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    Truths Paranormal Radio Show - Damon & Daryl Penney Co Host Rachael Darby

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    On this weeks show the teams are talking mythical creatures and legends. The teams will address the different cultures that belive in these animals and why they are refered to as ABC sightings. They will also talk about the many different creatures and legends that are out there and there back story. 

    If you wish to have your say come through to the studio by clicking the skype link above the player and following the on screen prompts. 

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    Truths Paranormal Radio Show - Damon & Daryl Penney Co Host Rachael Darby

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    This week the teams are carrying on from last week inviting paranormal people and teams on to the show to pick there brains and find out what they do and why they do it. If you wish to join us on the show then contact one if the hosts of the show through Facebook and we can bring you into the show.

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    Evidence for an Exodus: Sermon Jam (you don't want to miss)

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    Sermon jam tonight with Pastor Stephen Darby called Evidence for an Exodus.

    Exodus chapter 1 shows a parallel of blacks in America and hebrews.
    He says in the vid that he needs more conclusive study, he did read an book called from Timbuktu that explains us from Israel were sent to Africa. He makes the point "you must know Christ to avoid hell, wether you are from Africa or not. "Come let us deal wisely with them . unless they multiply" is the specific scripture he referenced to. He explains how we have over 400+ years in unpaid wages. He says the government says "we must deal wisely with them" as it states in exodus 1. We are the only ppl they wont pay, germans pay the jews, etc. He explains the resistance of blacks is due to the refusal to pay us our die wages. He says the whole civil war wasn't for us, it was for the ability to keep slaves. The industrial complex/correction center was created for control of black ppl. He mentions how bill cosby was taken to the bottom in 48 hours after being exposed, though bill clinton been doing it for years. They took the only father figure we ever had and took this man to use to destroy the memories we have of the only family most blacks respected. The girls got paid for this. He may have done it, but all these years he was on tv as a clean respectable black man , they wait til the killings of blacks to release this. Welfare program was created to destroy men in the family as bread winner. In 1979 50% were born out of wedlock prior to welfare it was 3%. Today its 73% without a dad in home. Dr juel oneal found that the more years a child is on welfare lowers the iq. 
    He said the great exodus will happen after the system fails in america.  The control over black people is to make us forget where we come from how they brought us to this point and how the exodus is going to begin. 

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    Truths Paranormal Radio Show - Damon & Daryl Penney Co Host Rachael Darby

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    On this weeks show the teams have dedicated the show to showcasing the talent that is hidden in the paranormal world. We have invited teams and people who work with the paranormal along to join us this week so we can hear what they have been doing and what they have planned for the future. We will get tip from these people and find out why and how they work with the paranormal.

    If you do wish to get involved then contact the teams via facebook.

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    Who is better: Memphis Grizzlies or Golden State Warriors?

    in Basketball

    The best record in the NBA is now shared by the Memphis Grizzlies and the Golden State Warriors, thanks to Stephen Curry finally sinking a game-winning 3-pointer for the 'Dubs to give them a victory over the Orlando Magic last night.

    At 15-2, the teams sit atop the Western Conference. Both were highly regarded coming into this season, but neither was expected to get off to a start this good. We will get to judge them against each other in a little more than two weeks when they lay each other for the first time.

    So until then, we debate.

    The Warriors have a 10-game winning streak and lead the NBA in point differential at 10.0 per game; while the Grizzlies are third in point differential at 8.1 and take a five-game winning streak into tonight's game against the Houston Rockets.

    Golden State's two losses came back-to-back against the Phoenix Suns and the San Antonio Spurs back on Nov. 9 and Nov. 11. The Grizzlies two defeats came Nov. 8 at Milwaukee and Nov. 19 at Toronto.

    The Grizzlies are 11-0 against the West, and I have Marc Gasol leading Stephen Curry in the latest edition of my weekly MVP rankings. 

    I talked about the Grizzlies, the Warriors, and the merits of Gasol vs. Curry in the MVP race in this interview with Gary Darby on "The Eric Hasseltine Show" on 92.9 ESPN Radio in Memphis. Enjoy.

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    Money Is God! not AmenRa, Allah, Yahweh, or Jesus

    in Culture

    Dr.Nebkheperure goes in deep into the use of Money and how it control people instead of people controlling it.

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    Are You Thankful?

    in Culture

    Dr.Nebkheperure teaches on being Thankful.

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    Truths Paranormal Radio Show - Damon & Daryl Penney Co Host Rachael Darby

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    This week the teams are doing a mini paranormal report. They will be analysing all the facebook evidence and photos floating around in cyberspace and debunking them along with the videos. If you have evidence you want to put forward contact the teams on facebook. 

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    B&R Radio's The Last Stand with Joe Hakos and Brandon Darby

    in Politics Conservative

    Our guest tonight is Joe Hakos of The Dryer Report. The website is and will always be operating BECAUSE of Government’s excessive intrusion into John Q. Public’s Pursuit of Life, Liberty and Happiness.

    Brandon Darby joins us in the second half. He is Managing Director and collumnist of Breitbart Texas. He is a former anarchist turned FBI informant after learning of plans to disrupt GOP Convention in 2008 by any means necessary. Tonight we will talk a little about this and some of the people in Ferguson today. 

    This week we might have more time to visit. Calls are more than welcome and encouraged for tonight's show. We will have a few things to knock around I am sure. After all we still have the same marxists attempting to destroy our country, unrest in Ferguson, immigrants flooding our border, President "Sound Byte"(© by Vito Esposito), etc.

    If you know of a subject that we should be talking about or a guest that we should have on get in touch with @GulfDogs or @smokie_tx on twitter and let us know. We will see what we can do. This show is for us all. We are just the ones on the air. 

    Thanks for your continued support. We do really appreciate you all taking time out of your Sundays to tune in and take part in the chat room. 



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    "Cafe cubano" and some Thanksgiving recipes with Sonia & Marta

    in Food

    Guest:  Sonia Martinez, author of "Tropical Taste" & Marta Verdes Darby, editor of "My big fat Cuban family" blog, join us for a discussion of "Cafe Cubano" & Thanksgiving recipes.

    We will talk about "cafe cubano" and share a recipe for Thanksgiving.

    Check out our new sponsor:   AUDIBLE.COM  (www.audibletrial.com/cantotalk.)

    Looking for a good book?  Check out my book: 


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    Declaring Your Personal Manifesto

    in Self Help

    If you went to the edge of what you belief in, where would you end up?  

    If you’re curious – good!   Let’s take you to the edge of what you believe in and declare your Personal Manifesto!

    A Personal Manifesto is a combination of your beliefs and commitment to the world about how you intend to show up, live your life, and make your mark. Join host, Angela Loëb, to learn about the whys and hows – why do you want a Personal Manifesto, and how do you compose one? Get some tips and hear some helpful examples too (including Angela's).  

    Featuring the music of Gina Darby: Brave Time from the CD Ground To Sky.

    Resource links for the episode:

    Show Music by Doom Dance

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