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    Democracy VS. Justice? !

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    Justice meaning no one mistreated White or Black!

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    The National Endowment for Democracy

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    Darrell Caste talks about the National Endowment for Democracy and its role in the Ukraine crisis.

  • Spying on Democracy

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    An in depth review of foreign policy, economics, and the truly big issues.

    Great Speeches and Interviews explores United States and the world's path to a new peace and prosperity.  Broadcast at KUBU 96.5 FM and at Access Sacramento from 6-8pm Sundays

    Heidi Boghosian talks about government surveillance, corporate power and public resistance with Robert Scheer. Heidi Boghosian is Executive Director of the National Lawyers Guild. Robert Scheer is Editor-in-Chief of Truthdig.

    "Heidi Boghosian's Spying on Democracy is the answer to the question, 'if you're not doing anything wrong, why should you care if someone's watching you?'" ~ Michael German, Senior Policy Counsel, ACLU and former FBI agent

    Michael German says that "this unrestrained spying is inevitably used to suppress the most essential tools of democracy: the press, political activists, civil rights advocates and conscientious insiders who blow the whistle on corporate malfeasance and government abuse."

    Heidi adds, “If the trend is permitted to continue, we will soon live in a society where nothing is confidential, no information is really secure, and our civil liberties are under constant surveillance and control.”
    Source: C-Span: Book Discussion on Spying on Democracy

    Music includes William Valenti - Congress For Sale, Willie Nelson - Peaceful Solution, Capitol Steps - Hotel Arizona, Herman's Hermits Parody - I'm Pleading The Fifth I Am, Phillip Glass - Cloudscape

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    Christian Leadership Alliance President & CEO Tami Heim

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    Tami Heim is the president and CEO of the Christian Leadership Alliance (CLA) headquartered in San Clemente, CA. CLA exists to equip and unite leaders to transform the world for Christ. Providing bible-based leadership training and other learning experiences, CLA serves over 6,200 leaders of nonprofit ministries, churches, educational institutions, and businesses.

    Tami’s professional career includes executive leadership roles in nonprofit ministry, technology, marketing, publishing and retail. She served as a partner in The A Group – Brand Development, executive vice president and chief publishing officer for Thomas Nelson Publishers, and as the president of Borders, Inc. Tami began her professional career with Federated Department stores and in her final assignment, she was responsible for leading two of their Midwest divisions.

    Tami has a passion for the development of next generation leaders. For over 25 years she has actively mentored students and professionals. Reflecting her commitment to leadership, she has served on the boards of EQUIP, Lead Like Jesus, Growing Leaders, Christian Alliance for Orphans, and Christianity Today.

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    Quinn Kendall, DLA's Government Relations Director and his guest, Kevin Mayne, VP of Enrollment Management & Global Strategies at Becker College , Worcester, MA 

    (Worcester is pronounced 'Wustah', not 'War-Chester" for you non New England outlanders)  

    www.digitallearningalliance.org   www.becker.edu

    @quinnkendall  @BeckerVPEnrol

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    The Wolfpack Alliance Sh. 5

    in Radio

    On tonight's 5th installment of Wolfpack Takeover Radio, special guests expected to be Ahdi Boom and wwill discuss his upcoming battle on 1-11-15 vs Cityy Towers, also Hazey Williams will stop by to chop it up. A few topics that will be discussed include Lush One and so much more.

  • Feed Your Head and Progress Toward Democracy

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    'Feed Your Head' is off tonight.  Catch RA (Ruthann Amarteifio) over at 'Here-Be-Monsters on BTR for 'The Ceremony' with Gwendolyn Holden Barry and others as we celebrate the Winter Solstice!!

    "Progress Toward Democrcy w/ Brian Stetten and Ruthann RA Amarteifio' is happy to welcome Danny Weil back!!

    We begin by Brian Stetten briefly discussing right wing libertarian insanity and the promotion of freedom and democracy for plutocrats only.

    Then education/labor activist, and public attorney Danny Weil will discuss picking your poison: Jeb Bush vs. Hillary Clinton. How the plutocrats made a mockery of representative democracy!

    Danny Weil is a writer for Project Censored and Daily Censored. He received the Project Censored "Most Censored" News Stories of 2009-10 award for his article: "Neoliberalism, Charter Schools and the Chicago Model / Obama and Duncan's Education Policy: Like Bush's, Only Worse," published by Counterpunch, August 24, 2009.
    Dr. Weil has published more than seven books on education in the past 20 years. You can also read much more about the for-profit, predatory colleges in his writings found at Counterpunch.com, Dailycensored.com, dissidentvoice.com and Project Censored.com where he has covered the issue of the privatization of education for years. He can be reached at weilunion@aol.com.
    His book, an encyclopedia on charter schools, entitled: "Charter School Movement: History, Politics, Policies, Economics and Effectiveness," 641 pages, was published in August of 2009 by Grey House Publishing, New York, and provides a scathing look at the privatization of education through charter schools.

