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    The Allegory of The Cave: Talking Shadows

    in Entertainment

    The show is meant to be light and fun while I discuss pretty much everything! The show is about having light conversation about the many interesting events and facts of politics, entertainment, technology, money, history and present day issues that this world has to offer. Past, Present and Future will be discussed from a global, country and state perspective! All that is common, all that is right and all that is wrong will be highlighted. 

    The host John Jamel is not politically correct by any means, but his point of view will either shock you, tickle you or infuriate you.

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    Study of the Allegory, Galatians 4:21 By Jess Whitlock Bellview Lectures

    in Religion

    Jess Whitlock made an attempt to respond to Covenant Eschatology by offering an exegesis of Galatians 4:21-31. He cited Max King's chart, made several quotes from the Spirit of prophecy and used the usual arguments we have heard for over 30 years. One of his main proof texts was John 19:34, along with Col. 2, and Rom. 6:14.He also offered a rsponse to Matthew 5:17-18.

    His presentation is a classic example of those who do not understand covenant eschatology, nor do they properly establish the context of the Old or New Testament. Gaps existed everyone in his attempt at making a logical presentation.


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    The Allegory : You Cannot See My Face and Live

    in The Bible

    We will look into the deeper meaning of Exodus 33:20 And he said, You can not see my face: for there shall no man see me, and live. We all probably understand it literally, but lets look at tad bit deeper into the allegory of this phrase. Check us out tonight 8pm est

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    Allegory Of The Cave

    in Spirituality

    Thank you for joining me for episode 57 of HiPPiE WiTCH : Magick For A New Age.

    You can pick up a FREE copy of my eBook "HiPPiE WiTCH : Peace, Love & All That Good Sh!t" here... http://www.joannadevoe.com/p/free-stuff.html

    MUCH LOVE -xo
    Joanna DeVoe

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    the Allegory of the Tame and Wild Olive Trees

    in Christianity

    In this episode, we will continue our study of the Zenos' allegory of the Tame and Wild Olive Trees, preserved for us by the voices from the dust, which they took  from the record of Joseph, a copy of which they brought with them to America, when they left Jerusalem, before it was destroyed in about 600 B.C.

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     'Where the light is brightest, the shadows are deepest'- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

    In his day, Goethe's thought about the work of that other genius, Issac Newton and some of it made him angry.  It was because of the assumptions that were suggested by Newton, particularly the conviction that this was the defining, absolute science. In a way, this was saying  there was no other 'plan B'. Goethe made this clearer for us by saying Newtons work  denied shadows power. He went on to illustrate this in a story of a giant with no power whose shadow had great power. The giant was Newton of course.  It would be immodest of me to suggest it was genius reacting to genius so read it for yourself and decide. 

    Genius often reveals what we  understand without knowing how we know it.  Similarly, do we know how radical ideas created Freemasonry?  We know the Hiram allegory was the product of careful observation and contemplation from a time when quoting the ideas of someone else was more highly valued that original thought.   We know the foundation of thought came well before governance and organization.  We know also, that it reflects the stages of cultural and intellectual change. History teaches us about  The Age of Enlightenment, The Reformation, and the Renaissance. As we study freemasonry, we begin to understand in time past, when orthodoxy was a matter of life or death, it was best for men to kept liberal thoughts underground.   We  trace the It was produced by serious thought and had a purpose for man. There were always men thinking beyond the control of church and state. Adherence to church doctrine  and swearing fidelity to the King was a sensible way to live. It took us many generations to carry on the right to probe darkness.


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    My Mother is a Free Woman continued: Paul's allegory

    in Religion

    We are doing a short series about your 'heavenly mother'.  This term Paul received in the revelation given to him by Christ after his conversion, as the Holy Spirit breathed on the Old Testament prophecies of the coming Messiah and His Kingdom.

    Christians are aware that they have a , 'Heavenly Father", but most don't realize that they also have a heavenly mother.

    In this broadcast, we are going to look at the 'two's' in Paul's allegory found in Galatians 4.

    I would encourage you to listen to all the broadcasts in this series.  The 'unseen' realities will be visible to the eyes of your heart.



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    Qul Alahiym presents the Truth Shall Prevail

    in Religion

    How many bible believers 'believe' that the Word of Yah is "spiritual"? How many bible believers 'believe' that within each historical fact we learn in the Holy Scripture, or, from every instruction we were given, there is an underlying meaning; an "allegory"? In our conclusion tonight, we will examine how the Most High revealed several characteristics of that "old serpent" within the Torah. Join us as we delve into the wisdom of the Most High; and remember, have your bibles, pen & pad handy.


    in Self Help


    She used the Right Weapons

    The word CHAYIL has three major layers of meaning. The first is WARFARE. The second is WEALTH and the third is CAPACITY.

    Recall that we said Chayil is an allegory. She is a representation of an ideal. She is also a model for us today. So, as I was reading the phrases girds her loins and strengthens her arms, I thought, “what else can loins and arms represent?” If Eshet Chayil means woman of valor, then there has to be a fight somewhere. You cannot have an effective fight without arms or weapons.

    Let’s consider Proverbs 31:17 differently using the idea of military weapons. She girds her loins with strength, and strengthens her arms. KJV Loins are considered as the seat of strength and vigor. They represent strength in its connection to truth. It speaks to faithfulness and readiness; while arms speak to military tools or weaponry.

    Remember Chayil is a warfare word. Over 50% of the time it is translated, it is in the context of warfare with the inclination towards victory. If you see the word in this new setting, it allows us to discover powerful resources.

    Strategy in warfare means understanding how to fight. The right weapons mean everything. History has shown that as the enemy changes his methods; we must adapt our weapons and alter our battle strategy as well. 

    Lets explore modern day spiritual weaponry In the next episode of Better Life With Stella

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    Draw Me Away, We Will Run After You

    in Religion

    Please join me Tuesday August 11th at 9:30 am CST as I talk about The Song of Songs . Chapter One, verses 2through 4.  An allegory about Jesus and His Bride. A spiritual union for an eternal Bride. The Bride of Christ. So many truths in just these few verses. What are the kisses of His mouth? Why is His love better than wine?  Why is His Name like purified oil having a pleasing fragrance?  It says draw me after You and let us run together, what does that mean? And what are the chambers of The King? Join me as we discuss the meaning of these verses. Thanks~ Char


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    Cosmic SUN in Astrology vs. Jesus the SON

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    Moors will discuss the death and resurrection story of Jesus as an Astrological Allegory for the yearly cycle of the COSMIC SUN passing through the Zodiac; and relate that to the ancient depiction of “Hwt-ka-Ptah" aka modern name Egyptian story of Osiris, Isis and Horus, and the Osirian Resurrection where Osiris was at times considered the oldest SON of the earth.

    Like the energy in the title of our radio broadcast Pisces360 …. The fish is the symbol of Pisces; the last sign of the Zodiac; the end of winter or death or completion of the old cycle - signaling that the SUN (Moor) will regain its strength; as Pisces is the gate to the resurrection of the new age.

    As adepts that have grown to know reaching maturity in the wheel; are initiated and are capable to get off of the wheel.