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    A historic spot in a historic city, the Ames Hotel is the closest property to the Freedom Trail. Learn how it blends 21st century amenities with 19th century ambience when Brian McGrath and Mark Feinberg visit with Dan Schlossberg and Christine Tibbetts Thursday, May 22, at 8p EDT via iTunes and BlogTalkRadio.com.

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    The Week In Reviews - Sontaag

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    In the grand tradition of high concept progressive rock comes an epic cross-media hybrid where cerebral science fiction meets visceral rock ‘n’ roll. Sontaag’s eponymous debut album has been described as ‘the space opera that Pink Floyd never wrote’, ‘a modern-day Tubular Bells’, ‘a prog-rock War Of The Worlds’, but no reference point or sound-bite nails its seamless combination of space rock, narrative spoken word, and evocative ambience quite as neatly as ‘sonic cinema’. Recorded in New York City and London, co-produced and mixed by Youth (Killing Joke, The Fireman) for Big Life Management, ‘Sontaag’ is a stunning and immersive listening experience. An evolutionary progression combining cutting edge sounds with classic dynamics, adapting the rock experience for today’s digital environment.

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    Newbie Update: Ambience Consulting Group

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    Listen in for an update on how a brand new business owner is progressing in her journey toward financial freedom.
    Dominique Sanders holds an MBA, has worked overseas in the education field, and traveled all over Europe before age 30.
    Tonight we'll discuss the details of her start, unexpected perils, and her first dollar of profit.
    Tell a friend. Share the show.
    HomBaBiz radio.

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    The Just Steph Show

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    Just Steph talks about what's to come for her listeners.  She explains her show concept and how Just Steph will take listeners by the hand and show them a life worth living.  Just Steph is that Italian Boston girl moved south with attitude and a sick sense of humor.

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    Songtress Toni Redd is an internationally known powerhouser performer and entertainer. Though regarded as a smooth R&B singer, Redd is an intense vocalist whose style is infused with R&B, contemporary smooth jazz, and classical soul.  These elements combined create her unique and distinct ambience.  Her current CD "Catchin The Redd Eye" has been well received internationally and chronicled in several jazz reviews.

     In her illustrious career, she has had the honor of performing and sharing concert billing with many great artists including, but not limited to ; Najee, The Rippingtons, The Temptations, Fattburger, Chico Debarge, The Stylistics, and Angela Bofill just to name a few.  Toni is also a repeat command featured artist at various jazz celebrations including The Maui and Atlanta Jazz Festivals. 

    She is an all-around performer and actress whose voice can be heard on National Commercial jingles, while her singing talents have garnered her nominations for Best Jazz Vocalist, Best Video, and Best song for the Black Women in Jazz awards. 

    Join me as I chat with Toni about being a Black Woman in Jazz, the current climate in the industry for real female singers, and more.  GIVEAWAY: I also have 3 autographed CD's to giveaway to her lucky fans.  Call in, and stay tuned!


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    Attention: What Are Living Benefits

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    Living Benefits are an insurance product that allows you to dip into the proceeds during your life.  Since private senior housing (Indendent/Assisted Living & Memory Care) start at $2,000/month.  What if you pick a community with more ambience and care, which might cost up to $10,000.  How will you fund this expence?
    Richard DelValle is a reknowed Distribution Specialist with Five Ring Financial, who will explain this cutting edge product.
    Tune in 11/7 @ 10am MT.

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    Scottscope Talk Radio 9/14/2013: Enter The Dragon!

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    This week, Scottscope Talk Radio will be having a belated 40 anniversary celebration for Enter The Dragon.  Has its reputation grown or diminished over the last four decades?  Have fans and zealots overstated its impact?  How much of a debt does it owe to Dr. No?   Why didn’t 5 Fingers of Death achieve quite the same level of notoriety?  Was the casting of Jim Kelly merely an obvious attempt to cash-in on the Blaxploitation craze?  Are any of the legendary behind-the-scenes actually true? 
    We’ll also be celebrating the 30 anniversary of Wild Style.  Is it truly the first Hip-Hop film ever released?  Is it still culturally relevant, or is it merely an antiquated artifact from a bygone era?  Does it accurately reflect the mood and ambience of the time?  Were all elements of Hip-Hop culture featured prominently?  Were rappers and DJ’s just part of the musical backdrop?  Have the contributions of Puerto Rican Americans (Such as Wild Style’s protagonist, Zorro) been overlooked when recounting Hip-Hop’s history.  Can Beat Street be considered nothing more than a glossy hybrid of Wild Style and Style Wars? 
    Lastly, we’ll be celebrating the 30 anniversary of Eddie Murphy: Delirious.  Is it the single greatest stand-up comedy performance of all time?  Just what made it so revolutionary?  Was Eddie the first of a new breed?  Are the comparisons between him and Richard Pryor somewhat unfounded?  Are his observations regarding AIDS and homosexuality truly offensive, or have modern audiences become way too sensitive?  Have any modern comedians carried on the traditions established by Delirious?     

