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    (HEAT) Candidates for Alief ISD and HCC Board Elections

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    Alief ISD Board Candidates Veronica Thibideaux, Michael Bennett, and Fernanda Brady.
    Houston Community College Board Candidate Ann Williams
    Listen to their plans for the upcoming years as they ask for your vote and prepare to participate in the management of education for our children's future. 

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    HIT-Townhall Meeting - "How to COPE in Alief ISD"

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    We will be hosting a discussion with Mr. Willie Stubbins, COPE Chairperson for the Alief American Federation of Teachers adn School Employees.
    Being a member of the AAFTSE and labor force is very important for the development of a healthy work environment for all stakeholders in Alief ISD.
    Being a member of COPE takes you committment to a higher level.
    Listen in and learn "How to COPE"

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    HIT-Townhall Meeting - Alief ISD Reform Update

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    Tonight's show will focus on Alief ISD reform efforts, results on the racism poll, recent and uninvestigated sex scandals, and the Alief NAACP development.
    This is a community forum for local, state, and/or national discussion of issues relevant to Alief ISD, its community, and interested stakeholders.
    Our goal is to deliver valuable information to the listeners, promote the diversity in the Alief community, and hopefully help the local businesses generate additional customers, thus keeping our community vibrant.
    We do not profess to be politically correct, nor to we desire to be offensive, but some of the topics and opinions may be questionable.
    So be it.
    Freedom of speech.
    Tune in tonight or on demand at your convenience.
    Better yet, call in and exercise your freedom to speak. 

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    HIT-Politics in Alief ISD - AFT COPE, Willie Stubbins

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    Committee On Politica Education chairperson, Mr. Willie Stubbins joins us tonight for an update on the latest legislative decisions impacting schools statewide and locally in Alief ISD.
    Listen to the archived shows at www.HITRAdioShow.com on Alief AFT teacher union.

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    Current  National Urban Superintendent of the Year

    Dr. Grier will give us a look at the terrific things happening in Houston under his leadership...and a big thank you to Dr Mark Edwards of Mooresville Graded  (NC) for the introduction


    Presented by TRIUMPH LEARNING

    www.triumphlearning.com  @triumphlearning

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    HIT-Townhall Meeting with Alief ISD on Boycotting STAAR Test

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    The purpose of this show is to give the Alief ISD leadership an opportunity to speak to the public concerning a potential boycott of the 2012-13 STAAR test.
    Host Errol Jones, will interview invited guests, Superintendent H D Chambers, Board President Ella Jefferson, VP Rick Moreno, Secretary John Hansen, and/or Assistant Secretary Sarah Winkler.
    Topics for discussion include:
    1. The 5-Point list of roles and responsibilities of the school board as posted on the Alief ISD website.
    2. Employment practices in the district.
    3. Questions of racism and the existence of the "Rat Pack", an alleged white supremacist group in the Alief administration.
    4. Questions from the public.

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    HIT-How Alief ISD Brought the NAACP to the Alief Community

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    We will introduce the agenda for the local NAACP office being organized in the Alief community.
    This is an historical day for African Americans in Alief, as well as all minorities in the area.
    We declare that the Emancipation Proclamation applies in Alief.  Our committment to political, economical, and social freedom is the order of the day.
    No longer will there be a secret plantation operating in the Alief community.

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    HIT-Five Point Plan for Confronting Racism in the Alief ISD

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    For the next few days we will define and discuss the management of racial attitudes as part of the learning of Black managers. The strategies can be used by any minority, but our focus for the immediate present is on application of the principles in the Alief ISD in relation to the racial attitudes and behaviors of Anglo Americans toward African Americans.
    Although Anglos do not have to develop the management of racial attitudes ass a part of their job skills because they are not objects of racial discrimination, we believe they must be aware of this as a need for Blacks.
    We will outline 4-key principles and a 5-point plan of action.

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    Alief ISD School Board Selects Superintendent

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    H. D. Chambers was selected by the Alief ISD School Board. Community leaders raise questions over the selection of the Stafford superintendent. It is reported that Mr. Chambers has been a superintendent for 3 years, holds a masters degree, and has been questioned over his involvement in a situation related to attempting to influence an election.

    This candidate was selected over 4 Alief employees who were excluded from applying by a special vote of the school board. All hold superintendents certification and doctoral degrees. All are African American or Hispanic, as is 85% of the Alief ISD.

    No minority has been selected as superintendent or school board president in the Alief ISD.

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    HIT-Alief ISD Administrators Testified Under Oath in Sept

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    Why were a 6 or more administrators testifying under oath during the month of September?
    We are investigating a report that there is an ongoing review of the evidence of a "white supremacist group" operating in the Alief administration.
    According to our reporters, eyewitnesses indicated that a group of white males openly discussed plans to "Take Alief over for White People".
    Those individuals are not talking openly about the depositions they were required to give. We have not confirmed the content of the testimonies, but leaks are beginning to trickle from those who felt obligated to tell their side of the truth.
    The list I was given identifies a former superintendent, current principals and/or assistant principals, and central office personnel. 
    A group of Alief community residents and supporters is organizing the first NAACP chapter in the Alief area. I am coordinating the group development. Alief is our top agenda item due to numerous reports of questionable behavior and practices appearing to target African American employees.
    Listen to the brief introduction.

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    CEC: What the NAACP Can Do for the Alief ISD Community

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    Attorney Keryl L. Douglas is the featured guest. Ms. Douglas is also a candidate for the Democratic Party Chairperson position in the Houston area.
    We will discuss the benefits of the NAACP to the Alief ISD community, and the importance of parental involvement in the public school system and the results of active participation. 
    Other topics related to the current political campaign and the 2012 election will be a center of discussion.

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