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    Amen Ankh Ask an Urban Farmer- Poetry

    in Current Events

    Green Griot Gathering at Amen Ankh Farms represents a collections of Poetry and Spoken Word from Queen Mother Nuta Beqsu, A local Teacher, Grower and Health and Wellness Practitioner. She is cultivating a small Farm called Amen Ankh Urban Farm, nestled around the Amen Par Ankh (Sacred Temple of Life) a santuary for Health and Wellness, peace, study and family development. 

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    AMEN, AMEN AND AMEN: What Goes on in the Word Amen

    in Christianity

    The word 'Amen' holds power that needs to be made aware of.  When you say Amen there needs to be a flow of attitude that goes with it.  I hope that I can up life some souls as I mister the word of God to make a point that when the truth is understood a belief takes over ones body, mind and soul in confidence.  It is in that confidence of the Word of God we live our lives and all goes well.

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    Amen Communications Presents: Mr. Allen Glass aka Abdul N Karim

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    Amen Ankh Academy Presents: CHRISTIANITY OR ISLAM? by Mr. Allen Glass aka Abdul N Karim.  Mr. Glass is not only an accomplished electrical contractor, but a fine author. We will have the chance to meet Mr. Glass as we invite you and welcome you to join the live discussion with your questions and comments.

    Call in live at 347-989-8509 you can post your comments on our chat on Blogtalk or our social network on facebook and email: amen-comm@live.com for more information on obtaining a copy of your book:


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    Amen Ankh Black and Green Lifestyles

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    Black and Green  Lifestyles- Real Talk Experiences with Real people

    Today- Julian Love shares his own Vegan life Journey

  • Amen Alone Is Good!

    in Culture

    Hosted by Amen Re MenetHoupe. The Neter Sesen Book 6 Verse 6: Nothing is stronger than He, that He should be opposed by it; nor nothing equal to Him, that he should be in love with it; nothing unheard of to be angry, with nothing wiser to be envious at.

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    Dr. Rkhty Amen The Teacher of Teacher`s

    in Culture

    Dr. Rkhty spent many years as a community activist in Chicago. She attended Chicago City Colleges, The University of Illinois as an undergraduate, Spertus College of Jewish Studies, and then received a full Four-year Fellowship to the University of Chicago, Oriental Institute (This is the leading School of Egyptology in the United States) to study in the PhD program in Egyptology.

    While in Chicago, she began working with Dr. Jacob Carruthers and others at North Eastern College.  A group of them founded the Kemetic Institute, and later founded the Kemetic Temple of Chicago.  Rkhty was initiated as a Priestess-Hmt Ntr of the temple.  Among the many things that she did at the Kemetic Institute was teaching Mdu Ntr (Egyptian Hieroglyphs), and directing and teaching in the Institutes Adult and Children’s programs.

    Dr. Rkhty also taught Egyptian Hieroglyphs at North Eastern College in Chicago for two years. She has been an Instructor of Mdu Ntr now for 25, years teaching privately and hosting workshops on the language and other related topics.

    In 1983, Dr. Rkhty spent four months in Senegal West Africa working and visiting with the renowned African historian Dr. Chiek Anta Diop. Later she translated two of his books from French to English. Rkhty was a founding member of The Association for the Study of Classical African Civilizations (ASCAC) in 1983.

    In 1985, she moved to New York to teach Hieroglyphs at City College of New York.  While in New York Rkhty established ASCAC study groups and was a regular speaker at First World, a community lecture forum in Harlem.  She became a popular much-demanded lecturer, being one of a few African American experts on Mdu Ntr language and at that time the only woman lecturing on the subject of Kemet. She has lectured and continues to lecture on a variety of topics relating to ancient Africa and Kemet at Universities and Colleges all over the US and overseas.

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    Amen Ra Illumination

    in Culture

    Amen Maat Ra will discuss his book and Kemetic philosophy.  We will also build on Kemetic overstanding of nationality.  

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    Amen Ankh Farm's Ask An Urban Farmer 071914

    in Current Events

    Amen Ankh Urban Farm's Ask an Urban Farmer With your hostess: Nuta Beqsu Mosley. Helpful Hints, History and Health Community Call-In Show using the Power of a cell phone in the palm of everyone's hand! Feel free to call and ask your questions and share your comments and suggestions on Food, health, Growing, and ecology.# (646)668-8941 Check out and chat on Facebook and our blog at: http://amen-parankh.blogspot.com Carver Day, Urban Outdoors,

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    SRWM ~ Amen Goes Right There

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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Find Something to thank God for! Listen to Empowering Your Mind ~ Get Going and Don't Slow Down! PLAYBACK Is Ready Click Here --->> Keep Going!
    Believers in Business! Get Information on how to Grow You and Build your Business/Ministry/FUTURE!  Grow You and Grow Your Team! Audio PLAYBACK: (712) 775 7089 Access Code: 479358#

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    Amen Ankh Ask an Urban Farmer 071214

    in Lifestyle

    Live call in and Talk show ask about current events pertaining to farming in the metro areas. Vacant lots, raised beds, Herbal knowledge- Call in on your phone to listen at (646)6688941 every saturday at 9:30am Amen Ankh Urban Farms Green Griot Gathering DVD please view our Blog- http://amen-parankh.blogspot.com amen.parankh@gmail.com, amen.ankh@live.com 

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    Amen Communications Social Network Show -Sterling Brown

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    Amen Communications Social Network Show

    Listen to my show at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/amencommunications/2014/08/01/amen-communication-social-network-show - Amen Communications Social Network Show! Call in Live

    347-989-8509 at 6pm this Friday- Discussion/ Interview with Mr. Sterling Brown.-http://sterlinglbrown.com/ 

    running for Jackson County Legislator District 2 in the up and coming November Elections.

    Sharing Current Events Topics, Spoken Word, and Music -Using Social Networking- Local, National and International. Live Discussions/ Interviews Call in Live at 6pm-(347)989-8509
    Live and direct from the pulse of the US in the Digital Underground with an Afrikan Centered perspective. Or listen and chat online With Live Field Correspondents To be a guest or host call: 816-304-7240 or email: amen-comm@live.com.