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    An Alcoholic Family in Crisis with Alberta Sequira

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    Alcoholism is a family disease, a deadly one that cannot be fought by the substance abuser alone. That said, it is always an uphill battle. Those close to the alcoholic suffer tremendously. Logic does not work when dealing with addicts, nor does pleading or crying. We cannot force them to get help. We can only love and support them, give them every reason to want sobriety for themselves, and then pray that they will choose survival.

    Today's special guest, Alberta Sequeira has lived this nightmare and fought this battle twice; first with her husband, and then with her daughter. Tragically, both of these battles were lost. Her husband and daughter both succumbed to their diseases. In the hopes that other families suffering similar addictions will recognize the problem, come out of hiding, and seek help without fear or embarrassment, Alberta has shared her story. She has written two hearfelt memoirs; Someone Stop This Merry-Go-Round: An Alcoholic Family in Crisis, and Please, God, Not Two: This Killer Called Alcoholism.

    Alberta Sequeira is a writer, four-time award winning author, motivational speaker, and director/producer/co-host of a Massachusetts Cable TV show. She also teaches workshops for writers. Today she will tell her story, sharing hope and inspiration to all.

    To learn more about Alberta Sequeira and her books, please visit http://www.albertasequeira.org

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    Alcoholism ~ Help me stop being attracted to men who drink.

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    Alcoholism ~ Help me stop being attracted to men who drink.

    This is Dr. Kenner's "Today's Podcast" at http://bit.ly/auKJV8 and is also listed as podcast number 1. After today it will remain available but move down in the list. All past podcasts are also listed.

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    Liver Cancer/Prostrate Cancer Why? Paulette Young 6-8pm pst 858-769-4936 press 1

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    World wide liver cancer is the 6th most common cancer. Eastern Asia has the highest incidence. As one gets older there is an increase risk for liver cancer. Liver cancer is more common in men than women. 8 out of 10 people is diagnose with liver cancer. Having a disease can increase your risk for liver cancer. Some causes of liver cancer: Cirrhosis of liver, alcohol consumption, non alcoholic fatty liver disease, infection with hepatitis viruses, smoking, low immunity, lupus, family history, diabetes, gallbladder removal, radiation from x-rays or CT scans, body weight, betel quid, aflatoxin, chemicals like sweetners. It is possible to lower your risk of liver cancer.  Some of the causes of Prostrate cancer: age, genetics, diet, medication, obesity, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), agent orange, enzyme PRSS3 causing prostrate cancer to be aggressive. Join us tonight with Host Paulette Young. Call 858-769-4936 press 1. 

    Protandim a natural herb, powerful anti-oxidant: visit my web site and order today: www.mylifevantage.com/pauletteyoung. Call 909-622-8856 and order today.

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    Love Your Self; Love Your Life. EPISODE #2.

    in Lifestyle

    Join Kristine Burke, Life Guide, Business Adviser, and Author, on a journey to Love. Building on Episode #1 in which our core choice: Fear OR Love was introduced; this episode will take us one step further toward glimpsing what we will see when we look upon ourselves through love's eyes.

    Burke will begin to share powerful imagery, which will allow us to envision how life works when we are stuck in Fear versus when we are guided and supported by Love. "That's the only choice we make," Burke says, "and all of the great sages have pointed it out. What makes it difficult is that when we are in Fear, we think that life is random and that we must be unlucky (or even lucky). So when life seems to keep giving us random challenges (or bad luck), it seems perfectly natural. Of course, it isn't. There is absolutely nothing random about life. If we take the time to study the natural world, we can quickly see this. Life is absolutely orderly and purposeful. Indeed, life is perfect. And as parts of life, we are, too. But we can't see that until we access love's perspective. That's our great challenge—our only challenge—and thus, our one and only great opportunity."

    Guests will be invited to "call-in" via a weblink to participate in the discussion.


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    Rethinking Excessive Habits and Addictive Behaviors

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    Tony Bevacqua is an accomplished educator, corporate coach, social advocate and lecturer. He teaches college psychology courses, leads corporate wellness seminars and has a private practice in Los Angeles coaching people who have a desire to better understand their self-determining nature. He has contributed articles to the Journal of Humanistic Psychology and Addiction Professional Magazine. Tony believes we need to rethink the language being used to describe and label the problematic learned coping behavior someone has from excessive habits and addictive behaviors. He feels the words used to describe someone such as “alcoholic,” “drug addict,” “disease,” and “powerless” etc., are deficit-based and emotionally charged, and scare the majority of people away from help-seeking. He also feels these words get internalized and become habitually reinforced as negative self-talk. Conventional thinking believes medicalizing “addiction” as a disease would remove the shame and stigma of these types of behaviors, but Tony believes they actually contribute towards maintaining them. He also encourages the use of language that supports an individual with kindness, compassion and empathy and suggests ways in which this new perspective and approach, can help individuals improve the quality of their thinking which will improve the quality of their behavior. He also advocates for the responsible and ethical use of pharmaceutical drugs and psychiatric practices.  For more information about Tony please visit his website  http://rehabnomore.com

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    WebbWeaver Books Proudly presents: Author Rebecca Jaycox

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      She touched the frog. Just once. It leaped into the air and hopped away, disappearing under the classroom desks. It had been awaiting its fate as a science experiment, fully dead, the stench of formaldehyde permeating the room . . .

