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    Defamation Trial with Brett Kimberlin, Day 1

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    Ali Akbar (@ali) and Robert Stacy McCain (@rsmccain) talk about the case.

    Speedway bomber Brett Kimberlin is suing two bloggers, W.J.J. Hoge and Aaron Walking, journalist Robert Stacy McCain and National Bloggers Club President Ali A. Akbar. The case has proceeded through 11 months of preliminaries and went to trial Monday in Maryland's Montgomery County Circuit Court. This is an important case for free speech rights.

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    Confronting a Cyberstalker: Bill Schmalfeldt Calls In

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    Well folks, you're in for real treat!
    Deranged cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt has agreed to call-in to the show today. He's asked that no other callers be allowed on.
    Week's ago Schmalfeldt fled in cowardly silence when first offered a chance -- a challenge of sorts -- to call in to the show.
    Ali A. Akbar is allowing Schmalfeldt to take the challenge.
    Recently, Ali wrote about how Schmalfeldt's harassment has risen to the level of unlawful behavior and why Ali is now seeking relief with the proper courts and law enforcement agencies that have jurisdiction. 
    You don't want to miss this!

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    Brett Kimberlin Is Suing Everyone

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    Convicted bomber, perjurer, and frequent frivolous litigant Brett Kimberlin filed a lawsuit against 5 bloggers last month alleging all sorts of conspiracies. 
    Legal experts agree that the suit is without merit. 
    Two of the defendants in the suit include our own Ali A. Akbar and Robert Stacy McCain of ViralRead.com.
    But wait, there's more!
    Kimberlin in a predictable move foreshadowed by his legal mis-maneuvers in years past has filed another lawsuit. Yes, that's right. After listening to this podcast show, Kimberlin decided to use some of the advice of its guest and file a federal lawsuit.
    Here's his mistake: Not only is his lawsuit filled with enough errors to make the devil look honest, but he's named 21 defendants, including mega-personalities such as Glenn Beck, Michelle Malkin, and Erick Erickson. He's also named companies they own and renown publishing house, Simon & Schuster. 
    People encouraged to learn more about the first suit can go to BomberSuesBloggers.com for more information.

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    Growing Up With Leah

    in Lifestyle

    Ali's special guest is his friend, Leah. Leah will share some funny stories about Ali that aren't widely known and the two will discuss the experiences that have shaped them into such different people than when they first met in high school debate class.

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    #Syria, Barrett Brown, and Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt

    in Politics Conservative

    Join @Ali and @RSMcCain for a riveting discussion about the topics of the day, including Syria, Barrett Brown who faces an upcoming hearing on charges that could put him away for more than 100 years, and deranged cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt who too faces charges of harassment and could end up in jail for violating the rights of dozens of people in his reign of online terror.

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    Kaitlyn Hunt, Defeated

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    Kaitlyn Hunt has lost. She will accept a plea deal. 
    ViralRead.com's Robert Stacy McCain will discuss the case he's been following for the past 4 1/2 months.
    If time permits, and we know it will, the two will discuss Bill Schmalfeldt's latest meltdown and his 3rd termination at Examiner.com.
    Join @Ali and @RSMcCain today!

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    Kaitlyn Hunt, Michael Hastings and the NSA

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    Join @Ali for a late-night binge of three controversial topics. 
    Kaitlyn Hunt's revocation of bond has been set for a hearing, we'll tackle journalists Michael Hastings unmysterious death, and read from today's most talked about piece: Washington Post's exclusive on the NSA breaking its own rules thousands of times.
    @Ali will be joined by Robert Stacy McCain for this exciting broadcast.

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    Culture War: From MLK to Miley Cyrus to #FreeKate

    in Pop Culture

    Ali discusses his latest piece on achieving Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream, public disgust at Miley Cyrus' performance last night at MTV's VMAs, and recent developments in the Kaitlyn Hunt case (#FAIL).
    Ali will be joined by Robert Stacy McCain, Editor-in-Chief of ViralRead.com.

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    Kaitlyn Hunt's Lawyer Loses It

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    Kaitlyn Hunt's lawyer issues a statement going off on the prosecution.
    @Ali and Robert Stacy McCain take on the statement with their commentary.

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    Chris Christie, Kaitlyn Hunt, and Google all ruin the day

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    Chris Christie is attacking yet another Republican, this time Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, the #FreeKate movement suffers a setback as prosecutors allege that Kaitlyn Hunt is violating the court's order to cease contact with her 14-year-old girlfriend/victim, and @Ali will explain why Google is still evil.
    @Ali will be joined by Robert Stacy McCain, editor-in-chief of ViralRead.com.
    Prepare yourself... there will be yelling...
    UPDATE: Will Folks with FITSnews.com also joined us to talk about why his website's connection with U.S. Senate candidate Nancy Mace is causing controversy.

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    Bill Schmalfeldt Threatens Anonymous Blogger And More

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    Criminal and cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt has done it again. He has filed more false DMCA notices, attacked an anonymous blogger, threaten to sue Yahoo's Tumblr.com.
    But it gets worse: He falsified his idenity to avoid being implicated in a photograph. Effectively, argues an investigative piece done by an anonymous blogger, Bill Schmalfeldt called his late twin brother a "tard."
    You can spot Bill Schmalfeldt in this picture pretty easily.
    It's really sickening stuff. @Ali and @RSMcCain will discuss the recent social and legal failings of Bill Schmalfeldt as he continues on his crusade of harassing bloggers and journalists who have written about Speedway bomber Brett Kimberlin.
    Also, the media missed big with the Navy Yard shooting. Ali and McCain will talk about what went wrong today.
    Our prayers are with the victims in D.C.

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