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    Russell Price Morning Show IT IS ALL ABOUT YOU

    in Marketing

    Special Guest Sandra Chaney on Russell Price Morning Show IT IS ALL ABOUT YOU  Networking On The Radio 10:00am to 10:30am call in number 347-637-1577

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    All About YOU

    in LGBT

    1 (347) 884 - 8177

    Hello EVERYONE! Today is a show all about YOU, our audience.Bambie and Dusty would love for YOU to be an interactive part of the show and we invite YOU to come on air with us!Do YOU have any valuable input?Would YOU like YOUR opinions heard and recorded live on air with Girrl Talk?If so please feel free to give me and Dusty a call @ 1(347) 884 - 8177. We want to hear from YOU! Look forward to Girrl Talk's Fridays @ 12:30 P.M. EST.Depending on the topic we go live anywhere from 15 - 30 minutes

    Never a dull moment here on Girrl Talk 


    The girls with double r's

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    Al Diaz, Cindy Holbrook insights on 2016: You and All the Right Relationships

    in Lifestyle

    Al Diaz and co-host Cindy Holbrook share their insights on 2016: You and All the Right Relationships.

    Wednesday, December 30th 10am PST

    Known as the Compassionate Divorce Coach, Cindy Holbrook supports women (and men too!) as they traverse the emotional roller-coaster of divorce to heal as they let go of the past and rebuild their life with less stress, more confidence and clarity. Her unique approach to deal with the liars, cheaters, crazy bitches and assholes has helped thousands to find and nurture the right relationships that are needed in order to create a happy and fulfilling next chapter in life. Cindy is a Certified Divorce Coach®, author and speaker. She draws on her personal experience of divorcing after a 20 year mentally abusive marriage, as well as that of thousands of men and women that she has helped. Her passion is to inspire tens of thousands of women to discover and fall in love with their own magnificent inner-goddess! http://CoachingForDivorcedWomen.com

    To contact Al Diaz personally: al.diaz4love@gmail.com 

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    in Self Help


    Let's explore how prayer, faith, trust, belief and asking the right questions can play a major roll in our desires, needs, wants being fulfilled...As we grow to understand God and all of God's Power Lies within as the Energetic Source and Force of ALL and in All of Creation, Creating from within each of us! Let us learn how to tap into it to eliminate that which we do not desire and create that which we do...lCome walk with me!

    Email me: marjoriemotivatesme@yahoo.com for a chance to win an autographed copy of my book "The Infinite Power of Inner Peace"

    I so look forward to sharing this powerful message of exponential potential, transformation, manifestation, and/or actualization of our heart's desires and beyond!

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    Have You Forsaken All

    in Religion

    You are invited to join in on our show today at 10:30 am... "What's Really Going on Around Here"...Apostle Desmon Dobbins will be our speaker. You are invited to come In Person at 10:00 am Today Sunday January 17, 2016. 
    Topic: Have You Forsaken All
    We are located at : There Is A Way Out Ministries
    2538 West Washington St. Indianapolis, In 46222, (on the lower level) 


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    At Eye Level - All You Zombies

    in Comedy

    It's that time of year, when everything is dead and everyone celebrates by dressing as slutty (or undead) versions of everyday people. A time where children can safely take candy from strangers, without the fear of being taken away in a windowless van. It's also the new unofficial start of the holiday shopping season, as well as the run-up to election day. Ok, this is an "off year" election, but, with the presidential election in full force, it's a pretty hotly contested one. Inevitably, our TV's and browsers are being innundated with all of it at once.

    We've got the Halloween specials for every show, including the reruns that have been playinbg since August. Then we've got the clown show of the 2016 presidential election on every news show, comedy show, talk show, hell, even here! When tye're not talking about Trump, the news stations are doing stories on sexy costumes and hip, trendy party ideas. And, finally, you've got, what I like to call, holiday creep. Idiots posting memes about how many more weekends until Christmas or how cold it's going to be in two months, turns into small ads popping up in print and online, until it becomes all Snuggies, all the time! It truly is a zombie apocalypse!

    So, let us provide a safe haven from all of the zombies out there. If, for no other reason, than to poke fun at them all. 

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    A little leaven is all it takes...

    in Christianity

    The Bible states, "A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump"! Join us tonight as we discuss the meaning of this text and why the Lord warns his children against allowing leaven (sin and/or compromise) to enter into our lives. A little leaven can cause great harm & sorrow if left unchecked. So find your Bible and open it up to Galatians chapter 5 verse 9 as we embark on tonight's awesome study LIVE on,  All Things Biblical...!

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    All You Need Is Love

    in LGBT

    Last night I learned a very valuable lesson. You never really know someone. I mean really, absolutely know them. Does anyone embody that thought more than a Trans individual? A local, fairly well known transgender woman passed away in December and a couple of things happened. Nearly all of her Trans friends didn't know about this nor did her very close friends really know of each other. The transgender community often travels in several different circles. These circles often, sad as it is, don't over lap. Last night, in a celebration of her life, these circles overlapped. It was a beautiful thing and one I hope never to forget. 

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    You Shall Recover All !!!

    in Religion

    God is concerned with your present situation. Fear not the way things seem to appear in the natural. We serve a supernatural God who is not hindered by time or space. Jeremiah 33:3 declares, Call upon me and I will show you great and mighty things that I do not know. Let us call out to God in prayer as we trust him for our personal needs. Please listen in and be blessed !

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    "Left For Dead" on"Relationships and You"

    in Family

    YES!  We are talking about "DOMESTIC VIOLENCE" on "Relationships and You" with the WONDERFUL Radio Talk Show Host....Robin Manley!


    It's sad but its true!

    Let's TALK ABOUT IT on "Relationships and You"

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    It Is ALL About Love Relationships and Love In General!

    in Spirituality

    Join us today as we flow in divine rivers of love, joy, peace and compassion with Mary and Janice as they discuss love, love, love, and more love. Their topics are very personal and relate or have related to their own lives.  

    Janice is a transformational coach getting your life to sparkle and a healer certified in Basic and Advanced Theta Healing, Quantum Touch I & II, as well as a Quick Pulse practitioner. She is also an intuitive artist.  She is the author of a children's book, "Henry's Wild Adventures, Henry and the Oranges".  

    Mary is a visionary and spiritual intuitive who specializes in facilitating her clients to live their passion. Mary has been addressing the concerns of people from all over the world and from all walks of life. Mary began her soul work as a teacher in the school of life after her own life meant with significant tragedies that transformed her both professionally and personally.  Mary launched her own company Globalhealing-soul-utions to provide people with the intuitive prospective they need to overcome obstacles and make the most of their lives. Mary has won the praise and respect from her clients as someone who has not only the answers but the right answers to their questions. 

    Notice:  We are now on Stitcher!  You can now listen to us from your mobile device on Stitcher!  We look forward to meeting you there!

    We are very pleased to introduce our new lower priced line of  Ambassador of Peace as well as other energized Peace and Love Products at The_Peace_Zone

    Thank you so much, we appreciate each and every one of you!

    Many Blessings,

    Janice & Mary