      Seventeen-year-old Reggie has been having a tougher time than usual. As if dealing with her alcoholic mother and fighting school bullies isn’t enough, dead things keep coming back to life and this biker dude shows up in her dreams, babbling about magic and a world called the Other.

      Reggie’s life is changing, and she has no idea why. Or whether she should believe Rhys, the man in her dreams, who claims she’s in danger and that someone is coming to take her to a safer reality.

      And when Asher shows up, things really get crazy.

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    Becoming Alcoholic

    in Self Help

    Our guest tonight is David Rudy Ph D, author of the book Becoming Alcoholic: Alcoholics Anonymous and the Reality of Alcoholism which discusses the conversion process of affiliation with AA from a sociologist's perspective.

  • Rev. Miranda Perkins

    in Women

    Rev. Miranda Perkins, alongside her Husband Rev. Billy Perkins, is the founder of Fire and Purpose Ministries in McCreary County, KY. Rev. Miranda, known as Rev. Randa Jo, grew up a poster child for abuse, and was an alcoholic by seventeen.  She had thoughts of suicide daily. She hated herself and wanted to die. One night she attempted suicide. Her boyfriend, who was a Christian, came to her home unexpectedly and rescued her. With his guidance and a lot of patience, she surrendered her life to Christ. She now lives a victorious life as a wife, mother of four, entrepreneur, dance and sign language teacher, evangelist, and youth pastor! Her passion is to reach out and help the abused and tired find Christ, and learn that you don't have to just survive, but you can Live a life of Abundance through Christ Jesus!

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    OUT OF THE SHADOWS: Steve Smith's testimony

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    Have you heard the story about the prodigal son? Read Luke 15:11-32 in the bible to understand what people mean when they talk about being a prodigal child. Steve is a living testimony to being a child of God who returns to the arms of Our Father!

    Growing up with an alcoholic father and a God fearing mother...Steve speaks of scars that wounded his heart along the way of life. Everyone has their own version of a dysfunctional family....but, it is amazing to hear how God can work in all situations. 

    Steve sheds light on the dual lives he lived when fantasy and reality blurred. Feelings of rejection, abandonment, and self image. Breaking free from  addiction and facing his demons....Steve has a story of triumph & victory.

    Steve once wrote:"If we do not face our demons in this life, some of which are the real kind, then they will face us and destroy us. That is their mission to carry out."

    Steve Smith is a brother in Christ whom i had the pleasure of getting to know on a Singles retreat back in 2013. At the time, we both attended the Crossing church in Las Vegas. So blessed by his friendship and honored that he shares his testimony with us all today. Don't miss out on listening to this episode!

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    How to spiritually deal with an alcoholic partner.

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    On tonight's show Rosie is going to discuss how to live with an alcoholic friend or partner.   It's very hard to be married to an alcoholic or to watch a friend who is an alcoholic destroy their lives. It's  becomes very hard when you are no longer in denial, and you see what pain and hurt they are  causing all who love them. It's difficult and it's frustrating, and it can suck you into a crippling cycle of dependency, but if you are willing to work on yourself, you can find even more to love to give but set proper boundaries to protect your own vulnerability.

    At the bottom of the hour Rosie will be joined by Leslie Hale for the weekly "Astro-Talk" segment.  Very strong forces have been active in the Universe this week and Leslie will help define what we can expect in the coming week.   You can view Leslie's newsletter at www.lesliehale-astrology.com.

    The show is hosted by Rosalea of The Psychic Meeting Place and www.Blendedherbaltreasures.com
    Rosie will be taking calls the last hour of the show.  The call in number is 1(714)888-7516.  Call in early and press the number 1 after connecting to be sure you are in the queue.

    *The opinions expressed by the guests are for entertainment purposes only and those guests providing comments are theirs alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Psychic Viewpoint Show or its host.*

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    PMP: Oaths, Boasts, and Toasts

    in Spirituality

    In a rare event, KaliSara and RevKess do not have a scheduled guest for this episode. After tossing around a few ideas they decided to go with the Heathen-ish theme of "oath, boast, and toast." So grab your favorite drinking horn or chalice, a bottle of your preferred adult (or non-alcoholic) beverage and join in the fun. Your hosts will share some of their successes for 2015, their plans for 2016, and toast the successes and lives of others in the Pagan community.

    Phone lines will be opened in the second hour to callers who would like to actively participate in this celebration. Comments from the chat room are also welcome and may be read live on the air.