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    Golden Age Psychic Travel Show – Java Love

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    Join Andrew Aloha "Live" On “The Golden Age Psychic Travel Show” Featuring Java Love Cafe Coffee Roasters with Owner Dotan Lior & Astrologer Andrew Aloha
    FriNite, 9 August 2013 From 7 – 8:30pm AZT On Spiritual Image Production’s BlogTalkRadio
    Join radio show host Andrew Aloha “Live” on “The Golden Age Psychic Travel Show” as we introduce you to business establishments and vendors, then do psychic readings on them afterwards. This month we’re featuring Java Love Cafe Coffee Roasters, one of Sedona’s local coffee houses – the only place in the area to get freshly roasted coffee (right on the premises), live entertainment, and free wireless internet with your breakfast and lunch. Come relax, enjoy their unique ambience, incredible artwork, awesome fresh coffee and delicious food and drink.....for more on this story go to www.spiritualimageproductions.com/The_Golden_Age_Psychic_Travel_Show
    For more on the Java Love Cafe Coffee Roasters go to www.javalovesedona.com
    For More Visit Us @ www.spiritualimageproductions.com/SIP_divine_events
    WORLD TRANSMISSION MEDITATION GROUP, FRIDAYS, 2 – 4pm, CONFERENCE CALL ONLY! www.spiritualimageproductions.com/ConferenceCallsPromo
    LifeSource @ http://lifesourcefusion.3dcartstores.com/?AffId=4
    Female Orgasm Secrets Revealed @ www.gabriellemoore.com/for/atrivino
    Blessings, Andrew Aloha

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    LOTL Welcomes Cleveland P. Jones,debut "Ace of Hearts "

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     Cleveland P. Jones, as he found his voice independent of the über-talented Sirour. With Ace of Hearts, listeners will get to hear an unabashed Jones and only Jones as the Berklee grad here serves as writer/producer/arranger and star of his own raw solo debut LP. But, can Jones do it all well? Better yet, after setting such a high bar with Sirour, can he make us believe he can do it all too?
    As artists from Al Green to The Gap Band have illustrated, the artistic road to finding one’s own distinctive sound can be a long and varied one. With Sirour’s productions, the South Carolina born and Boston-trained male singer with the androgynous voice found his ample instrument set in a lush bed of atmospheric jazzy soul thick with city lights’ ambience and indigo moods. That the covers of Little Dragon and Nat King Cole, respectively, in “Twice” and “Nature Boy,” and the original single, “Sensitive,” all had such an indelible and distinctive personalities all their own but still were so undeniably Cleveland P. Jones, they might have given listeners the impression that Jones had already found his sound and there was more from that specific ladle to come

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    Rebecca Perl is a singer/songwriter from the exotic tropical paradise we call Long Island, New York. Her music falls within the acoustic/light rock genre, with a blues twang. Rebecca brings a brand new feel and an original vibe to the female acoustic music scene. Rebecca grew up in a very musical environment where music had become such a deep rooted part of who she was and is today. Rebecca began playing the guitar, singing and songwriting at age 13. She put her first band together in 2010, where her simple acoustic songs transformed into rock music. Shortly after, Rebecca began exploring new ways to evolve her acoustic songs with the integration of sax and bass guitar.. It turned out that the blues ambience was exactly what she was looking for. It finally began to make sense. As a trio, she has conquered performing all over the New York City and Long Island area and bringing the music complexity from the past into the popular music of today. She has played in venues such as Irving Plaza, Highline Ballroom, Hiro Ballroom, The Bitter End, Ollie’s Point, Le Poisson Rouge, Dominion, Wicked Willy’s, Arlene’s Grocery, and many many more. She was recently honored to sing the national anthem for her hometown team, the NY Islanders. She has toured with Ryan Cabrera, Olivia Newton-John, Aaron Carter, and more!

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    Toni Redd

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    April 16 - Vocal Sensation - Toni Redd
    Georgian born songstress, Toni Redd, is an internationally known vocalist with an intense style.  The captivating and sultry vocal styling of Toni Redd combines traditional jazz, pop, classic soul, and urban rhythm & blues to create her own unique and powerful ambience - as she takes us on her musical trek via that down home, rich, old school sound that fully grasps the emotional heart and soul of her listeners. During her illustrious career, Toni has had the honor of performing and sharing the stage with Najee, Gerald Albright, Stanley Jordan, Jonathan Butler, Everette Harp, The Temptations, Maysa, the Rippingtons, The Yellowjackets, Gerald Austin, Stanley Jordan, The Temptations, Oleta Adams, Walter Beasley, Joe McBride, Marion Meadows, Kim Waters, and many others.   In addition, Ms. Redd is an actor who has toured with the stage play “A Good Man is Still Hard to Find”;  was  a guest performer in the independent film “Losing Grace” and Tyler Perry’s “I Can Do Bad All By Myself.”
    Toni, one of my favorite Jazzin Em Up alums, is returning to share her brand new CD, "Catching the Redd Eye."  Are you ready to take flight?

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