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    "You Are a Filthy Rag" -The Believer with Alcoholic Thinking!!!

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    Defender of The Truth Radio With Pastor Ryan D McLaughlin


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    Re-Broadcast: 'Understanding the High Functioning Alcoholic'-Sarah Allen Benton

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    Sarah Allen Benton is author of the book, 'Understanding the High Functioning Alcoholic' , and is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) and therapist at McLean Hospital in MA.

    She has been featured in a NY Times article by Jane Brody, has appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, CBS Early Show, NPR, is a blogger for PsychologyToday.com and more.

    Sarah is a recovering alcoholic and has been sober since February of 2004. She gives lectures and trainings on the topic of high-functioning alcoholics at colleges, boarding schools, and at professional conferences including Harvard’s Treating the Addictions.

    Please visit her website The High Functioning Alcoholic for more information about Sarah, her book and additional resources.

    In this episode Sarah tells a bit of her own story of alcoholism and recovery, and answers questions about High Functioning Alcoholism, including how to define it, what common personality traits and drinking patters are found with high functioning alcoholics, and steps people who fit this description can find ways to get help.

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    Self Help For The Adult Child of Alcoholic--The Journey Back To Self

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    Adult Children of Alcoholics have been denied a childhood.  Because our lives have been so tattered with emotional neglect, we do not feel seen psychologically.  As a result we struggle today with feelings of low self worth.  We wonder secretly, "Who am I? What do I deserve? Am I good enough?"

    Healing ourselves requires us to be as open and honest to our personal truth, regardless of whom our personal truth disappoints.

    In this broadcast, listen in as Life Coach, Mentor and Bestselling Author Lisa A. Romano explores the journey back to self, and how it is she knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that healing is absolutely possible.

    Need some inspiriation? You came to the right place.

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    Becoming Alcoholic

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    Our guest tonight is David Rudy Ph D, author of the book Becoming Alcoholic: Alcoholics Anonymous and the Reality of Alcoholism which discusses the conversion process of affiliation with AA from a sociologist's perspective.

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    Almost Alcoholic

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    Our guest is Joseph Nowinski PhD, co-author of the book Almost Alcoholic and primary author of the Project MATCH 12 Step Facilitation Therapy Manual.

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    “Alcoholic Moms” the Best Kept Secret

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    Dr. Cathy Reimers, Ph.D., psychologist in New Jersey, and co-host Jennifer Russello, parent in New Jersey, discuss the shameful secret that lives among more American families than you know; Alcoholism.  Historically alcoholism was rampant among men, in particular, the fathers of our children. However, more now than ever, women in general and mothers who drink are on the rise. The difference is that women hide it, whereas men drink openly and make no excuses.  But there is an alarming number of children in the United States living with a parent who abuses alcohol on a daily basis.  Statistically, it’s single moms who are hitting the bottle pretty hard. But the happily married Mom’s are also struggling to battle their demons of addiction, while keeping their families together. Join us as we explore the underlying reasons why Moms are drinking, the shame, the secrets, the dangers of this disease and how it is impacting the American family.  Alcoholism is a prominent component of the “Perfect Family Storm,” that stirs up more than just the olive in the martini.

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    EVERYDAY ANGELS with your host Marie Elisa

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    Blogtalk LPS Radio Network - Everyday Angels with Marie Elisa, welcomes Mary DeYon, author, speaker, radio host, and mentor to women who are in a relationship with an alcoholic or addict and are ready to take their power back. As a Law of Attraction based Life Coach Mary has helped many to move forward to live the life they have envisioned for themselves.


    Her book, What Does Love Have to Do With It? Excruciating Lessons on My Path to Enlightenment is a codependent’s memoir about growing up with an alcoholic father, the trials of Catholic School and then unintentionally marrying two alcoholic husbands while making it in a male dominated profession.


