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    The Matt Duffin Show - Fall Back? Relapse or Time?

    in Radio

    Change your clocks, and your Smoke Detector batteries.  I don't care for the first part too much, but as a reminder for the later its sure nice - if folks will do so.  "Spring Ahead"?  OK, we can try, as long as the direction is forward.  Fall Back?  Surely you don't want me to think about RELAPSE.  A relapse will happen "at will" with Brain Disruptions bouncing like they've been sprung, one reason I don't like to FALL BACK.  The 'extra' hour of sleep?  I'm not going anywhere, I can sleep in.  In our world, its confusing, occasionnally perplexing.  


    Then.  there are the RELASPES due to enviromental situations.  Like drug or alchol use and abuse (its called Adult Beverages for a reason - Be Adult.  Its a mind set.  How to correct that mind set?  I dunno, call and we can talk about it.  We'll touch on Brain Injury Coping Skills, of course.  I will discuss the ground work of putting together a television show; left over and CHECKED candy from Halloween; one more clock change reminder, and discuss my Lincoln Golden Eagles football team. 


    Mr Stackhouse and I are taking TMDS on the road, with a visit into Colorado and Nebraska on the schedule of the 7-state trip.  (And he wants to go to Vegas.  Not sure there.  Budget$ to abide - SSDI guy, ya know.  Still, Colorado.  Somethnig tells me I'll be "Rocky Mountain High, Colorado:   For a Class 'A' school in Indiana, we made national news this weekend.  And though LHS victory over Tri HIGH puts the Eagles in the Sectional Championship game - the score was NEVER the story, but confused supporters, a shattered communty and unchecked untruths from the Local FOX (boo) TV Station..  Lincoln won 35-24, btw....     (424) 243-9540

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    The MAN Cave on American Variety Network: Episode 1 Thursday September 24, 2015!

    in Entertainment

    What is the Man Cave? Well the Man Cave is a talk show hosted by 2 men Grizzly Bear aka C.I.A. Alex Cardinale and the Texas Ranger Donovoan Barger that will focus on Manly topics that are for MEN!!! Yes, there are women talk shows but what about men??? So Donovan and I are going to get together on Thursdays and have fun discussing anything and everything Manly, your welcomed to join in MEN!!! We will discuss anything men chat about!!!

    Topics will be discussed at Random,but BE WARNED, you may laugh!!!! 

    Feel free to call in at 1 347-989-8142 to join the chat!

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    Chip Kelly...you not coaching at Oregon no more bro! Aldon Smith needs help.

    in Sports

    Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Chip Kelly complete lack of skills when it comes to relating to his blacks player according to players who have departed. Does it truly have a racial undertone? Needs to wake up in the Philadelphia and keep his  Oregon football menatality back in Eugene. Aldon Smith gets arrested in a situation that envolves alchol again. He must not be able to put on a 49er uniform at all this season. He's hurting. What does he need right now in order to put his life back together. Which has nothing to do with playing footbal again.

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    (GRABB) Grief Recovery and BABY BOOMERS

    in Self Help

    I am a Grief Recovery Specialist.  So many people call me and tell me they are so depressed and   discontent with their lives.  Many turn to drugs or alchol to aswage their feelings.  Tune in and let me tell you about Grief Recovery and a process that will change your life.  

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    The Intervention of Tommy Valentine & Addictions in Wrestling

    in Entertainment

    Picture Perfect Tommy Valentines Special has gotten good reviews, but has all that gotten to his head? The rest of the Champions confront Valentine on his extracuricular habbits and how they effect the show. Last week we discussed injuries and this week we will talk about addiction. Many wrestlers have wrestled with these demons and won. Others failed to beat these demons. This past year alone we have seen the Resurection of Jake "The Snake" Roberts and Scott Hall. Join us as we discuss the struggles some of our heros and the toll it takes on them. Also News and happenings in the Pro Wrestling world.

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    The Power of Labels Over Addiction with Shira Goldberg

    in Health

    The radio show host and Executive Director of Saint Jude Retreats, Michelle Dunbar, opens the segment with a brief description of what Saint Jude Retreats is and the philosophy behind it. Trending topics follow, with local and national news connected to the topic.

    The host Dunbar introduces the guest Shira Goldberg - a personal sober/recovery coach that focuses on evidence based, non 12 step alternatives to traditional addiction treatment. She is also the host of The Addiction Show, as well as a full time student at University of San Francisco, aspiring to become a  psychotherapist. 

     Dunbar and Goldberg discuss the power of addiction labels and labels in general.  Goldberg shares her personal experience with overcoming substance use, her strategies to empower people through her sober/recovery coach practice, and her take on sober living houses.

