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    Parenting, Alcoholism and Recovery

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    On this show we will talk about parenting, alcoholism and recovery from several perspectives: what's it like to grow up with alcoholic parent(s), what it's like to be a parent struggling with drinking and what it's like to be a sober parent.
    We will also discuss when/how to talk to your children about alcoholism and recovery.
    Whether you're the child of an alcoholic, a parent struggling with drinking, or a parent in recovery, the cycle of addiction and recovery has a HUGE impact on family life.  Please come listen to this honest and open conversation where we share our own experience, strength and hope with this important topic. 

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    Tough Love in Addiction/Alcoholism and Recovery

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    Tough Love is our show topic and Brent Miner will be our guest host he is a father who is walking his family though a tough love situation as we speak. He will share his story on The Been There Done That Show Saturday April 13, 2013 6 pm-7pm MST. Tough Love genuinely occurs when concerned parents refuse to support their drug-addicted child financially until he or she enters drug rehabilitation. "Enabling is a term used in 12 step recovery to describe the behavior of family members, or other loved ones, whorescue an alcoholic or drug addict from the consequences of their own self destructiv

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    Episode 20: Sobriety & Recovery: Can you have one without the other?

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    Just two dudes talking about sobriety and recovery and trying to figure out what it all means.


    You're in recovery if… / Addiction & Recovery News

    Middle-Class Drinkers to be Given £3 Daily Alcohol Pill to Reduce Binges / International Business Times (UK)

    (DSM-V) Revised Criteria for Alcohol and Substance Use Disorders / Psyche Central

    CBD / 2012 / Kevin Ho / CC via www.flickr.com/photos/kevho86/

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    Episode 21: Matt / Since April 2014

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    Jeff and Chris welcome (back) their long-time friend from a stint in the wild. In Matt's story relapse is indeed a part of recovery.

    Legal drugs / How powerful synthetic drugs will upend drug markets globally / Washington Post

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    Hindenburg crashing / 1937 / Associate Press / public domain via Wikimedia

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    The Power of Gratitude

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    It seems to us that Gratitude just might be the answer to even the most complex life problems. We know for sure that it keeps us sober by shifting our perspective just enough to get us out of stuck-mode (self-pity, blame, defiance, anger) and into action (service, connection, honesty). Join us on this episode as we share our experiences with the power of gratitude in recovery and offer suggestions on how to build an active gratitude practice. Gratitude just might become the most potent tool in your recovery toolbox!

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    Episode 19: Holidazed & Confused

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    Jeff & Chris talk about being sober during the Holidays.

    Our new segment, 100.0% Volume by Alcoholics (with Marilyn Spiller of WakingUpTheGhost.com), has been postponed until a later episode.


    #addictionchat “Recovery-full Holidays” / @LEAFcouncil

    Blackout Wednesday / Wikipedia

    Q: Does alcohol cook off in food preparation? A: It’s complicated.

    Zevia Sparkling Celebrations / Whole Foods

    Manischewitz Wine



    SantaCon London 2013 (detail, colored by K+S) / Creative Commons via Flickr

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    Intimacy and Sex In Recovery

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    Intimacy…allowing ourselves to be vulnerable with another person, can be very difficult.  Many of us have used alcohol or other substances to help remove our fears intimacy so the thought of being intimate while SOBER can be terrifying. Some of us were sexually abused as children. Some of us engaged in unhealthy sexual behaviors as a result of our substance abuse and still hang onto feelings of shame about our sexuality. Some of us were afraid of getting sober because we thought it would be the end of our intimate relationship with our partner. Some of us simply find it hard to let go.  On the other hand, some of us have foundintimacy to be much more fulfilling and, well…intimate in sobriety.

    We are thrilled to have a very special guest, Tanya Cole-Lesnick, LCSW, life coach and psychotherapist, to help us with this topic. We have four guests joining us on the show to share their experiences with intimacy in sobriety and Tanya will offer insights based on her experience with this topic.

    Tanya Cole-Lesnick, LCSW, is a life coach and psychotherapist since 1995, in private practice since 2000.

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    Episode 16: Marilyn / Waking Up the Ghost

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    Waking Up the Ghost? I’ll let Marilyn explain:

    “… the first time I heard that expression, I was sitting on a deserted island in the Exumas, with a jaundiced Bahamian named Sands. I think it is also the first time a Bahamian man has ever refused a free drink. What Sands meant, was that the icy beer I offered would lead to another, and another and another; it was safer to keep the Ghost in check by not drinking at all.”

    A year and a half into her recovery Marilyn shares some insight on keeping the spirit(s) at bay.


    First Among Equals / Marilyn

    Land of the Lotus Eaters

    Darth Vader (Anakin Skywalker)

    Alan Carr’s Easyway To Stop Smoking

    International Drinking Guidelines (I had this wrong.)

    2.5 Million Alcohol Related Deaths Worldwide — Annually


    Drinking Tea in the Blitz / photog unknown / 1941 / via Retronaut


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    SHOW TOPIC:  The holidays are historically a time when triggers are in abundance. They are certainly not limited to those in recovery, but for those in recovery whether you're young in recovery or grizzled veterans triggers certainly know no bounds. We'll talk about some of the more common triggers that come up during the holidays and ways to minimize their impact.

    SHOW SEGMENTS:  Happy Recap, Show Topic, Recovery Support Time



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    Surviving & Striving During The Holidays for Recovering People Pleasers

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    Are you ready? Because here comes holiday season – the most wonderful time of the year say many and for those of us in recovery, possibly also the most triggering time of the year. There are a lot of contributing factors to the challenges we face over the holidays, but tonight we will zero in on “people pleasing” and how it undermines our ability to enjoy the festivities.

  • The Recovery Book With Al J. Mooney, M.D.

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    "Many people are now finally recognizing that addiction to alcohol and other drugs is a terrible disease. Heroin and prescription painkillers are destroying many families. More people now die of overdoses than in traffic accidents. Overcoming this epidemic requires decisive solutions. The Recovery Book offers a clear path to a lifetime of sobriety, as well as advice for rebuilding a life so it has meaning and purpose." Al J. Mooney, M.D.

    Author, international lecturer and M.D. Al J. Mooney has been helping alcoholics and addicts get their lives back for more than thirty years, using both his professional and personal experiences at his family's treatment center, Willingway where he is currently the Director of Addiction Medicine and Recovery. In this episode, he and I talk about The Recovery Book, a book crafted by Mooney to answer all of your questions about addiction and alcoholism.

    About The Recovery Book - The Recovery Book delivers a direct, clear and attainable road map to every step in the recovery process, from the momentous decision to quit to the emotional, physical and spiritual issues that arise during the process.

    To purchase The Recovery Book, Click Here

    Follow The Recovery Book on Facebook and Twitter


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