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    Obamacare, Cannabis Cup, Yelp VS TripAdvisor, Donkey Shows, & MORE!

    in Comedy

    Join us thought provoking talks about kinds of stupid stuff. Here's a few highlights from this episode:

    Obamacare is like being forced to buy a Lamborghini and then being forced to give a bunch of deadbeats a lift in it.

    I need to go to medical school...stat!

    You know what they really need do is put birth control in government cheese.

    Looking at your watch is the universal symbol for, "Will you shut the fuck up so I can leave?"

    My fat cat will go totally donkey show on a bag of food.

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    Super Deep Discussions About Nonesense

    in Comedy

    Join ZigZag and Rufus for incredibly brilliant insights about life and nonsense.

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    The HyperSloth Happy Hour

    in Comedy

    Join us for totally deep conversations about mostly stupid yet completely entertaining stuff.

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    Wisconsin Sports Report 103.5fm with The Herb

    in Sports

    Gearing up for the 2015 MLB season, Herb takes a look back at Milwaukees dismal season ending slide and gives his take on weather the team can rise above the pattern of finishing weak.
    Jonathon Lucroy has injured his hamstring and will miss a large portion of Spring Training.
    Braun says his hand feels "ok". Should we be worried?
    Opening day is Monday, April 6th against the Colorado Rockies.
    Ziggy's Eats, a new segment of the program will debut Saturday night. Ziggy will visit local taverns and restraurants rating their food and service. This week we will visit Whiskey Ranch in downtown Janesville. Food and sports go hand and hand, we have to know where to go get good grub while watching our favorite teams!
    What can we say about the Badgers basketball team? They're just good.
    The Milwaukee Bucks are hanging in there right around 500. Do they have potential to be a playoff team?
    Join Herb, Dadio, Joe, and other amusing characters live Saturday nights between 6-8pm!


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    Parenting. The humor, the crazy, the terrifying, the amusing.

    in Self Help

    Please join two crazy moms as we navigate parenting through different stages of motherhood. With one of us parenting a tween and two toddlers, while the other is parenting adults and enjoying a new empty nest. We will be tackiling everything from babies to adults and all the crazy in between. Let us share tips, tricks and advice on what has worked and what we are currently trying, to get through this crazy life as mommies with our sanity in tact. 

    How do you balance family and work? 

    How do you keep some sort of social life?

    Do you feel alone?

    Mommies need quiet time!

    Have you traded slacks for yoga pants and heels for Uggs?

    Are you sick of hearing the word MOM?

    Come, welcome to your safe zone. You are amongst friends and fellow crazy mommies here.

    Please join us Tuesday night as we share stories and the scary, crazy hilariousness that embodies motherhood.

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    The HyperSloth Happy Hour

    in Comedy

    Join us for rants and other inspiring BS!

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    February Boston Update

    in Politics Progressive

    As much as we in Boston and New England consider weather talk a sport, we're tired. In the past 10 days or so, we've had over five feet of snow, with no melting. It's Buffalo/Rochester levels and no longer amusing.

    With closed offices and many emergencies, potential guests here have begged off short-term. Expect some activist City Councilors and likely Boston's Mayor...when we stop being Thunder Bay South. 

    Meanwhile, I'll set the stage with some of the trends and issues. 

    Of course, there'll be more 2024 Summer Games. We've already had a couple of Olympics shows. More are likely. One Councilor, Josh Zakim, is mirroring United Independent Party head Evan Falchuk calling for a referendum on whether Boston should or may host the games. The UIP wants a statewide vote and Zakim a citywide one. The Boston vote would be nonbinding and would be on the November 2015 ballot, when the whole Council is up for election. That really squeezes Mayor Marty Walsh.

    Maybe more fun and only a little less loaded, if you pardon, a topic is the BYOB one from Councilors Steve Murphy and Michelle Wu to allow restaurants without liquor licenses to permit customers to bring their own wine or beer.  Sure, that's common in towns around here as well as in much of the country. I'll provide a little background on our Blue Laws, liquor-license caps, and such exotic counterpoints as South Carolina’s mini-bottle and liquor locker games. Culture and greed collude here.

    Maybe we can get to the failed (so far) effort to start a city commission to foster the interests of Black and Latino men and boys. The Council passed it unanimously and Walsh vetoed it. It already has something comparable for Black women and girls. This isn't over.


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    Amy Alkon & Dr. Verdolin: How to meet, date, & succeed with the partner you want

    in Psychology

    It's "Science News You Can Use" radio, with Amy Alkon and Dr. Jennifer Verdolin.

    If you've been bumping around in the dark in trying to get dates, not mess up the ones you do get, and maybe get into a relationship, tonight's show will lay out what science says you need to do to succeed in all of those areas. 

    About this show: This is a very special every-other-Sunday-night show with science-based advice columnist and author Amy Alkon and animal behaviorist and author Dr. Jennifer Verdolin laying out science news you can use to solve your relationship problems or just improve your relationships and have a better life. 

    And don’t forget to buy our science-based and amusing books -- supporting our show while entertaining yourself and learning a thing or two to improve your life. Amy’s new book is "Good Manners for Nice People Who Sometimes Say F*ck" and Jennifer’s is "Wild Connection: What Animal Courtship and Mating Tell Us about Human Relationships."

    Listen to this show every Sun, 7-8 pm PT, 10-11 pm ET, at blogtalkradio.com/amyalkon or subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher.




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    The HyperSloth Happy Hour

    in Comedy

    Join us for talking about stuff!

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    Getting Hammered with Steve Hamilton and Stevie J West - Feb 6, 2015

    in Politics Conservative

    It's Friday night and that means it time for Getting Hammered with Steve Hamilton and Stevie J West.  This week: What in the ever loving #$^%@$ Was President Obama thinking? Hey ISIS is killing people all over the place, but he has to choose a Prayer Breakfast to remind all the Christians out there that we're still responsible for the Big Bad Crusades...except...Not so much.  I guess the irony is lost on him a bit.

    Also. Did you know journalist sometimes LIE??? OMG, YES, even MSM big wigs like Brian Williams.  Oh say it ain’t so.  Thankfully, NBC has promised a full investigation, translated, cover your ass witch hunt.  Thank goodness...it’s Friday.

    Sports Illustrated decided to go all "throw a bone to anti-Barbie" crowd and featured a voluptuous, only slight photo shopped, woman almost wearing a skimpy bathing suit.  Saints be praised, big girls made the big time.  Only, not so much, yeah, we'll cover that.
    Finally, whatever strikes us as funny, amusing, of in the case of Hammy, eKnight worthy.  He might take on twitter douchecanoes in this week’s episode of "Damn mom, bring more cheesypoofs to the basement, I gots some girls with guns to hate on". 

    All that, and more. or less. who knows?  So grab a cold one and join us at the bar, it's Friday night and we're Getting Hammered!


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