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    Murray Pura's American Civil War Series - Cry of Freedom"

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    The authors of this best-selling series are up to Volume 10!
    L.H. Hjalmarson is author of "Volume 10 - To Paint A Sunrise"
    Six-year-old Liza has little understanding of her status as a slave. Naturally eager to please, she has lived in the grand plantation house of Norbury Estate and been treated as the doll of the planter’s daughter for as long as she can remember. As 1862 rolls along, however, and tensions surrounding slavery come to a head outside of New Orleans, Louisiana, Liza finds herself transformed into a symbol in a brave campaign to prove that the significance of skin colour runs little deeper than a coat of paint.
    Lauren Helena Hjalmarson is a Canadian Icelandic woman with a background in acting for live theatre. Currently she is working on a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at UBC in Kelowna, British Columbia, and her major is Interdisciplinary Performance. Through this program she is furthering her skills in the fields of devised theatre, creative writing, and illustration. Lauren’s writing credits include journalism, marketing work, and articles for magazines. This is her first published piece of fiction, and her first foray into mixing history with imagination. She looks forward to producing further work, and hopes to write particularly for young audiences.
    150 years ago the history of America changed forever. Live 1863 through the stories of some of our finest writers – the passion, the romance, the tragedy, and the triumph.
    It’s all here in one of the most dramatic series ever produced. A new story by a different author released every two weeks between April and November. Join us for one of the most exciting events in American inspirational publishing – Helping Hands Press presents CRY OF FREEDOM!

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    POLITICAL ANIMALS--  Sanitazing Hillary's History--CLINTON CON


    Audio educational historical extract=--Some of the things that the world doesn't know or remember about the Nazis and Japanese attempt to build a nuclear bomb

    POLITICAL LEXICON----Linguistic legacy originating in the American Civil War

    CARPETBAGGER---SCALAWAG!---Who these people are toda



    April 13th Births-Deaths & Events relevant to US(a)


    Upcoming audio Interviews--& AMICUSVERITAS YOUTUBE VIDEOS

    In preparation--Archiving for the web  Hard copies THE BEST OF VERITAS USA!

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    The Battle of Cedar Creek: "Brothers in War"

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    Custer's Luck Radio Show host Jean Barto discusses the Battle of Cedar Creek and George Armstrong Custer's actions during and after the battle 

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    Chinese Heroes of the American Civil War: Blue & Gray

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    Please welcome Henry Huie Jung M.Ed, Ed.D, (University of Mass., Amherst), Somerville, MA.
    Mr. Jung is the author of Chinese Heroes of the American Civil War: Blue & Gray.
    He is self-proclaimed as not being a "Civil War buff" as such, but the participation of Chinese men in this very major American event attracted his attention (he had served in the U.S. military--Vietnam).  Mr. Jung's doctoral dissertation (1985) was on Chinese-American men and "kung-fu" movies. His first knowledge of one Chinese soldier, Edward Day Cohota, was last year when he and his wife visited the Cape Ann Museum in Gloucester, MA---there was a photo of the middle-aged Cohota and his elderly adopted father in the room displaying the wealthy Day family memories.
    Mr. Jung will also talk about his presentation at Somerville Public Library on April 11th.
    I hope you join us for this significant discussion.

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    Civil Chat with Lee Manic Monday looks at Today's Trending Stories

    in Politics Progressive

    Civil Chat with Lee looks at U2 finishing up at the Forum in Los Angeles. What are the best concerts you've attending thus far? Lindsey Graham announces his run for president. Do you care? Rep. Kinzinger says Assad caused Isis not GOP, Bruce Jenner is officially a woman now in Vanity Fair. Your thoughts? NRA claims Obama is stigmatizing Mentally Ill and Domestic Abusers by not letting them have guns. Whaaaaa??/

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    Civil Chat wit Lee looks at Saturday Day Fever

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    CIvil Chat with Lee looks at the following:  1. Is the GOP running too many candidates? Who do YOU think is the frontrunners? 2.  IS the Democratic party in trouble by JUST having Hilary as their only viable frontrunner?  3. Will the GOP be able to get the necessary minority vote to pose a threat? Why do minorities vote against their own best interests and vote Republican?  4. Who do you want for president?  5. What SHOULD Obama do with his remaining time in office? 

