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    Mental Dialogue Conversations W/ Smart People- Mark Carman & Marc Ranger

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    MENTAL DIALOGUE kicks off new series "CONVERSATIONS W/ SMART PEOPLE" with two excellent guest.  Our first hour guest is MARK CARMAN, founder of American Coalition of Responsible Gun Owners, returns to MD to offer his take on the upcoming hearing in KENTUCKY on April 19th for Jefferson Circuit Court JUDGE OLU STEVENS.  JUDGE STEVENS has come under fire for his decision to dismiss all-White juries when the defendant is Black in his courtroom.  Up until this point in JUDGE STEVEN was recognized as a stellar judge known for being tough on crime, now his livlihood is at stake over his decision to provide Black defendants their Constitutional Right to a jury of their peers.  In the 2nd Hour (11:00am EST), MARC RANGER, Regional VP of a financial FORTUNE 500 company, returns to discuss POWER & INFLUENCE as it relates to the AFRICAN-AMERICAN community, politically, economically, and socially.  Are there practical steps the BLACK community should be taking, but are not?  Or should the BLACK community stop looking at POWER & INFLUENCE strictly from a RACE perspective?  MENTAL DIALOGUE asking the questions America's afraid to ask.  ALL I ASK IS THAT YOU THINK

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    Dialogue Returns! With Guest Author Peter Brown Hoffmeister

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    On Today's Show, Susan is happy to welcome guest author, Peter Brown Hoffmeister with his latest novel, THIS IS THE PART WHERE YOU LAUGH (Available May 17, 2016).

    Peter Brown Hoffmeister is the author of five books including the forthcoming This Is The Part Where You Laugh (Knopf, Random House, 2016) and Too Shattered For Mending (Knopf, Random House, 2017).

    Hoffmeister is an author, rock climber, public speaker, outdoor expert, and athlete gear-tester for Ridgemont Outfitters.  He lives in Eugene, Oregon with his wife Jennie and two daughters, and teaches at South Eugene High School:  Literature, creative writing, outdoor pursuits, and survival. He also served as the spring 2015 Writer-In-Residence at Joshua Tree National Park.

    His fiction collection, Loss, won the 2006 Oregon Literary Arts Fellowship, and his essay, “How to Break Up With Your Climbing Partner”, won the Rock and Ice National Bloggers’ Brawl. His features have appeared in Writer’s Digest, Vice Magazine, Climbing Magazine, Rock and Ice Magazine, and Gripped Magazine.



    Peter's Website


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    Dialogue Returns! Author Susan Wingate hosts guest author, JD Webb

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    Facebook https://www.facebook.com/jdavewebb

    Goodreads https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/722433.J_D_Webb

    Amazon https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=J.+D.+Webb&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3AJ.+D.+Webb

    J. D., aka Dave, Webb resides in Illinois with his wife of over 48 years and their toy poodle, Ginger, losing all family votes 2 to 1. Dave served in the Security Service of the Air Force as a Chinese linguist and weather analyst in Viet Nam and the Philippines prior to spending 25 years in corporate management. A company purge promoted him to cobbler and he owned a shoe repair and sales shop for 11 years. But being a full time author, always a dream, became a reality in 2002. Dave has garnered several awards. His first novel Shepherd’s Pie won a publisher’s Golden Wings Award for excellence in writing. His second novel Moon Over Chicago was a top ten finisher in the 2008 Preditors and Editors Poll in the mystery category and was a finalist in the prestigious 2008 Eppie awards by the Electronic Publishing Internet Connection. He is also the Owner and Moderator of the Publishing and Promoting Yahoo group with over 1000 international authors and publishers.

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    Susan Wingate's Guest Author Hermione Wilds on Dialogue!

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    Hermione Wilds graduated with a BA (HONS) in English Literature in 2012. Hermione is an entrepreneurial writer of fiction for children and adults. In 2013 Hermione was nominated for the H. G. Wells Grand Prize for fiction and in 2014 for the Avon and Authonomy First Lines prize. She lives in Dorset. 

    Writing back to Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre & Jean Rhys’s Wide Sargasso Sea, Bertha’s Journal yields an intriguing look at one of literature’s most enduring characters. In 2050 British newlyweds, Jaqueline and Harry are rebuilding Thornfield Hall when they stumble upon a journal written by a woman, presumed mad, named Bertha.

    Hermione Wilds books include BERTHA'S JOURNAL and WOEDY BEAR. 

    You can find Hermione Wilds at 



    Amazon Author Page:


    Web Page for Bertha’s Journal: Video promo


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    Are Leaders Born, or Raised??....What does being a leader, mean to you?

    in Education

    How are leaders defined? When speaking to our kids about leadership, what do we tell them? What's the criteria for a leader? Can one truly be "taught" to be a leader, or are leaders only born? Are we being who we naturally are, or who we're told that we should be? Does leadership define success? If we're not leaders, does that mean we can't be successful followers? These and many other questions,pertaining to leadership, intrigues me. 

