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    The Farm To Consumer Legal Defense Fund With Special Guest Richard Cheatham

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    Join Joe Enroughty, Jeff Kleb, Alex Butler, and Jeffry Sanford on Monday, November 24th at 7pm Eastern, as they welcome Richard Cheatham to discuss the Farm To Consumer Legal Defense Fund. Richard is a long time Liberty activist and started the first Libertarian Supper Club in the Richmond, Virginia area. He is also a historical actor and speaker.  Highlights from the recent Midterm Elections will also be discussed.  An interesting show for sure, that you won't want to miss.

    Here are the links Richard Cheatham discussed with us on the show:

    Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund
    Institute for Justice - Food Freedom Project
    Baylen J. Linnekin
    Keep Food Legal Foundation
    3509 Connecticut Ave. NW, #1009
    Washington, DC 20008
    Phone: 202.594.3130
    Fax: 202.594.3129

    Weston A. Price Foundation 

    Joel Salatin's Polyface Farms
    Va Independent Consumers & Farmers Association

    Martha Bonita

    Living History Associates, Ltd.

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    Americas Favorite Dad

    in Relationships

    Join the hosts as they discuss the recent controversy surrounding Americas' favorite dad, Bill Cosby.

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    Formula One USGP Practice at The Circuit of the Americas

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    The teams were out on the track for practice today at, the Circuit of the Americas. Taking the helm during practice was the Mercedes AMG team, the 2014 constructors’ champions, with Lewis Hamilton slightly ahead of teammate Nico Rosberg. Both drivers experienced slight mechanical problems with Hamilton’s car, having the more significant of them. This left fans wondering, will the last three races come down to, reliability problems?

    The top five after FP2 were Hamilton, Rosberg, Alonso, Ricciardo, and Massa. Four-time champion and winner of the 2013 USGP Sebastian Vettel, was the slowest of the field and will start at the back of the grid in 18th, due to a gearbox change penalty. Daniel Ricciardo is the only driver who is still within striking distance of the driver’s championship, and was only 1.3 seconds behind leader, Lewis Hamilton.

    Valtteri Bottas with Williams-Martini did not go out in FP1, which allowed Williams test driver Felipe Nasr to make a run. Bottas finished 11th, but have not forgotten that this is the track where he gained his first championship points in 2013.

    Fans did not seem bothered by the absence of Caterham F1 and the Marussia teams. Both teams were placed under administration recently and only Marussia seems to have a ray of hope, for new buyers. This leaves a field of 18-cars for Sundays race. As several of the independent teams continue to struggle, some team principals are looking for changes to be made that will control cost and include more consideration for independent teams.

    The 18-car dilemma caused the format for qualifying to be altered. In a recent meeting, the stewards decided that the slowest 4-cars in Q1 will not take part in the session, and the slowest 4-cars in Q2 will be eliminated from taking part in Q3. If you are confused, email us at xiroxoneradio@mail.com and tell us what you think, they should have done.

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    Mastering Social Entrepreneurship With Malala Fund Co-Founder Shiza Shahid

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    Shiza Shahid is an entrepreneur and social activist currently CEO and co-founder of the Malala Fund, the organization representing the young Pakistani activist who was shot by the Taliban for her campaign for girls’ education. A graduate of Stanford University, Shiza was previously a business analyst at McKinsey & Company in the Middle East. She is now leading Malala Fund in its work to empower girls through education. Shiza was recently named one of TIME magazine’s “30 Under 30 World Changers” and to Forbes “30 Under 30″ list of social entrepreneurs.

    Show Sponsor: DreamItAlive.com is a global community guiding users to create their “dream life” with scientifically proven visualization tools, dreamboards® and personal development content.

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    Shannon Windle & Karen Vineis of Hidden Valley Wild Horse Protection Fund

    in Current Events

    Our guests tonight are Shannon Windle (President) and Karen Vineis (Head Trainer and Adoption Coordinator) of the Hidden Valley Wild Horse Protection Fund in Reno, Nevada.

    Hidden Valley Wild Horse Protection Fund is an all-volunteer registered 501( c )3 non-profit organization to protect and preserve the Wild Horses that settle in the foothills surrounding Hidden Valley during the winter months.  For over 20 years, volunteers have monitored herd health, grazing availability, provided attention to sick and injured horses and foals, aided in state run adoption processes, and installed and mended fencing and cattle guards.  Other volunteers are involved in ensuring federal and state departments are working within the statutes that provide protection and care for the Wild Horses.

