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    If America has the best healthcare system in the world, why are we so sick?

    in Politics

    On this episode of the Chris Monroe Show we will discuss your health and well-being. To be a productive member of our community and future our health is very important. America has the best healthcare available on the planet so why aren't our people the healthiest. A lot of this has to do with habits. Habits are nothing but conditioned behaviors over time.

    We will be joined by herbalist and expert healer Zeki Adir Sabalie 

    This young scholar will be interviewed on the Chris Monroe Show and you can call in to have your health questions answered by an expert.  Zeki has cured many diseases the natural way. 

    We will talk about this more on the show. I'm a see you, before you see me! 

    Chris Monroe AKA Student Master Teacher AKA Mr I Stay Woke

    Learn more on this topic and others - http://www.chrismonroestl.com

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    Balancing your body's ph-level

    in Health

    One simple regimen, when made a daily habit, can greatly affect the alkalinity of our cells; known as the building blocks of life.  In fact, there are close to 40 trillion essential building blocks in the average adult's body. With the propensity of sugars, hidden and visible, in our foods, a large portion of our population tends to lean towards acidic rather than alkaline levels.

    The fact of the matter is that if our pH levels are not properly balanced we are unable to process essential minerals and nutrients appropriately. PH levels range from 0.0 to 14.0 with a pH of 7.0 considered neutral.  Levels that are above 7.0 are considered alkaline. Levels that fall below 7.0, are considered acidic.  Alkaline levels are desirable and indicative of an oxygen-rich environment, while acidic levels are undesirable and indicative of an oxygen deprived environment which can lead to a host of health issues and concerns.

    We will discuss this vital topic on Monday, February 1st @ 3:30 PST. 

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    Water Pollution and You

    in Lifestyle

    Are you paying attention to the water you drink?  What do you do to filter your water?  Are you aware of how important the alkalinity of water is to your overall health?  Why do some people worry about overall water pollution but drink water that is laden with acidity?  Have we become a selfless world and taken up causes to feel better?  What is the value of every single human life?  Can we cure diseases and clean up water, too?

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    Inner Journeys with The Forgotten Foods (Bro Baratunde & Sister Kayah Ma'at)

    in Spirituality

    Join Ms.Blue and The Forgtten Foods ( Bro Baratunde & Sister Kayah Ma'aT)



    CONTACT The Forgotten Foods : longlife@forgottenfoods.com

    CUSTOMER SERVICE: 770-573-0488


    Baratunde, the father of Forgotten Foods, is a manufacturer of Chinese Herbal Tonics and has a 28 year history with Traditional Chinese Herbalism, Alchemy and Spiritual Sciences. During his tenure, he has been blessed to study at the feet of many herbalist masters. He is a certified Qi Kung practitioner, has 35 years as a martial artist and is becoming known as the ‘doctors herbalist.’ Baratunde has a natural relationship with the plant kingdom, whereby like the late great George Washington Carver, the herbs and plants communicate with him directly.

    His wife and soul mate, Kayah Ma’at, has a 30 year history of natural health and transitional diet activism. She is a prolific culinary artist and has owned and operated two vegan restaurants. She has facilitated dozens of workshops and seminars educating the public on health, nutrition and personal health accountability. She offers lifestyle coaching for many who are desirous to wholistically transform their lives. She has been an entrepreneur and self employed for almost 30 years. With a background of business, marketing and sales, she serves as the company’s COO. Together, they make up THE FORGOTTEN FOODS…REMEMBERED


    Contact Ms.Blue:question4blue@gmail.com 

    The Oracle |  Certified Holistic Practitioner | Reiki Master | Intuitive Healer | Psychic - Medium | Metaphysician|  Know Your Magic Oracle Deck | Know Your Magic Audio WorkBook | Cosmic Creator | Akashic Records Readings | Pass Lives | Spirit Guides | Soul Group

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    The SYNCRENICITY of the 21st Century Superhuman: Alkalinity w/Victoria Maree

    in Education

    Presented by India Irie, Rhonda Paolo & Kami Be w Honoured Guest, Victoria Maree

    The standard American diet consists of mostly acid forming foods. Fake fats, sugar, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), bleached white flours made into breads and pastry is extremely acid forming. You should focus on eating a diet of 60-80% alkaline foods daily. Real nutrition can be found in a diet high in a wide variety of veggies that are eaten every day, all day! Focus on fresh organic green veggies, fresh smoothies as well as green super foods such as chlorella. Fruits of all types, even citrus fruits that are considered acid, are all alkaline forming. The increased consumption of fruits and vegetables in an alkaline diet may benefit bone health, reduce muscle loss through lack of physical activity as well as reduce cases of other chronic diseases such as hypertension, type 2 diabetes and stroke.

