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    Learn How TO POSITION YOURSELF in Deregulation of Electricity- LIVE with PJ JENSON of AMA NATION

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    Health 2.0 Fall Conference 2015: An AMA Deep Dive on 'The App Cure'

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    At the 9nd Annual gathering of the Health 2.0 Fall Conference (@health2con) hosted at the Santa Clara Convention Center, Gregg Masters, MPH (@2healthguru) CEO Health Innovation Media and Publisher of ACOwatch.com attended the Deep Dive, 'The App Cure: Redefining the Daily Apple Through Technology' a session Moderated by Scott Mace of HealthLeaders.

    In this session American Medical Association executives James Madara, MD Executive VP and CEO, and Michael Tutty, PhD, Group Vice President, Professional Satisfaction and Practice Sustainability explore mhealth apps, their promise and 'hype'. 

    Learn more about the innovation center launching in January 2016.



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    Talking Motorcycles with Jared Mees/Jeff Gordon/AMA Rookie Class of '79

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    In this edition of Talking Motorcycles with Barry Boone we preview the legendary Springfield Mile II! Our guest lineup for this episode is epic!

    Charlie Roberts and Scott Parker join us to discuss the AMA Rookies Class of 79 and Friends' involvement in the Springfield Mile II event on Labor Day weekend. They have an amazing weekend of activities planned and we hear all about it.

    Jeff Gordon, of Speedway Engine Development Inc, will be calling in to discuss their high-profile win at the Don Tilley Memorial AMA Pro Grand National at Charlotte and his thoughts on the team's approach to the Springfield Mile II. As engine builder, Jeff works closely with Rick Howerton on the Howerton Motorsports/Villa-Esparza/Crosley Radio Kawasaki ridden by National #42 Bryan Smith. 

    Jared Mees retains the point lead by a narrow six-point margin over Bryan Smith following his disappointing DNF at Charlotte. It was a near mirror image of the results from Harley-Davidson Flat Track at ESPN X-Games Austin. Chasing down Bryan Smith there was a shower of sparks from the tailpipe of the Las Vegas HD/Rogers Racing XR750 ending his race one lap short of completition. Now as the team approaches the Springfield Mile II and the balance of the season, what shall be his strategy? The reigning 2014 AMA Pro GNC1 champion joins us LIVE on the show!

    Talking Motorcycles is powered by SOZO! 

    Special thanks to: Crosley Radio/Crosley Brands, The Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Dunlop Motorcycle Tire and Next Moto Champion!

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    Dichoso somos ....Dios nos ama como somos.

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    Salmos, 1

    1. Dichoso el hombre que no va a reuniones de malvados, ni sigue el camino de los pecadores ni se sienta en la junta de burlones,

    2. mas le agrada la Ley del Señor y medita su Ley de noche y día.

    3. Es como árbol plantado junto al río que da fruto a su tiempo y tiene su follaje siempre verde. Todo lo que él hace le resulta.

    4. No sucede así con los impíos: son como paja llevada por el viento.

    5. No se mantendrán en el juicio los malvados ni en la junta de los justos los pecadores.

    6. Porque Dios cuida el camino de los justos y acaba con el sendero de los malos.

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    Talking Motorcycles with AMA Pro Hillclimb

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    Amanda Campbell has been around Hillclimbing her entire life. At the age of three she started racing in hillclimbs. She finished second in the amateur National Championships in the 125cc Class in 2002 and won the Women's Class in 2010. In 2009 she joined her husband in the AMA Pro Hillclimb Series in the Pro Sport Class on her CRF450. She became the first female to podium in the pro ranks with a second place finish her first race. Her career accomplishments were two second places in her first season and two third places in her second season. In 2012, she dedicated her efforts to the series by becoming involved in every aspect of the sport, from official duties to managing the Series and events to social media to marketing and to promoting the sport and the Series. 

    Vinny Nuzzolilli, out of Monson, Massachussetts, started racing 1998 at the age of 4. He joined the AMA Pro Hillclimb Series in 2010 at the age of 16. He has accomplished 21 top 3, including 8 career wins. He has won two Unlimited Class National Championships, in 2012 and 2014. He suffered a severe leg fracture in the next to last round in 2013 that put him out of contention for the Championship. As reigning Champion he looks to add to his resume of wins and podiums and go after a third Unlimited Class Championship in 2015. He competes in both the Xtreme Class and Unlimited Class on a CBR 636 and CBR 970 fueled by nitromethane. 


    Thanks to: Crosley Radio, Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Dunlop, Bell Motorsports and Motorcycle-Superstore.com!

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    the thanksgiving Tea

    in Movies

    This show reviews the AMA, Housewives of atl, Empire ,

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    With Magdala Ramirez and Michele ‘Ama Wehali’ Rozbitsky

    in Spirituality

    Sisterhood is beyond different traditions, languages or color of skin. In this episode, we talk about building that sisterhood, standing together in solidarity within ourselves.

    We must remember that we change the world by being the change we seek in the world. 

    "A recognition of unity creates harmony" ~ Magdala Ramirez

    Join us for yet another powerful episode!

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    Sunne's Gift With Ama Yawson

    in Culture

    Afro State of Mind by Lurie Daniel Favors provides a critical analysis of issues and current events impacting the Black community.
    This episode speaks to the importance and challenges of raising confident kinky, coily, curly haired Black children. Our guest is Ms. Ama Karikari Yawson who is the author of Sunne's Gift a children's story that empowers Black children to love and value their hair texture and skin.

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    Real Talk Real Music

    in Entertainment

    Focus on music and entertainment.

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    Justice Clarke @ 4th & Baker Presents: WB - Interview with Lillianne Ama Crane

    in Poetry

    Bio (Lillianne Ama Crane):

    My name is Lillianne Ama Crane. I was born in Memphis Tennessee, raised in the mountains of NC during a time when drugs and prostitution were considered normal & suits and ties were something I only saw on one of the 2 television channels we could view via our 18 inch, copper antenna equipped T.V. In other words, I grew up in the streets and poor! I would be lying if I said my childhood were bad because it wasn't. I was the only child being sheltered by hippies, drunks, hustlers, pimps, whores... And they all had their different charms.  Even though I spent the majority of my youth wandering in the forest and communing with imaginary friends or "ghosts..." I was never lonely. I took the memories with me into adulthood.  I am a poet and an author. I published my first book, "Sweet Dreams of Josephine," in 2011. It was about a lady who turns herself into a madame and runs away from her tyrannical international drug dealer husband, following in the footsteps of her idol- Cocaine queen, Griselda Blanco. This was the first in the series and the second book, "Curse of the Blood Diamond", will come out soon. I live my life based on the principal that I don't have to be a product of my environment. Aside from writing, I am a quality engineer for an automotive corporation and a small business owner for a janitorial franchise. My passion is words... I love the written arts. Words can build things up, as well as tear them down. They can enchantment,  charm, & even enslave. My goal is to master the written arts. With a little love and willpower, I have faith that somewhere, somebody will fall in love with the words I choose to convey a message or tell a story- and that maybe, I can help someone see past the harsh reality of life and into world that we can create for ourselves.