    Her podcast, Freedom from Codependency on iTunes and Stitcher has been met with great reviews. She pulls back the curtain to share her experiences on her journey to freedom. You can find podcasts and contact information at:  www.marydeyon.com 


    You can also claim your free digital book, 3 Secrets to Feeling Happier Every Day Even in the Midst of Chaos and get on her mailing list to be notified of her upcoming events and programs. Connect with her on her Facebook page: Facebook.com/marydeyonbiz.


    Mary is offering one free, “Road to Freedom” call to our listeners tonight.

    To listen to the show call in at: (347) 838-9862. To speak to the guest PRESS 1 and your call will be placed in cue.


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    Adult Child of An Alcoholic--Accepting We Create Our Reality

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    As an ACoA we often find ourselves wrapped in turmoil.  Listen in as ACoA Life Coach Lisa A. Romano, author of several bestselling books describes how it is we unaware ACoA's create drama in our lives.  "Until we are able to understand that our decisions, determine our destiny--we will always be stuck in victim mode--thinking and falsely believing we are powerless over our lives.  It is a very difficult thing to accept that we are creating our own reality--when our realities hurt so much."


    Author of The Road Back To Me, My Road Beyond The Codependent Divorce and Loving The Self Affirmations.

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    Daily Recovery..Acceptance, freedom, Patience, Self knowledge and more tune in !

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    Informative, real and frank discussions about topics that affect the Alcoholic. We do not speak for AA as a whole but with a members eye view. Some of our topics will include:: The History of AA, the 12 Steps, The Traditions, The Promises, The Big Book, the Washingtonian Society, The Oxford Group, What is a Sponsor, How do you know if you are an Alcoholic, anonymity and a Big Book Study Guide. Join us as we grow in our fellowship One Day at a Time.

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    Recovery Radio Radio Fresno with Louis Angel and Charles Borstad

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     The NNIA network presents Recovery Radio Fresno with Louis Angel and guest Charles Borstad. Recovery Radio Fresno broadcast live every Saturday at 9pm Pacific.  We would like for you to call in and ask questions at 1-602-753-1699.  If you happen to miss any of the shows.  Click the link at anytime to tune back in, it will be recorded. Charles said "I was raised by my grandparents, until about the eighth grade. Then we moved to San Jose and my mom was involved with an alcoholic. I hated him at first, and he was abusive to us. I told myself that I would not ever be like that, but I was wrong. In my journey through life I came to love the man I hated. Nevertheless, I became involved with alcohol, drugs, and with whatever came through the doors. I tried to get away by joining the army. My cousin and I joined up on a buddy system, but I was arrested the day before we were going to leave. He left, I stayed and I went and got involved in the gang/party lifestyle. I didn't really know where my life was taking me. I felt like I was just living. I became involved intwo different relationships and while having children with both of them. The Spirit of the Lord intervened in the midst of my confusions and by calling his name, he came.  My life was touched by the Spirit of God and it has never been the same."

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    Transformed Traveler and Choice Hotels welcomes Kendra Thornton

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    Every year, travelers are faced with whether they are able to travel, and if so, where. Travel expert, Kendra Thornton will reveal one of the first travel surveys for the upcoming New Year. She will also share key trends on which events people would like to attend, how to tailor your needs to your budget and where to search for the best deals. Kendra will reveal:

    What yearly event do people say they most want to attend?
    Where are people most likely to visit this year?
    What amenities are most important to people shopping for a hotel?
    At holiday time, what are the best bargain days?

    Kendra Thornton: appears as a travel expert on TV stations nationwide offering travel tips and deals to millions of people. She makes regular appearances on WGN, ABC, NBC and CW stations in cities such as Chicago, New York and Los Angeles.





    ROCKVILLE, Maryland, December 9, 2014: Choice Hotels International, Inc. (NYSE: CHH), one of the world’s largest hotel companies, has revealed the findings from its 2015 travel trends survey. The survey found that in exchange for a discount in the new year, 55 percent of American travelers would forgo alcoholic beverages, 53 percent would give up daily housekeeping services, and 26 percent would go without their smartphone. The most important hotel amenity for the average American leisure traveler in 2015 will be free parking, ranking just ahead of free Wi-Fi and free hot breakfast.


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