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    the Free American

    in Education

     Joshua Daniels is my guest http://www.sealionsfoundation.com/http://www.sealionsfoundation.com/

    To Keep this show on the air go to www.freeamerican.com and make a donation. Also see www.shop.freeamerican.com to order clay's books, magazines and films.

                    There are two very distinct ideologies playing out today in the court of public opinion. On one hand, the future rebels are adept at exposing the loss of national sovereignty and civil liberties every chance they get. Conversely, the globalist dominated media is spending billions of dollars to convince the masses that there is no such thing as a conspiracy theory and despite some governmental incompetence, the government loves and protects its people. And the globalists are being somewhat effective. Have you ever noticed that when you are describing a globalist inspired conspiracy such as what happened at Benghazi, and no matter how well documented your position is, that your audience frequently responds with the globalist-created mantra “You must be one of these conspiracy theorists?” Our facts are rarely attacked because they are accurate, but the idea of the existence of any kind of conspiracy is what is challenged. This kind of programming coming from the media is brilliant and effective. Who is winning this war of words? The jury is still out, but the unmistakable conclusion is that the ideological battle lines for the upcoming conflict have clearly been drawn.


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    TGIF edition of Civil Chat with Lee looks at what's trending on this TGIF

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    Civil Chat with Lee looks at what's trending on this TGIF and also ISIS, Rand Paul's comments on ISIS. Who's really to blame? Lee looks at the inception of ISIS from the beginning, the point of "coming out" and who the players are in this party of barbaric ruthless terrorists.  Is it Obama? Is it Bush? Both? How has the Middle East factions and civil holy wars contributed to the rise of ISIS? Syria? The Kurds? Iran? 

    Lee will also look at where Common Core is today in Ameican Education.

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    Memorial Day, a United States Federal holiday, is observed each year on the last Monday in May. This day is in honor and remembrance of all men and woman who have died while serving in the United States Armed Forces.

    Originating after the American Civil War and formally known as Decoration Day, it began as a day to commemorate the Union and Confederated soldiers who had died during the Civil War and a way of healing the nation. Memorial Day was extended by the twentieth century to honor all American soldiers who had died while in military service.

    Your Money Your Matters focuses on how to achieve lasting memories. We discuss everything from debt management to life experiences. We explore what tools are available to help consumers better manage their personal finances, and we answer your personal questions.

    Your Money. Your Matters is a weekly show broadcasting every Tuesday from 11 a.m. to noon Central Time, featuring radio personalities Rick Grady, Cornerstone Credit Union League, Todd Mark, Navicore Solutions, and Jenny Stewart, Consumer Credit Counseling Services. Plus we have a wide cadre of guests that join us.

    Each week, we discuss financial issues that are most importance to consumers. Tune in; share your thoughts; and gain helpful advice.


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    The War Against The Word Part 1

    in Education

    Harvest Time Alert is a Cutting Edge Radio Show. We are strong Anti - New World Order. Our goal is to show how the NWO is fast reaching the point of controlling everything in our lives from cradle to the grave. Vaccines, GMOs, gun control, fluoride, chemtrails, the UN, Agenda 21, thimerosal, aspartame and the list goes on and on, are all part of their control over us. We will show you how all these things are being used to fulfill Bible Prophecy written thousands of years ago. We will be bringing you real news and talking about subjects you will not hear or read on CNN, NBC, FOX or any other form of Government controlled mainstream media.

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    #ToadToOmaha Strikes As Frogs Beat N.C. State 9-8 in Epic Comeback

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    Marshall and Jamie hop on to give first reactions to TCU's stunning comeback win over N.C. State to advance to the Super Regionals against Texas A&M.