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    Programming note for WHEELZ UP RADIO!! Joining us this week at 7PM EST on Wednesday will be new record holder Chris Butcher. Chris set not just one, but two new records this past weekend at the first PC Richards Open event of 2015. Not only did he set the 2 records but also managed to qualify #3. We also will have on Wednesdays show Ally Smyth.. Ally is not only a very competitive Racer in the Stock Eliminator ranks.. But she is also the electrical designer for her Family Business, and WHEELZ UP RADIO Sponsor Porta-Tree Timing Systems.. Porta-Tree has 2 new products that they are very excited about.. We look forward to talking to both Chris and Ally on this weeks show... Be sure to tune in and check us out!! WEDNESDAY AT 7PM EST.. www.blogtalkradio.com/wheelzupradio. Tune in and check us out!!

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    Dawna Kreis of Author’s Ally...

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    The Jupiter Frequency! Dawna Kreis of Author’s Ally! – Host Mary Caelsto chats with Dawna Kreis of Author's Ally www.dawnakreis.com!

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    Interview with Hicks & Ally Mayson

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    HICKS (Miqael Persson) is a country singer and an accomplished songwriter. While in Nashville, he was able to co-write with top songwriters Anthony Smith, Dallas Rogers, Dennis Morgan and Sharon Vaughn. He met with his U.S. publisher and learned that a song he wrote ‘Cuts Like A Diamond’ on his last U.S. visit was picked up by the Little River Band. Not only did they record it, but it became the title of their new album to be released in August when they start a nationwide tour of the U.S. to promote it. Other artists such as Jimi Jamison (Survivor), Giant (Dann Huff), Bobby Kimball (Toto), W.E.T (Featuring Jeff Scott Soto), Grammy nominated Toby Hitchcock and many more have recorded his songs. Born in the southern part of Sweden, Miqael grew up with a dream of making a living with his music. Playing in local bands he wrote music, toured and learned to be a better artist and songwriter. He soon moved to Stockholm to pursue his dream of being a songwriter. His first cut with another artist was the Swedish band Barbados that cut one of his country songs. Hicks' latest single is called Hayride.

    Country singer ALLY MAYSON won the 2012 Ottawa Idol competition. Since then, she's recorded several songs written by writers from Nashville and Los Angeles. All of them have been produced by Eldon J. Fox and Brian Fox - and recorded at Pebble Studios in Ottawa. Her latest song is called Kiss Me Like U Mean It. On the importance of winning the 2012 singing competition, Ally says "“My favorite thing about being on Ottawa Idol was meeting new people and getting the experience to practice and play with a professional band, without that experience I would not be where I am today.”


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    Rising Coaches Elite

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    Rising Coaches Elite

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    Darron Boatright Cheif Operating Officer Wichita State University

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    Darron Boatright Cheif Operating Officer Wichita State University

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    Darron Boatright Cheif Operating Officer Wichita State University

    in Sports

    Darron Boatright Cheif Operating Officer Wichita State University

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    Better Basketball

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    Rick Torbett of Better Basketball describes what coaches face today and in the years ahead coaching the game of basketball.

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    the beginng

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    Daniel Ally - Author of You Are The Boss

    in Self Help

    Self-Motivation and Personal Development Expert, Daniel Ally broke many store records as he sold suits, insurance, cars, cutlery, and other products and services worth millions of dollars all across the country!

    Daniel is known for creating a lifestyle worth emulating. He exhibits love in all that he does and now is committed to assisting others in their growth by assisting them reach their highest potential. 

    He is the Founder and CEO of The Ally Way International, a consulting firm equipping small business owners to large corporations around the world striving to reach their various business goals. Within The Ally Way, Daniel Ally offers personal coaching for you to improve your approach to business and your lifestyle. The Ally Way also has a subsidiary branch known as Dignify Designs, which provides entrepreneurs a thorough marketing plan and state of the art, marketing strategies to boost their services for a broad audience.

    Along with blogging weekly, Daniel Ally has launched his book, "You Are The Boss!", which can now be found worldwide on Amazon.com and is currently working on his 2nd book after receiving much success from first. 

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    Over the Top Cycling - Robin Farina interviews Ally Stacher

    in Fitness

    Ally Stacher is a professional cyclist with Specialized-Lululemon. She's a support rider who does everything she possibly can do to help her team succeed.  Stacher

    inherited a love of homemade juicing from her aunt, who bought her a Jack LaLanne juicer during her sophomore year of college. “I was instantly hooked,” she says. “My roommate and I started juicing like crazy.”

    It’s a habit that Stacher continues today—even while on the road. “I was traveling with a little Omega juicer,” she says. “It was perfect—it fit into my backpack so I never had to put it in my checked bag. Then the travel got to it and it died on me. It was an incredibly sad day. I now travel with a Breville juicer my teammate bought me for my birthday. It’s pretty easy to lug around. I will say, though, when you go through security with a juicer in your backpack it tends to set off the alarm.”

    Stacher claims to be a frugal juicer—“I don’t do too many add-ins…the occasional wheat grass, but that’s about it.”—but admits to being crazy for beets. And for good reason: Research show that drinking beetroot juice can boost a cyclist’s endurance. In one study, volunteers were able to ride about a minute and a half longer compared to when they drank a placebo. Ninety-two seconds may not seem like a lot, but in the world of professional cycling, it’s more than enough to separate the winners from the losers.

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    Ally James: Crystal Healing and Life Purpose

    in Spirituality

    Today's show features Ally James, the creator of Starlight Stones.  You can find her work both on Esty.com, and on instagram.com/starlightstones.  She is a jovial, intuitive jewelry and tattoo artist.  Sit back and enjoy as we have a laid back conversation about what it means to each of us to be "on purpose", doing what we know to be purposeful, fulfilling and fun.  I welcome all fellow lightworkers, and seekers of the light to download and share this episode with your friends.  It is sure to be a delight!! Namaste.

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