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    Is the Divorce Rate on the Decline ?

    in Romance

    Join us as we explore this topic whch recently in the News stated "Yes" Divorce is on the Decline find out why via our Panel Discussion featuring special Guest Dr. William J. Doherty is an educator, researcher, therapist, speaker, author, consultant, and community organizer.  He will be on along with other special invited guests and Host Mike T. to tackle this very intriguing topic. 
    Be sure to tell a friend and join in the discussion - call in at 347-539-5729.   To advertise on ths or any of The Love Zone USA episodes email sales@masterpiececorp.com


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    Americas Favorite Dad

    in Relationships

    Join the hosts as they discuss the recent controversy surrounding Americas' favorite dad, Bill Cosby.

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    Formula One USGP Practice at The Circuit of the Americas

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    The teams were out on the track for practice today at, the Circuit of the Americas. Taking the helm during practice was the Mercedes AMG team, the 2014 constructors’ champions, with Lewis Hamilton slightly ahead of teammate Nico Rosberg. Both drivers experienced slight mechanical problems with Hamilton’s car, having the more significant of them. This left fans wondering, will the last three races come down to, reliability problems?

    The top five after FP2 were Hamilton, Rosberg, Alonso, Ricciardo, and Massa. Four-time champion and winner of the 2013 USGP Sebastian Vettel, was the slowest of the field and will start at the back of the grid in 18th, due to a gearbox change penalty. Daniel Ricciardo is the only driver who is still within striking distance of the driver’s championship, and was only 1.3 seconds behind leader, Lewis Hamilton.

    Valtteri Bottas with Williams-Martini did not go out in FP1, which allowed Williams test driver Felipe Nasr to make a run. Bottas finished 11th, but have not forgotten that this is the track where he gained his first championship points in 2013.

    Fans did not seem bothered by the absence of Caterham F1 and the Marussia teams. Both teams were placed under administration recently and only Marussia seems to have a ray of hope, for new buyers. This leaves a field of 18-cars for Sundays race. As several of the independent teams continue to struggle, some team principals are looking for changes to be made that will control cost and include more consideration for independent teams.

    The 18-car dilemma caused the format for qualifying to be altered. In a recent meeting, the stewards decided that the slowest 4-cars in Q1 will not take part in the session, and the slowest 4-cars in Q2 will be eliminated from taking part in Q3. If you are confused, email us at xiroxoneradio@mail.com and tell us what you think, they should have done.

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    SAR97 Public Broadcast | Episode 10 | SAR97 is disappointed in the decline!!!

    in Video Games

    SAR97 Public Broadcast
    Hosted ever Wednesday and Saturday at 10:00 pm Central Time

    Hosted by: SAR97

    Epsoide Info: SAR97 is disappointed in the decline of people listen to SAR97 Pulibc Broadcast!!! SAR97 is in final count down to the Presdintal Election and will be hosting a interview. with two countries!!!!!

    Disclaimer:  If you want on you must tell the first 6 numbers of you telphone (123-456-xxxx) for you get accepted where we know who you are. To talk to the host in IRC either go to #CSA or PM him!!!! English only, no other language's will be accepted.

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    Ask Miki North Americas Number 1 Celebrity Psychic Live!

    in Spirituality

    Join our live show with ''Miki'' North americas number 1 celebrity when we go one on one with our live callers on the air and real time chat room! What lies ahead all of us in regards to career, love, finanaces and health! Join us in this live to air with your questions to ''Out and About'' guest psychic Miki!

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    North Americas number 1 celebrity psychic Miki live to air!

    in Spirituality

    Join host brad joseph and ''Miki ''north americas number 1 celebrity psychic when we answer the questions that you might have. Whether it be love, romance, career, finances Miki will try and address those concerns with her vast spirtuality knowledge. Live to air with real time chat we want to hear from you! mention that you heard this show out adn about town and receive a 10.00 discount on your reading when you call Miki. Only this station offers you this deal. Connect with Miki on her website at http://askmiki.ca

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    What's going on ? Will 2015 be Blood Shed in the Americas ?

    in Spirituality

    The adoption of the Declaration of Independence—237 years ago today—can sometimes feel like an event not just from another time, but from another world. As depicted in John Trumbull’s now-iconic 19th-century painting of the founding fathers in Philadelphia, collectively creating the framework for the nation’s revolutionary political system, such an act of open rebellion by prominent, wealthy and established figures is literally inconceivable to most living Americans.

    The Revolutionary War, raging at that time, saw men young and old answer the Colonies’ call to fight the British redcoats. In their allegiance to the ideals of liberty, these rough troops — illustrated in countless paintings and drawings known to history students everywhere — shouldered the monumental task of defending a nation that was, in many respects, not yet truly born.

    But as alien as that epoch might feel, time and again we’re reminded that the past is not always as distant as it so often seems.

    In fact, some veterans who survived the Revolutionary War prospered well into their eighties, nineties and sometimes even beyond 100, living long enough to not only witness, but become part of, the era of the photograph.

    First daguerreotypes, and then glass-plate negatives became popular in the 1840s and 1850s; by 1853, some 70 years after the great and improbable American victory over the British, more than 3 million daguerreotypes a year were being produced in the United States alone.

    As these photographic means developed, and the generation that experienced the Revolution firsthand continued to dwindle, a desire to document these men — a rapidly vanishing, living link with history — emerged.


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    Americas man of vision

    in Christianity

    Welcome to America's man of vision

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    GTN & the Americas Update!

    in Culture

    Wyly & Candice Gammon give a GTN update in the Americas!

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    Americas Got Talent's Very Own Quintavious Johnson

    in Entertainment

    The Zion Da Fro Show "real teen talk from a real teen perspective"

    #Gottoknow: October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Salute to all of the Breast Cancer Survivors. This is especially important to me because my mom has been a survivor for 5 months now.

    #Talk it up: Tonight I have my boy all the way from Tennessee, Quinavious Johnson. As many of you all may know Quintavious Johnson was one of the top 6 finalist on the hit TV show "Americas Got Talent".  Quintavious Johnson is a 12 year old singing sensation that is making a name for himself all across America. He has had the opportunity to sing on stage with non other than the talented, Grammy award winnig Jennifer Hudson. Quintavious commanded America's attention with his heart fealt voice. Quintavious is not just known for his strong voice, he is known for his outgoing personality. I already know that he is on his way to the top were he is destined to be. 

    Follow me on instagram: http://instagram.com/ziondafroshow    Twitter: https://twitter.com/IamZionDaFro

  • Americas Most Unwanted - Bruce R Wilkison

    in Current Events

    This week on the proram we will be looking at the hunt for Bruce Wilkinson.Suspectted of being in the Tampa area of Florida. His list of crimes is long, mostly involving guns and drugs.On the program will be the agents actively involved in the hunt. They might be getting a tad bit cranks as they have not had much sleep for several days

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