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    What is wisdom?

    in Spirituality

    I will talk with Tara Padua, A Certified Professional Life Coach and Program Leader at Accomplishment Coaching.
    Tara possesses a unique understanding of both the entrepreneurial mindset and the challenges one faces in maneuvering through large organizations, effectively applying her unique blend of ontological coaching coupled with executive and leadership coaching expertise.  
    A performance-oriented coach, Tara has worked with many of the world’s leading companies, including Volvo, JPMorganChase, Deutsche Bank, T-Mobile, Microsoft, AllianceBernstein, AXA, Amper Politziner & Mattia and the The Federal Reserve among others. She spearheads the transformation of their business professionals into influential leaders. Tara has developed high performance teams in competitive sectors.  She has worked closely with executives, senior managers, human resource directors and employees to develop individual high performers, assist in strategic personnel positioning and solidify team building efforts.  
    Tara is a Senior Leader for The Coaches Training Leadership Programs in Seattle, Washington, D.C., and New York. She is Chief of Sales and Marketing for Accomplishment Coaching.  Professional associations include FemaleThiink, In the Company of Women and The Spotter. She understands the need to make coaching accessible to people on the go; and created the first ever Iphone App for coaching called “MIC” (MyInstantCoach) and co-hosted a weekly online radio show on WSRadio.com. Prior to becoming a professional Coach, Tara worked in top banking and financial industry firms. In addition, she worked directly for US senator Lincoln Chafee, where she was able to counsel individuals, families, and groups, as well as facilitate community-based programs for the state’s Hispanic community.

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    John E. Oden, author Life in the Ring

    in Sports

    Duck, Mr. Media! Money manager turned boxing author John E. Oden aims for that big mouth of yours!

    John E. Oden is a white collar boxer and author of Life in the Ring: Lessons and Inspirations from the Sport of Boxing. Oden is a Principal of AllianceBernstein, a global money management and investment research firm in New York City, but after hours, he can be found sparring in the ring enjoying the “sweet science”.

    White collar boxing has become quite controversial since its ban in New York State in 2006. But professionals, like Oden, feel it is an excellent way to work off the stresses of the everyday 9 to 5. His voice joins a chorus of other heavyweights lobbying for the return of White Collar Boxing to New York. Notable New York and sports personalities like boxing writer Bert Sugar, world famous trainer Emanuel Steward and Bruce Silverglade, owner of the famed Gleason’s Gym in Brooklyn, have all called for the ban to be lifted.

    Life in the Ring: Lessons and Inspirations from the Sport of Boxing has received advanced praise from Senator John McCain and Donald Trump, and features a foreword by Bert Sugar. It is a collection of inspirational short stories of 15 of our most iconic boxers and the life lessons each boxer imparts that can be applied outside of the ring, and in the office – it serves as a guide to success in the workplace, i.e. how to interact with colleagues, tips for perseverance, and getting ahead.

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