     Dunbar concludes the radio show by answering questions posted by listeners on the topics of motivation to stop drinking, as well as reconnecting and rebuilding a relationship damages through substance use

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    Guest Judithe Richardson

    in The Bible

    Bible Teacher/ Speaker and writer.
    Joanie shares how God’s Word gives timely instructions on how to walk out ones Christian faith by the power of the Holy Spirit day by day.  

    Psalm 25:5  "Lead me in Your truth and teach me, For You are the God of my salvation; On You I wait all the day."

    joaniebuchanan.org   is not responsible for the commercials on this link.
    Some of the opinions expressed by guest may not always be the views of Joanie Buchanan Ministry

    Judithe Richardson has written a book called "Been There Done That"
    It tells about her live she lived for years as the devil tried to destroy her.
    I will be talking to her tonight.

    Disclaimer:   Blogtalkradio has aired my program for over three years and I appreciate that. However, I am not responsible, at any time, for the advertisements on this network.

    Thank you for your understanding, God Bless.

    Judithe was in prison for 4 years. She was addicted to all kinds of drugs, alchol, heroin, cocaine, she almost died. She spent years in rebellion she will tell you, but God's grace went after that lost sheep and brought her back into the fold. Now today, she tells what hope there is for anyone who will turn to God.

    Judithe had a praying mom and dad whose prayers helped to bring her to the Father. Dad and mom do not stop praying or givng up on your children.

    If you would like her book please get intough with me and I will get it to you. joaniebuchana@yahoo.com


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    Surviving The Teen Years Without Serving Time

    in Relationships

    Melody Anderson is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in California & New York. After a highly successful acting career in film, television & stage (including Flash Gordon, All My Children, Ms. Anderson returned to New York University and received her Masters in Social work. She specializes in addiction & trauma treatment, working with individuals, couples & families. Ms. Anderson created & developed "The Family & Friends Program" & the "Intensive-Out Patient Program at Hazelden New York. She has been working with families for almost 20 years and is private practice in Los Angles & New York. She has lectured around the world on Families & Addiction and teaches therapy at UCLA's Extension Program. She is currently writing a book for parents with children who abuse drugs & alcohol.  

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    Meeting Our Addictions - How Can We End Them?

    in Spirituality

    Meeting Our Addictions - What does addiction give us? How can we break free of them?
    Addicition is part of the human condition. We can have many different addictions as we move through our lives. CNN recently reported that technology addictions actually produce the same withdrawal symptoms as alchol or drug addiction.   With the proliferation of drugs around the world and the serious mental and physical side affects, addiction, regardless if it is a drug or alchol addiction or a technical addiction or food addiction. Meeting our addiction is an opportunity to explore the movements of mind, the bio-chemistry, and the emotions associated with any addiction so that we can discover what is free of any addiction.  

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    Marijuana vs Pills / Parenting Wars

    in Entertainment

    Ok Ok Ok 
    When it comes to the topic of marijuana its always gonna be a debate , whether its good or bad for you . You have some who look at marijuana as bad as crack cocaine or heroine . On the other hand you have some who feel like prescription pills are harmless compared to marijuana and others who say pills are the cause of so many deaths and addictions . We dont hear of death do to marijuana as much as we do alchol , prescription pills and cigarettes . 
    Part 2 of this show is about the war between Mothers and Fathers and how the power of a mother has been allowed to push the fatehrs aside to where we forget about what a father means . Now we understand that the majority of woman are the ones in the home taking care of the children by their self or with a man who just doesnt pull his weight as a father in the home . Now with that being said is this a false vision ? we look deeper into this problem . We will also attempt to find the root of the problem , so tune tonight on GGR call with your opinions and comments 310-742-1889 6:30pm - 7pm est. 
    W/ Host Frank Nitty , Rayven Skyy , and Bubba from the Backwoods

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    The war on drugs - The solution

    in Health

    The war on drugs has been a total failure say leading authors and psychologists. It has cost the country almost a trillion dollars.
    Dr Mike Rezz a criminal psychologist and an expert in substance abuse says by decriminalizing drugs abusers and making them pay for their drugs legally, would infact see a fall in substance abuse similar to the ending of alchol prohibiton.
    Portugals drug rate fell dramatically when it decriminalized drugs and the Swiss model saw a staggering drop in crime in area's where clinics were based for addicts to buy their drugs at $10.00 a go.

    Professor Ian Gilmore, former president of the conservative  Royal College of Physicians has said the use of illegal drugs should be decriminalized, ‘drastically reducing crime and improving health’.
    Some questions need to be answerd. Should people be criminalized for substance abuse? Who is profiteering from criminalisation and what action is being taken to prevent the 35,000 or so deaths each year from "legal" prescription drugs.

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