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    Holly Stephey and Felicia Farerre "Dream Garden" Music !

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    Felicia Farerre will be joining me on this show  and I am really excited as her Music has made a Impact on my life as well as many others.From the early start of singing alongside family to working with major brands has been a lot of dedicated focus and hard work even though a fairy tale come true. Some of the highlights have been enhancing the live and/or recorded vocals of Usher, Alan Jackson, John Tesh, Orla Fallon, David Archuleta, Amy Grant (harmonizing with country legend, Vince Gill on her Simple Things record), #1 Billboard Chart recognition with The Taliesin Orchestra, countless non-secular projects, and working with writers and/or producers such as Keith Thomas, Bill Whittington, Brown Bannister, Michael Omartian, Chance Scoggins, Cheryl Rogers, Trammell Starks, Jason Deere, Robin Scoffield, Sam Mizell, Jeremy Bose, Steve Siler, Jim Frazier, Doug Beiden, Michael Garvin, Kent Hooper, Joe Beck, Pete Kipley, Chris Harris, Joe Sowrey, Jo Blankenburg, Jennifer Thomas, Joseph LoDuca, Dan Shea, Rick Priddis, the entire original cast of characters at Non-Stop Productions, Todd Sorensen, Michael Dowdle, Sam Cardon, Kurt Bestor, Don Stirling, Randy Kartchner, Arlen Card, Michael McLean, Janice Kapp Perry, Senator Orin Hatch, Mike Green, (the late) Rich Gibbons, as well as other family, and my dear brother and friend Barry Gibbons.
    Dream Garden is her first solo effort under her  name, intended for international reach and market place. . There were many changes along the way. So much so that I just sat with the music for a solid span of time to fully understand all that had transpired through it and around it. Beautiful findings, discoveries and the heart of my life  breaking open during this time. Dream Garden is only the beginning of my new music reality. There is so much more that is to come, both in the way of additions to the EP, and  brand new solo and collaborative records. 

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    Author Reading of Gertrude's Broken Wand

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    A sample chapter read from the first book, Gertrude's Broken Wand, in the upcoming Marmalade Series from Dime Novel Publishing.
    About the book:
    On an otherwise normal 4th grade school field trip to the Kartchner Caverns in Arizona, Rebecca gets separated from her classmates while trying to find the bathroom. But when she slips in the dark and falls down a hole, she ends up in the land of here, an enchanted kingdom that is suffering from a powerful curse…everyday is Halloween. But it’s not costumed trick-or-treaters that roam the land nor is it candy they want. Ghosts, ghouls, werewolves, skeletons and a host of other baddies have turned the once beautiful land into a spooky landscape. Unfortunately, Rebecca’s problems have only just begun for when she landed in here she also landed on Gertrude, the kingdom’s witch, breaking her wand and the one chance to lift the curse. Now Rebecca must get Gertrude’s wand fixed, avoid getting eaten (or worse), and find a way home all before the sun sets. Because here needs a real name or it, and everything inside, will cease to exist forever.
    If your kids love Goosebumps, the Wayside Schools, and Dragon Slayer Academy, they are sure to love Marmalade: Gertrude’s Broken Wand.
    For more information:

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    Making a Living From Your Creativity

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    Our first guest is Elizabeth Kartchner who won the 2007 Creating Keepsakes Scrapbooker of the Year. Our second guest Rich Honea is the owner of Scott James, rated the 2008 number
    one gift shop in San Diego. Our third guest John Brooks owner of abstractions.biz is an award winning San Diego
    Artist. DETAILS

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    SOY, Dudes and Kellers

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    Our guests are: Elizabeth Kartchner Creating Keepsakes’ 2007 Scrapbooker of the Year!; Kendra Pamenter a co-owner and the managing partner of Dude Designs and Kathy Fesmire a freelance artist, scrapbook designer and Keller's Creations Crew member. See: www.DivaCraftLounge.com for Pictures and more.