    The true benefit of eating an alkaline diet is that it is high in the minerals and phytonutrients needed by your body to grow and maintain itself. An increase in magnesium that may enter the cell is another added benefit of the alkaline diet. This is one of the greatest benefits of eating lots of green leafy vegetables. Readily available magnesium, which is required to activate vitamin D, would result in numerous added benefits in the body. Work a variety of dark leafy greens into every meal over the course of the day. Order some spinach as a side dish, add a garden salad to your lunch, snack on kale chips, make a green veggie juice smoothie or mix up some powdered greens with your early morning juice.

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    John Ellis Water aka Pyramid Water. Healing Power of Activated Water

    in Self Help

    The first hour is focused on the largely unknown technology of activating the dormaint healing power of water through multiple cycles of heating and cooling. Based on the information given by Plato of awakening the miracle properties of water through boiling and cooling water, changing the hydrogen bonding angle allowing easy absorbtion into the cells and through the skin. John Ellis had the best Discus Throw in the World in 1957 (Track & Field News Vol 10, No 12) but gave it up because of ANABOLIC STEROIDS that causes a host of problems including HEART ATTACKS! At the time it was considered “safe” but I knew it wasn’t and now in my 85th year I know I was right because most of the discus, shot and hammer throwers are DEAD! They were great friends and I knew them all including Al Oerter (won 4 Olympics)! He and his wife went to visit my daughter and Al told my daughter: “Your father invented the way they throw the discus!”

    Other inventions for credibility because I am always inventing “the impossible”: At The Choate School I knew George and Igor Sikorsky (the sons of helicopter inventor Igor Sikorsky). They peaked my interest in aerospace and as a result at 17 I invented a measuring device that keeps our airplanes safe even today and I became an Engineer at Douglas Aerospace.

    Also for credibility: A micro switch that operates on-off within .0001 of an inch (about 1/40th of a human hair thickness) for military/industrial use (Honeywell to ITT: “He’s the only person in the world that knows how to produce it in volume!”) and now with an Engineering Degree from Lafayette College that includes Steam Plant Design…CHEAP ENERGY FROM WATER (VIDEO on the website) to also supply cheap fuel and electricity to our citizens!

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    Healthy Easy Green with Linda Frees: How do we make this green life easy?

    in Spirituality

    Debut Show - Linda Frees brings you Healthy Easy Green Author, raw food and vegeterian chef and nutrition coach who specializes in making all lifestyle choices easy to bring into your life. In Linda's debut program, she visits with friend and former TAO host Lindsay Babich, who welcomes Linda to the Art of Living Well Radio Network broadcast family.

    Where are you getting your good vibes? Living food? Light therapies? Essential Oils? Your environment? These are the questions we'll touch on in this premiere show with in depth exploration to come in the weeks ahead.  The goal is for you to know how easy it can be to create your healthy life for you and your family. Testimonies, information, and inspiration all support the journey.

    You will be totally inspired.


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    Balancing alkalinity - How does it effect our health!!

    in Health

    Get your questions answered by Dr Jubb on alkalinity and how it effects our health. What is the explanation about our state of alkalinity? How does it contribute to neoplastic conditions.    Lifefood as a sustainable way of life....an ethical way of eating.   More information on behavior and change. The incredible vestibular sense and how it applies to integrated and congruent behavior. How does this associate someone to a subject matter or disassociate someone from a subject matter? What are the benefits and perils?   Waking up the mind through "I awareness". Going inside and discovering energy in motion and balancing our emotions. How it becomes a way of life; a lived meditation..   Call in to ask Dr Jubb any questions on these topics and others.   GUEST CALL-IN (858) 815-2300 or toll free GUEST CALL-IN (877) 904-1630   Email your questions to DrJubb@DrJubbRadio.com Official Website http://DrJubbRadio.com/ Like Dr. Jubb Radio Facebook page here for updates!https://www.facebook.com/Dr.Jubb.Radio Show Twitter https://twitter.com/DrJubbRadio   Online broadcast at 9pm EDT. - 6pm PDT   Lifefood available at the Avocado Pit in Cocoa Beach.   Check for a live Video feed at http://blogtv.com/people/Lifefood-Life (in testing for future! :)

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    ebola VIRUS

    in Health

    Talk about this ebola VIRUS, your views and comments.


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    Energetic Health Radio - Alkalinity & GMOs

    in Health

    Have a Question or Topic you'd like to get Dr H's opinion on? Ask Dr H Click Here

    This Week: There's so much to discuss. Join Dr H & Lisa V as we discuss the pH of GMOs and what they do to your moods.