    This dialogue is for everyone to speak on. Regardless of age, demographic etc. I would love to hear from you all. We must be informed with how our children(especially) view leadership and success. I'm asking all parents to have their kids involved in this dialogue, and of course I wanna hear from my adults with their perspectives.


    Darryel's Daily Dialogue........."where positive words, manifest positive action."

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    Soul Tree Radio in the Raw, Pad Nation, and The Batchelor Pad and Cowboy Reggie Howell of WCLM 1450 Richmond Va., The Mighty O-ba of WUFO 1080 Buffalo New York and the 707 with the 609.

    call in 646-727-3649 with your questions and yours thoughts THIS IS A DISABLED FRIENDLY SHOW onwww.blogtalkradio.com THE GRAY LEOPARD COVE THIS SAT. 1 PAC 4 EASTERN TIME

    After the Cove slide into the Mind Stream with Brother Ingram on Soul Tree Radio in The Raw


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    ALL IN Sports Talk: NHL

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    Fridays you get a Sneak Peek on @allinsportstalk as the Dr of Joyology, Steve Gennaro @_sgennaro is joined by NHL insider: Last Word on Sports columnist, Arslan Siddiqui @therealsidd and they discuss the top news in the world of hockey heading into the weekend’s action.    

    Brought to you by: @thehockeypress

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    Freedom For All Defined

    in Culture

    The show is called Freedom For All.

    But what does that mean really?

    Often co-hosts Jim Ellis and Jennifer Ellis delve into this topic of freedom with a guest each week.

    And each week, the guests cover the freedom topic in their own way.

    There is talk about inner freedom and a freedom in our society.

    Join Jim and Jennifer this week when the delve into what the show is all about - the ways we are free on the inner and the outer ... and ways that we are not.

    Join them and rekindle an aspect of self that everyone of us shares.

    Website: www.freedomforall.me


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    UWA Elite All Access: Episode #10 (Guests: Luke Finn & Dave Swan)

    in Wrestling

    This week's episode of the UWA Elite All Access Podcast is our 10th edition, and we're celebrating in style with not one but TWO huge guests!

    First, Colin West will interview the dynamic-yet-conflicted Luke Finn, one of UWA Elite's rising stars. After being shockingly kicked out of Kentucky Bred two months ago, Luke suffered further humiliation by being informed he was never a blood relative of the Kentucky Bred clan. How will Luke Finn respond to this massive change in his life, and what does it mean for his future plans in UWA Elite?

    Also, Colin will be joined by UWA Elite President Dave Swan with major news about several upcoming events! Not only will Dave discuss May 7th's UWA Elite vs. the World: Vol. 2, but also the June 17th Homceoming show at North Brunswick High School - AND the return of one of the most popular tournament events in UWA Elite history!

    The 10th episode of the UWA Elite All Access Podcast is just 10 days before UWA Elite vs. The World: Vol. 2, and you won't want to miss the huge updates, news and breaking announcements that you ONLY get here!

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    MrSavannahBlack Presents: We Are: All Black Everything!

    in Self Help

    Peace And Blessings Family! Welcome To WE ARE: ALL BLACK EVERYTHING And Tonight Is The World Premier Of Our New Network. Tonight On " We Are : ABE, we are gonna talk about consciousness and what it truly means to be awake. We have people that like to throw the word around like a frisbee! And when it's thrown back they really don't really know how to catch it. The phone lines are open for those that want to chime in...... We must get a clearer understanding of this walk of life....that we call consciousness... The call in number is 657-383-0340....Oh Yeah, ..Tell Your Momma, Daddy, Sister, Brother, Aunt, Uncle, Cousin, Sons, Daughters, Nieces, Nephews, Friends And Even Your Crazy Ass Homeboy Mooky Moo, That Savannahblack Conscious Attack Is On And It's Going Down.....Oh Yeah The Theme Is....Free Your Mind And The Rest Will Follow.

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    DocKarate presented by DocMagazine and DocRadio International w/Vena & Forrest

    in Sports

    Blessings Family, welcome to DocKarate we are part of the DocRadio International Radio network, we are also part of DocMagazine and are proud to present our Host and Executive Producer Kancho Daniel J. Vena inheritor of Ed McGrath's School of Isshinryu & Founder of the IIAOKA along with our Co-Host, Renshi Kyle Forrest of Team KIA in association with Hanshi Phil Little's USIKA. This new program is designed to cater to all working martial artists along with our Senior Instructors and pioneers. All styles are welcome to join our family here at DocRadio and tell our loyal listeners about your martial arts journey and experience.Please join my co-host and I every Saturday night at 9 PM EST to talk about martial arts and how it applies to your overall benefit and conditioning. Renshi Kyle Forrest will also be talking about the Brown and Down tournament that Team KIA is holding on Saturday-October 15th, 2016 in Lexington North Carolina. We will also be giving information about the historic visit to North Carolina by a first generation United States Marine Corps student AJ Advincula. Call into the show by dialing 1-(646)-716-6825.