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    Social Media Can Help You Or Harm You Look At Bill Cosby

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    A simple tweet can lead to a barge of allegations of sexual assault/ Thats what happened with Bill Cosby. Now 21 women have made the allegations. Its seem to get steam with a twitter tweet and a picture of Cosby asking people to make remarks and the floodgates opened. The Black All Time Dad is Now been tormented into a sexual predator. Did he really do it or not is the question? Why now have women decided to pull him down for what purpose. So is Bill Cosby the poster child for Sexual Assault Now. Has our culture finally accepted that its ok to report sexual assault and were going to do something about it.

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    Why Do Men Cheat On Their Woman

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    Sometimes men cheat on their woman just because they can. They feel a sense of control to keep the secret a secret. Cheating makes them feel even bigger than they are because they have not only one woman but two. Among other guys they see that as being crazy but also seen as being a bad dude who can pull that off without getting caught. Sometimes its financial, sometimes its because of sex and lust and just being plain greedy. One is not enough so they have to have two. It's a task to keep everyting going and as well as concealing the secret until what you will be caught. One slip too many will reveal the secret before you know it.

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    From the Words of A Trained Officer Involved in a Police Shooting

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    Do you wonder what goes on in the mind of an officer just involved in a police shooting. Get it first hand from someone that it has happen to. We are going to give you an inside look of what goes on before, during and after a shooting. The shooting, the investigation, the potential for prosecution and always the civil liability involved in these situation. We have an expert who will share his thoughts about what goes on. Police are real people with real people problems just like everyone else.

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    Has Law Enforcement in America Become illegimate

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    With the rash of police shootings leading to the death of many unarmed black men, you have the reach the conclusion police are becoming more illegitimate everyday.  Clearly in the Eric Gardner case where we witnessed his death and his last words "I can't breath" which was ruled a homicide by the medical examiner 's office, we would surely get an indictment, but we didn't. The police and the entire criminal justice system is only a joke, particularly when law enforcement is potentially involved in being the defendant. The overly aggressiveness we saw in Ferguson demonstrates that lack of community policing that exists in this country. It is not a US against Them. We pay police to protect us not kill us!

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    Things You Should Not Do When Looking For A Church Pastor

    in Religion

    You should make sure that they meet the initial criteria and not let them slip and slide just  because they can bring that word and preach you out of your seat. You should make sure you check their credentials. Taking their word because you are desperate for a preacher is a bad move. Never let them write their own contract, bad sign that you're in for trouble. Stick to your guidelines, don't let them tell you and change their probationary period to what they want- who's in charge of the process them or you? Dont let them get full control of the money. If you do they will rob you blind, and you have more a con man thief rather than a real man of God!  Follow the law and acceptable accounting rules if you don't they are going to take money like the church is there personal atm.

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    Ferguson The Movement That Won't Stop

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    The killing of Michael Brown has turned into a movement of justice all across the world. Protests from Ferguson to California to London, New York, Washington D.C. Maryland. Boston, Portland and places in between. From the outhouse to the White House and the halls of Congress. The death of Michael Brown was a call to action Black Lives do Count. We are tired of the injustice and deserve justice. We will rise up and conquer this issue. The sleeping Lion of Justice has spoken and now your going to hear it roar till change comes.

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    Did Sony Pictures Do The Right Thing By Pulling The Interview

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    Did Sony Pictures cave in to the hackers? Whay about the freedom of speech and expression. Were they scared because they were hacked? Would they have done the same thing if someone buglarized the studio headquarters and released the same information. What road where this lead us down to next? President Obama said Sony made a mistake by shutting down the picture release. Are we scared of North Korea now? Will this create self sensorship among the movie production companies now

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    Hello Hillary Is On Her Way To The White House Are You Ready?

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    Will Hillary make a good president? The first female president- why not? She is smart, tough and the first man Bill can help guide her thorugh the thresholds of the office. Are we ready for our first female president? Yes why not she is the best person the Democrates have on the ticket. The question is who will be her running mate, another female perhaps? It will sure be interesting landscape in 2016. Isnt about time we have a woman running this country?



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    Will Police Body Cams Really Help, It Didn't With Eric Gardner

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    Police body cams may tell a story but the product it produces didn't make a difference in the Eric Gardner case. We witnessed as a nation and world a man die on video right in front of over vary eyes and there is no indictment. Clearly there is a problem with the grand jury system but also a clear problem with racism period. Just when you think, we have made progress, have we really? I dont think so we dont control a large percent of wealth, we have a black president, mostly unsupported by a white congress. We had black communities mostly policed by white officers or mostly department with majority black officers headed up by a white chief. They have some sort of control mechanism in place. Its just a new form of slavery without the chain being apparent. They control us politically, regardless that we have some representation in congress, who is the majority- thank you if you got that. They control major corporations that provide food, housing, transportation, banking so what's left- kind of caught in the middle I would say.

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