. Campbell wrote a Novella entitled "Who Goes There?" which included  the short story of the same name first published under his pseudonym Don A. Stuart in Astounding Science-Fiction magazine, which now goes under the name Analog Science Fiction.  It is one of the longest running Science Fiction Magazines in circulation since 1930.  This little story "Who Goes There" "...was voted one of the finiest science fiction novellas ever written" in 1973 by the Science Fiction Writers of America -Wikipedia.

    The story was made into a movie in 1951 by Howard Hawks (The Thing From Another World), In 1982 John Carpenter's The Thing, and 2011 Matthijs van Heijningen, Jr. The Thing -2011

    Here's a nice "Retrospective Review by Oliver Harper" about John Carpenter's Thing

    This is a movie about trust and never being certain what or who you are dealing with, which includes one's self.  It's a great story, which has been produced quite brilliantly in three different interpretations, albeit John Carpenter's is the most closely followed to John W. Campbell's initial writings.  Let's talk trust, gore and the real possibility of knowing your own self!


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    Enjoy the Treasure Fruit Band on the Hay Girls Show

    in Indie Music

    Phoenix-based indie rock band Treasurefruit spikes sultry swing motifs with classic country twang in the name of rock and roll. The quartet is currently recording their first full album "Poisonous Dwellers of the Desert" in an all analog (reel-to-reel tape) format, set for a Spring 2015 release. Featuring singer/songwriter Anamieke Quinn, drummer Ehren Stonner, guitarist Matt Ventre and bassist Brenden McBride.
    Website: www.treasurefruit.com
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Treasurefruit?fref=ts
    Music: https://soundcloud.com/sidepony-music/giddy-up-by-treasurefruit
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/Treasurefruit
    Instagram: @treasurefruit


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    Launch Monetize Celebrtize YOU, Your Business Your BRAND

    in Self Help

     There is a very sexy global media trend taking place now. 

    Are you seeing the shift in visibility?   Right now, people are making worldwide connections, creating international friendships and alliances, doing business and living digitally on a global scale.

    Speakers, gurus, musicians and entertainers, educators, and authors are going global.  Are you?

    Your invitation to "Jump" to Growing Digital Global Visibility (DGV)

    Most people will wake up one day to this new global reality, this quiet expansion now taking place without having a clue about what or how it happened. Listen; cable TV is an analog dinosaur. Have you noticed; all of the major TV networks have Internet channels? Don't sleep on this or you will be playing catch-up. The time to act is now.





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    You Can't Have It Both Ways

    in Comedy

    This week the guys talk about Kanye West taking offense to Jay Pharaoh’s impression of him at the VMAs and Kanye's place in culture, the new James Brown movie “Get On Up”, a WorldStarHipHop.com documentary series and transitioning brand identities, and the difference between digital and analog when it comes to creativity. Check it out!

    Follow @dlemoncomedy @mrmuhammad @LaughingVlad and @StandUpNYLabs

    Check out all the other podcasts on this network at www.StandUpNYLabs.com

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    Music is the Weapon – Digital vs. Analog & Mind Control

    in Spirituality

    Does the way we listen to our music effect the way we pervceive and listen to spirit?
    Are we really seeing the "full picture" when we look out at the world or has that picture been manipulated.
    In this show we deal with the scince of data compression and perceptual awareness. Knowledge is data. There are ways to compress the amount and quality of information that we receive in life. Our percetual awareness can also be manipulated and what we consider to be important can be dictated to us, all through out speakers.
    For classes on mental hyposis and deprogramming go to Sadulu House Spiritual Center.
    Also, schedule your spiritual reading today!

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    Epiphany's House Featuring Preach Jacobs!!!!!

    in Entertainment

    Every now and again I like to throw ya'll a curve ball...well here..catch....

    Preach Jacobs is an Emcee, Journalist and the founder of Sounds Familiar Records. Residing from Columbia, South Carolina he has shared the stage with the likes of 50 Cent, George Clinton, Nelly and more. His brand of Neo-Soul / Funk inspired Hip-Hop is reminiscent of the Native Tongue era.

    Preach Jacobs is also an accomplished journalist and photographer with his work gracing the covers of Vapors magazine (L.A, California), Lo-Fi and more. He continues to push the latest 'Maple St. Sessions' project with other releases scheduled later in the year/early 2010 including an EP with Marc Mac, DJ Vadim and project titled Analog with producer Dose on Sounds Familiar Records.


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    LOTL The Comfort Zone Presents Nikkole . Debuts The new Album "HALLUCINATIONS"

    in Entertainment

    A clever blend of contemporary throwback pop sounds saturated with unforgettable hooks harmonious melodies chest pounding rhythms and commanding vocal strength. This is the core of Nikkole and her fourth full-length studio album hallucinations the award winning and chart topping artist, has now  fully established her pop credentials with this release.  a progressive pop R&B album capable of winning pop and R&B fans alike in multiple demographics hallucinations is a pure exciting and emotional as it gets the album has thick layers of electric and organic instrumentation Digital and analog properties compliment by catchy and strong vocals showcasing Nikkole's trademark style and signature voice the new record is in the sounds like category: of Beyonce pink Jennifer Lopez and sade. sonically superior in every way this record is tightly arranged and produced by multi platinum British powerhouse producer Derek bramble. ( David Bowie, Faith Hill, Whitney Houston, mixed by Grammy Award winning engineer Ted Green Berg and mastered by Pete doell of universal Music Group. the set include not only Nikkole's heartwarming song writing, but also the incomparable songwriting skills of Lindy Robbins , one direction Selena Gomez , Demi Lovato.  the video for the lead off single gonna get it right directed by MTV award winning director Ethan lader, (BoB, One Republic, Bruno Mars, Mariah Carey an is slated for delivery to MTV, vh1 an Vevo in addition to other outlets.

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