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    All Music Radio

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    Ill Play Music you request but will take a while for it

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    All Music Radio

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    I'll Play Music That You Want And I Will Play Just Request It

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    Boehner Last Time I Checked Your Not the Dame President

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    I can never remember a time in recent history where the leader of the House invited a head of state to speak to Congress. Most visits are coordinated with the White House. Clearly is it disrespectful to the President of the United States., Barack Obama who yes was reelected to office just like the republicans were in the house and senate. Why now, because the president is black, regardless if you disagree or agree with his policies or not. The clansmen are back and now are saying mr president- fuck you we are going to do it anyway?

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    Considering A New Church Musician What To Look For

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    Looking for a good musician to take your church music program to another level? How do you accomplish this task? What process do you use. Just an interview and a quick performance of what you can play is really not enough. One should consider having the prospective musician to rehearse with one of the choirs. This will be a test of their ability not only to play but to teach parts effectively. It will also test the preparedness and organization of the musician in question. What approach do they take when they teach new music. New music can be any music your group doesn't know or even new songs that have been recently released.

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    Should Brian Williams Of NBC News Be Fired For Lying?

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    Brian Williams, Chief Anchor for NBC news lied about being in a helicopter struck by RGP duirng the Iraq war in 2003. He filed his report during the broadcast of Tom Brokaw's, who was the face of NBC news at the time. Tom Brokaw is calling for Williams to be fired. There were several people inside of NBC news who knew that there were problems with his report, but said nothing. It was the brave soldiers who were there, took to social media to bring this story about. Social media is the peoples voice to bring forth the truth. Williams should be fired and has recently stepped aside as NBC executive ponder what to do next.

  • Are Dating Sites Worth The Time And Trouble

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    Dating sites may be a great place to meet a variety of people, but the real works starts when you make that first connection. Have you found yourself waiting and waiting for a response. Ever get a message that the person was on leave and would return at a later date. What's the point of being on the site. Have you discovered that the person is not in the country at all, but have made a fake profile for you to contact them  by email only. They use to live here but now are in some other country. Yeah right has scam written all over it. Ever get that number but still can;t make that connections because  they are just too busy- Whats the point of being on if you cant connect?

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    From Fame To Shame- Politicians, Sports Figures

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    Some have soared to fame in politics reaching the governorship or county executive of a large maryland county as well as in sports. Even though they have risen to the top of their game, greed, corruption and domestic violence have led to jail time, and lost of multimillion dollar contracts in the split seconds of just plain stupidity. We will examine the downfall of former Prince Georges County Maryland Executive Jack Johnson, former Governor of Virginia Bob McDonnell and former football star Ray Rice. It takes a lot of time and effort to reach those goals in life, but it only takes greed and stupidity  to lose it all.

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    Independent Music Radio Network

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    Independent Music Radio Network 

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    White House Air Space Violated

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    So the Secret Service is playing off the recent intrusion of a drone on White House Grounds as no threat. Who are they fooling, this is a major threat. It is a vehicle that can used to drop a weapon or chemical agent of mass destructions. They could use  a drone to transport and detonate a bomb of some type. Clearly there is a weakness in the air defense system to detect low flying objects such as drones. If I were president I would be concerned that my daughters and mother in law and other relatives were placed in a threatening situation. How did it get there? Will they be able to trace it back to the person who flew it there. Depending on model there is one drone that can go at least a mile away from where it originated. This is a serious national security intrusion.

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    Inspiration Cant Get Enough Pastor Larry Hentz True Gospel Baptist Church

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    Pastor Larry Hentz brings a powerful message from the True Gospel Baptist Church 1106 W Street Washington D. C. Come visit or listen to us every sunday on this station. You will be glad you did and you will be blessed, This messenger of God brings it from the source- the Bible and its nothing but the truth. You will be blessed by his powerful message that is inspiring and uplifting and comes from the Bible. Pastor Hentz brings it and keeps it to the point.

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    ITS ALL ABOUT THE MUSIC DAMMITT with E Mack (Eric McAlister)

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                      Get ready for some funk ya’ll!  Get ready to nod your head and stomp your feet.  There is so much music out there and it’s very possible that you have not heard some of these jams in a while, or often enough.  347-205-9366. Spinning your head in melody, rhythms and funk castles to move your nerves to a groove level.  Happiness you feel, when your soul is touched from the magic of the wheels of steel (mp3/wave style now via computer) of ERIC STANKFUNK MCALISTER!  347-205-9366.


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