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    Alisha Nesbitt co-founder of the Atlanta Chef's Expo

    in Business

    Alisha Nesbitt, is owner of Enchanted Events of Atlanta and the co- owner of Enchanted Blu Events. Enchanted Blu Events is a full service event planning, fundraiser organizing, and corporate meeting/team building planning company. Enchanted Blu Events is dedicated to assisting non- profit organizations and charities in their fundraising efforts. Enchanted Blu currently produces two signature events that benefit a local charity. Through these events, Enchanted Blu has donated over $6000 to the community in 2012 alone. The events include the Atlanta Chef’s Expo (Susan G. Komen for the Cure of Greater Atlanta) and the Atlanta Street Food Festival (Atlanta Community Food Bank). Alisha’s events have been featured on CBS Better Mornings,Jezebel Magazine, Southern Living Magazine, Daily Candy, Deep South Magazine, Uptown Magazine, Upscale Magazine, MSN.com, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, Thrillist, Creative Loafing, Atlanta Home Improvement Magazine, Crave Atlanta and Essence.com.

  • Arm Wrestling Nation Radio

    in Sports

    This week’s guest on Tuesday at 8pm EST will be the one and only Toddzilla.
    Also on the show tonight it's ladies night Valarie Beach, Alisha Spears and Autumn Cote will be join us later in the show to talk about this weekend’s Battle in the Dessert.

  • " Real Talk Radio with Mille "

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    " Be sure to tune into a EXCITING episode of Real Talk Radio with Mille . Tonight's Topic will be : " The Low on these Down- Low Brothers " ... We will also be havin' our FREE-STYLE FRIDAY goin' on tonight between 10:30 & 10:45pm . Make sure you CALL IN TO the HOTLINE # TO VOTE for THE BEST FREE-STYLER TONIGHT !!!!! . So be sure to tune into crazy show tonight @ www.blogtalkradio.com/real-talk-radio11111 . Hotline - 657-383-0406 . Hope to see all of you guys there !!!!! "

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    Melina Bliss Presents The Secret Super Power Hour LIVE with Alisha Askew

    in Motivation

    I am sooooo excited about the debut of my new BTR show - The Secret Super Power Hour LIVE!!!!!

    Please do join myself and my amazing guest host Alisha Askew as we talk about our connection, our intuitive awareness, and how these aspects are part of us all, ?#‎SecretSuperPowers? instilled in each of us!!!!!! So excited that you might join us!!!!!

    Call in:

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    Team Good vs. Team Wicked - What Team You On?

    in Christianity

    Come join us as we move forward in Proverbs 12.  The word of God makes it plain, in Proverbs 12:2 A good man obtains favor from the Lord, But a man of wicked intentions He will condemn.  In the game, not for the NBA championship, but, for our souls, are you on "Team Good," which finds favor with God or "Team Wicked," which leads to condemnation.  It's time to choose your side, which side will you choose?

    God has given us a blueprint to walk in his favor.  Take the journey with me and my sister in Christ, Palmist Carolyn Nesbitt, also known as "Sistet Carolyn,"as we, move forward in the word of God. 

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    The Wise Fear The Lord - A Study of Proverbs 9

    in Christianity

    Proverbs 9:10 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.

    "Wisdom is better than sacrifice," the wise are open to correction, but the foolish get angry and may hate you.  The wise understand that we must fear the Lord and walk in wisdom, to avoid parishing in our sin.  But the foolish walk into trouble, hating instead of loving, and laughing at, instead of fearing, the Lord.

    Come join me and my sister and friend in Christ, Psalmist Carolyn Nesbitt, as we move forward in the book of Proverbs, chapter 9, and remember, "a Proverb a day keeps foolishness away."

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    "Come Together For Change" with Chaplains Hudson & Shelea Griffith

    in Spirituality

    Today is Monday, JUNE 8, 2015. You are listening to our radio broadcast, "COME TOGETHER FOR CHANGE" sponsored by 'Men In Search of Change' and HWG Outreach Center For Change, International'. God truly has an amazing blessing for you today.

    We are streaming live on the internet every Monday afternoon from 3:30 PM to 4:00 PM (PST) by logging into: www.blogtalkradio.com/cometogetherforchange. Or you may listen in by simply dialing (646) 200-0578 via your telephone.

    Our topic of discussion for today is "IT'S TIME TO MAXIMIZE" And the main scripture may be found in the book of: PROVERBS 4:18. Special Guest Speaker - Bishop Alphonso Nesbitt of Eagles Nest Shekinah Glory Praise and Worship Cathedral Inc., Las Vegas, NV. 

    When you take time each day to declare God's promises over your health, your family, and your finances; you are speaking VICTORY INTO YOUR FUTURE. For more spiritual guidance, feel free to log into our website: meninsearchofchange.com. And if you are in need of prayer for any reason, call Chaplain Elder Hudson Griffith @ (702) 454-5717.

    SHOUT OUT TO  ALL MEN: You are welcome to join our Coast to Coast Men's Prayer Conference Call every Friday evening @ 7:30 PM (PST) by calling (605) 562-3000, PIN# 323 034#. Know that God has a special blessing waiting for you.

    Thank you for listening to our Radio Broadcast. Do call, text or tweet a neighbor, an associate or a family member and ask them to join us on blogtalk radio  next Monday@3:30 PM, as we broadcast our radio program 'COME TOGETHER FOR CHANGE" LIVE from the Blessed City of Las Vegas, NV on the internet.   Have an amazing and very blessed week.

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    That's Not Your House! Proverbs 5

    in Christianity

    King Solomon made it plain, when discussing the perils of adultery. 

    King Soloman warns, not to go near the door of "her" house.  Just a reminder, God never slumbers or sleeps.  Make sure the only door you're knocking on is your own. 

    Proverbs 5:8 Remove your way far from her, and do not go near the door of her house, 

    Come join me and my sister in Christ, Psalmist, Carolyn Nesbitt, on "Moving Forward With Minister Brigitte."  As we move forward in the word through the book of Proverbs, chapter  5.

                "When it's not "your" door, you need to keep "it"moving." 

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    Wine Talk with Marcia

    in Self Help

    What does it mean to be a Wine Sales Representative?  We’ll also explore careers in the wine industry, primarily becoming a sommelier and what that entails. Why is it important for fine dining establishments to employ a sommelier? How does becoming a certified sommelier help establish credibility in the wine industry?

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    A MoGuL Perspective: Live, Love, Legacy

    in Family

    Join Robert Cottrell, Jason Linton and special guest Alisha Linton, as they share their perspective on Life, Love and Legacy..... The previous broadcast was powerful, so we invited Alisha Linton back for Pt 2 of an interview with Mr. & Mrs. Linton. You do not want to miss this....Tune in with an open mind & with an open heart and we believe at the conclusion of this broadcast every listener will have a greater understanding and perspective of what it takes to have an honorable relationship/marriage.

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    The Beginning

    in Spirituality

    Host: Alisha Cole

    Guest: Dr. Johnny Carter

    Dr. Johnny Carter has been in ministry over 35 years. He is the Founder of New Start In Life, Youth Advocacy Center Innocent Addicts & The a Renewing of Your Mind  

    Dr. Johnny Cater is well known throughout the regions of Southern California and the United States.  September 13, 1985 Johnny Carter Day, God has truly blessed Dr. Johnny Carter & his seed. Each one of children are successful business men & women in society 3 are licensed Pastors & the other works in ministry & is a registered Nurse.