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    Threesomes & Anal

    in Comedy

    Joe and Kate are joined by Kase Raso and Nathan Macintosh to talk about whether they ever had a threesome. They talk about crazy sex stories from their past, and they also give tips about what to do if you're going to try anal sex.

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    Deadbeat Dads, Women Are Never Satisfied & Does Anal Sex Make The Butt Grow Big?

    in Radio

    On this weekends episode of Talk With Toni Gee & Dr. Wood will be discussing Deadbeat dads that don't take care of their children but playing the perfect role to someone else's children...Why are women never satisfied....and Why do women want big butts that do not have them? Does anal sex really help to make the butt grow bigger? JUICY, JUICY, JUICY TOPICS!!!! Live and direct on Talk With Toni Gee & Dr. Wood....Call in at 646-787-8087, chat live or hit us on twitter @TALKWITHTONIGEE...TUNE IN!!!

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    While Los Angeles might not be a place where women's words and men's views are as progressive as Corinne & Krystyna had hoped, it sure is full of sexiness and adventure! This week, the girls of Sorry About Last Night welcome MISTI DAWN, GWF's very first star guest, to the conversation. Raised in a Mormon family in Kentucky, at a young age Misti got in touch with her sexuality, first as a Suicide Girl, then later by performing in hardcore ography. In her first in-depth interview since leaving the business three years ago, Misti talks explicitly about what drew her to the adult industry, dirty business dealings, the drug use and negative body image rampant amongst many females in , how to prep your ass for an anal scene, and why she's the girl to get when the script calls for fucking a black guy. Don't worry, even though she left the biz, she still loves sex (in fact, that's the very reason why)! MISTI'S WEBSITE: www.MeowMistiDawn.com E-mail us at SorryAboutLastNightShow@gmail.com Tweet Misti: twitter.com/MeowMisitDawn Tweet the ladies: twitter.com/SryAboutLastNyt Tweet Corinne: twitter.com/ PhilanthropyGal Tweet Krystyna: twitter.com/KrystynaHutch Follow us on Instagram: SorryAboutLastNight YouTube: www.youtube.com/sryaboutlastnyt Tumblr: sorryaboutlastnight.tumblr.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/sorryaboutlastnight

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    Anal,Oral,Plural and more! Taboo Love ~ where's the blessing?!

    in Lifestyle

    Join Rev. Goddess for an evening of the exotic! Wet tounges and mouthes dipping into the crevices of the skin. Why and how can these acts bless us? Learn the truth. Good or bad?! Anal sex can release blockages and awaken us to the courage that is throbbing for life! Oral blessings can and will enhance our understanding of the universe!  And finally how these tabboo love sex rituals can release us from the curse of DONT and to the Blessing of YES! They kept this truth away from us for to long. Let it go now and be FREE! 
    Join the show! This Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
    Goddess Blessings 

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    Frisky Fridays: Anal Sex

    in Entertainment

    THIS IS A PRE-RECORDED SHOW! On this episode Frisky Friday's, Foxy Miss Moxie, will be discussing  Anal Sex and Ass Play!   She will talk about the act of practicing anal, the medical related issues, the joy of ass play, taking calls on your own experiences, drop some knowledge and of course have tons of fun! 
    Be sure to catch Taboo Fetish Talk LIVE every Thursday with Miss Whitney Morgan & JW Ties 7pm-9pm est! Follow us on Twitter @TabooFetishTalk @MsWhitneyMorgan @JWTies & "LIKE" us on Facebook @TabooFetishTalk.

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    Raw Conversations- Featuring Janice.. Anal Sex, Swallowing Orgasms,Plus More

    in Podcasting

    @MrPlayerHater has a sex conversation with Janice.

    Download & Listen To "The Player Hater Podcast" On iTunes,Stitcher,Podomatic & Worldwide!

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    Adults Nature- Anal

    in Entertainment

    How many women like to do anal?
    Join us in discussion as we talk about anal sex.

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    in Entertainment

    Tonight's topics are:
    1. Tossing his salads
    2. The Art To Anal
    3.Best Stroke...Or.....Best Choke

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    Taboo Fetish Talk: Anal Sex

    in Entertainment

    Join Miss Whitney Morgan (MissWhitneyMorgan.com), JWTies (JWTies.com), and Marty (TheTickleChat.com) for your favorite fetish based internet radio show this and EVERY Thursday - LIVE (so you never know what kind of shenanigans will be broadcasted) 7pm-9pm EST!

    This Thursday (via special listener request) we will be chatting about ANAL SEX - the ins/outs, dos/don'ts, first timers/butt slut lovers, tips on enjoying your anal experience, and MORE!

    Don't be shy - we LOVE lowered inhibitions! Call in at #213-943-3601 to speak with us live on air and join our live kinky chat at the bottom of your page!

    Follow us on Twitter @TabooFetishTalk, @MsWhitneyMorgan, @JWTies, @TickleChat.
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    Questions? Comments? Want to share a crazy story with us? Interested in being a guest or hosting your own show on the Taboo Fetish Talk station? Email us at TabooFetishTalk@gmail.com


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    Bottoms Up

    in Entertainment

    The fandom proccupation with who is taking it up the butt is nothing short of extraordinary.

    Anal sex, tops, bottoms, domination, submission, presumed emasculation -- I'm gonna talk about it all.

    The question you have to ask yourself is simple:

    If you think the person getting penetrated is the "weaker" of the two men -- do you then think that a heterosexual woman is inherently weak for letting a man fuck her?

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    Science and Spirit of Sex

    in Spirituality

    Gotta eat the booty like groceries
    Oral Anal and Oral Genitals