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    Voice of Albion: Raivis Zeltīts - National Alliance Latvia (NA)

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    Raivis Zeltits is a board member of  National Alliance (Latvia). The NA consists of two former Parties  "All For Latvia!" and "For Fatherland and Freedom/LNNK".

    Raivis Zeltits Website

    National Alliance Latvia (NA) Website

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    Feed Your Head and Progress Toward Democracy

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    1st hr.-----'Feed Your Head w/ Ruthann RA Amarteifio"
    2nd hr.----'Progress Toward Democracy w/ Brian Stetten and Ruthann RA Amarteifio'

    XOn 'Feed Your Head', Sarit Jacobsohn, (FB Sarit Jacobsohn) & (FB Daily Life in Palestine) joins RA for an intimate look at how an ex-IDF soldier became an avid fighter for Palestine----We'll be talking about military occupation, among other things----
    Sarit, in her own words------"After growing up in Israel and being told nothing but lies about the Palestinians. Once I woke up I wanted to know more and more why I was lied to by my own education system...by my own government, family and friends. I started researching. First I started talking to many Palestinians online and by phone...besides trying to make sense from so much information that was quite contradictory....The huge wake up call.....was when i got Facebook and tried talking to the Israelis....When I asked them the same questions I asked my Palestinian brothers and sisters I started getting death and rape threats. I was called a traitor and got much hate mail till this day....so I learned being under military occupation is like being born in prison with a paranoid guard that thinks you are his/er worse enemy....How does that happen?
    X'Progress Toward Democracy' has returning guest, Farid Khavari, Ph.D., www.zerocosteconomy.com.
    Brian Stetten begins by talking about current news and the economy.
    Then, Farid joins us.  He is an economist, author, patent-holder, designer, small business owner, and former independent Gubernatorial candidate for Florida. He will discuss various economic matters, living wage vs. minimum wage, job creation, the pricing of oil, and so forth.

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    Politics Done Right - Interview of Democracy for America Charles Chamberlain

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    Today I have a special guest. He is Charles Chamberlain. Who is Charles Chamberlain?

    Charles Chamberlain, is Executive Director of Democracy for America. He joined Democracy for America in 2006 as Political Director, where he led campaigns for the public option and against telecom immunity for spying on Americans as well as endorsements of controversial primary candidates against Sen. Joe Lieberman, Sen. Blanche Lincoln, and Rep. Al Wynn. He also directed DFA’s successful campaigns to stop the Republican War on the Working Families in Wisconsin and Ohio. In January of 2012, Charles became the Executive Director of Progressive Congress, the foundation for the Congressional Progressive Caucus. Charles rejoined DFA as Executive Director in August of 2013 and leads the strategic direction of the DFA team.

    Before DFA, Charles spent over a decade grassroots organizing and directing statewide campaigns in 17 states for direct democracy initiatives and referendums working with the AFL-CIO, SEIU, Americans for Medical Rights, and others in fights ranging from funding early childhood development and protecting civil liberties to defending collective bargaining rights and raising the minimum wage. He’s also served on staff for Assemblymember Scott Wildman in California’s 43rd as the community organizer responsible for revitalizing in-district resident associations, neighborhood watches, and PTA’s.

    Outside of the office, Charles likes to play disc golf, drink micro-brews, and eat Vermont cheese at the Farmhouse as well as watch too much T.V. with his wife, Alejandra. You can follow Charles on Twitter @IamCChamberlain.

    Today we will discuss Elizabeth Warren.

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    Feed Your Head and Progress Toward Democracy

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    1st hr.-----'Feed Your Head w/ Ruthann RA Amarteifio'
    Steve McManus, www.northernpsychics.com, returns to talk with RA-----
    We'll be ranging across the board----from spirituality to politics, from MSM divisiveness to education, from activism to ascension-----
    What's ahead for us all in 2015??

    2nd hr.----'Progress Toward Democracy w/ Brian Stetten & Ruthann RA Amarteiifo'

    Brian talks of Jacques Derrida's "Ten Plagues of Global Capitalism". 
    These were the plagues in 1993. Are they still with us or did they become worse?  Better?

    Also, Brian gives a tongue-in-cheek look at what some of the best sources of broadcast media are, in his opinion, for the left.

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