    This group is currently trying to find adopters for Virginia Range Horses before the horses are sent to auction, where they could potentially be purchased by “kill buyers” and sent to slaughter.  Please visit the adoption link for Hidden Valley Wild Horse Protection Fund: www.wildhorseadoption.org

    This radio show is hosted by Debbie Coffey, Vice-President & Director of Wild Horse Affairs at Wild Horse Freedom Federation.

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    EZ TALK LIVE on EZ WAY BROADCASTING Peace Fund Games & Turbo Time

    in Entertainment

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING, From all of us at EWB


    Helps you interact with Hollywood! Chat with the celebrities live!



    Brought to you by 



    EZ WAY 411 - Eric Zuley is a 7 time award winner, congrassionally recognized and for his committee efforts and world wide awareness he had a award named after him from the MMPA and city and county of Los Angeles. Eric Z. has been a TV & Radio talk show host for over 7 years and currently is the founder of the WTV & EWB Network. EZ will be giving you all the updates and insight on how to connect with the stars. 

    EZ WAY CARES - The Peace Fund Games celebrity paintball games for charity.

    EZ TALK LIVE GUEST: 10:35 a.m. Adrian Paul founder of The Peace Fund & Peace Fund Games. Actor on TV Series Highlander. (WIN FREE TICKETS TO THE PEACE FUND GAMES)

    Turbo Time - Listen to Michael "Boogaloo Shrimp" aka Turbo from the Breakin Movie known all over the world for his famous broom seen, talk about where he is now on EWB. 

    Send us your music! We might play it on air Booking@ezwaybroadcasting.com


    Learn More

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    Open Space Trust Fund: Another Hit for NJ Taxpayers

    in Politics Conservative

    New Jerseyans will be asked to vote on an Open Space Trust Fund this Election Day - November 4th.

    If approved, it will cost voters $150 billion annually to preserve space in NJ and will result in an amendment to our state Constitution.

    While Open Space is a great concept, 30% of NJ is already preserved, with only 32% of the state developed.

    Those facts aside, NJ was just voted as the worst state for taxes, residents deal with some of the highest property taxes in the country and we have unfunded pension liabilities.  

    How much more taxation can the residents of NJ take?  Not much more because NJ also boasts one of the highest rates of residents fleeing the state due to over-taxation.

    Joining us to discuss the Open Space Trust Fund is Daryn Iwicki, NJ State Director for Americans for Prosperity.

    www.CommonSenseNJ.com                             Facebook

    Thank you to Montville Executive Suites for advertising with Common Sense NJ!

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    Skit: "Business Growing Down Fund"

    in Education

    Skit "Business Growning Down Fund Program" illustrates how funding can delay in business where it should be provided by the government as promised and how it affects the population, in particular, youth in Nigeria. No one may care but we sould at least pay attention to how youth are always unemployed in the Niger Delta and how the fund may be misused.  This leads to encourage youth leaving the country and, without having nothing to depend on, they commit crime.  You can read the script here.


    Hideko Nagashima.......................Mr. Greed & Mr. Suffer

    Gloobal Eco Talk Show is designed to convey difficult-to-understand problems in Nigeria such as witch-craft, corruption, lack of safety and the worst petroleum pollution in Africa to the International community in an aesthetic form so that people around the world can join solvinghe problems.  The regions contributes major cause of global warming and climate change. Our website: http://www.swacin.com

    Stay tuned!

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    Ask Miki North Americas Number 1 Celebrity Psychic Live!

    in Spirituality

    Join our live show with ''Miki'' North americas number 1 celebrity when we go one on one with our live callers on the air and real time chat room! What lies ahead all of us in regards to career, love, finanaces and health! Join us in this live to air with your questions to ''Out and About'' guest psychic Miki!

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    North Americas number 1 celebrity psychic Miki live to air!

    in Spirituality

    Join host brad joseph and ''Miki ''north americas number 1 celebrity psychic when we answer the questions that you might have. Whether it be love, romance, career, finances Miki will try and address those concerns with her vast spirtuality knowledge. Live to air with real time chat we want to hear from you! mention that you heard this show out adn about town and receive a 10.00 discount on your reading when you call Miki. Only this station offers you this deal. Connect with Miki on her website at http://askmiki.ca

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    What Does It Mean to “Fund” A Trust, and Why Is Funding So Important?

    in Legal

    You’ve probably heard about the benefits of the different types of trusts that can be created in estate planning.  But your work isn’t done just because you’ve finalized and signed your trust.  For a trust to function property, it must be “funded.”  But what does it mean to “fund” a trust, and why is the funding process so important?  This podcast with Heather Walser will answer these questions and more. 

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