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    Los pescadores capturan rara marlin azul albino de Costa Rica

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    Los pescadores capturan rara marlin azul albino de Costa Rica 

    Captain Juan Carlos Fallas Zamora  se une a Phil de Los Sueños Costa Rica y Maverick Sportfishing sobre la increíble historia de la reciente captura de un marlin azul albino allí. Es una historia que está noy va a creer. 


    Mucho mas tambien en el show de Aventuras Al Aire Libre.

    PFO@PFORADIO.com or Phil@PFORadio.com

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    Rare Albino Blue Marlin Taken off Costa Rica & lots more

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    We have an incredible story for you this Thursday on Phil Friedman Outdoors Radio. 

    You will not believe the story of how an albino blue marlin was caught in Costa Rica. We have the dramatic, exclusive interview with Captain Juan Carlos Fallas Zamora out of Los Suenos, Costa Rica. 

    It's a great story that you will only hear only on Phil Friedman Outdoors Radio this Saturday morning. You don't want to miss this story. http://mavericksportfish.com/

    Also: Fish for the Homeless Event out of the Channel Islands, yellows gone crazy at the Coronado Islands, bass biting with Evan Salvay, great rockfish, trout fishing and Healing Waters at Santa Ana River Lakes and more.

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    Late Night Movies to Love: Noi Albino

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    Loves this movie, came across it by accident, great foreign 2003 film and has something we all can identify with. Noi lives on a remote place north of Iceland which is cut off from the world during winter, talking about cabin fever. He dreams of escaping, and does he truly escapes. What do you do when everything seems to be a failure? Tune in Saturday  at  6pm for Movies to Love.

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    Live Chat:Pros & Cons of Religion is it a danger to society, who does it benefit

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    adapted from  MrsCammelspit

    If God is infallible, why didn't he make the people who wrote the scripture more clear about the definitive rules and guidelines? Why cause such chaos, a line in the sand even when people believe in the same root faith?

    Every religion  interpreted the bible with their own preconcieved morality" how can anyone want to be a part of something that just seems so... confusing?

    Believers consider as pros 

    - Calming the fear of death and the positivity of a new beginning after death.

    - Giving hope when you are in a place where you feel hopeless.

    - Strength to continue through harsh events through prayer and fellowship.

    - Knowing your place in life/ Being assured that you are being led positively, even through hard times.

    Closer look .... Human Rights Violations.  child abuse sexually, physically, and mentally is rampant in all religion to some extent as they form the minds to accept and believe in them. Prostitution in the Hindu culture, arranged marriages to young girls. Bodily integrity violations of baby boys and African girls entering womanhood. Not helping rape victims, even calling THEM the criminal. Deaths for being homosexual, for being a different religion, for not covering up enough or for criticizing a religion. My touch on Voo-Doo is the horrendous things they do to the Albino africans. They are essentially cut apart and cold on the black market. Mostly children.

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    First Contact Radio 3/20/15 - Cosmic Weather, UFOs, Krybalion, Daily Meditation

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    First Contact Radio 3/20/15 Show #1325 hosted by Joshua Poet

    Moon Cat Astrology

    Planet Watcher

    The Emperor - Tarot

    Jewish Calendar

    The Jewish Month

    Moon Phase


    This Week’s Sky at a Glance, March 13 – 21

    UFO News
    Triangle UFO Glowing Like Sun in New Orleans, Feb 15, 2015

    Mysterious Flash Scares People As Streetlights Go Out and Residential Lights Flicker

    Beautiful UFO Photographed in Night Sky Over Ecuador

    Best UFO Photos Ever Taken

    This Day In UFO History: UFO Mothership Over New York City, March 20, 1950

    Teacher Trying to Get UFO & Aleins Accepted By Mainstream Population


    Daily Stories
    Solar Eclipse 2015: Watch In Full


    How To Overcome The 6 Biggest Obstacles To Meditation

    The Elohim March-19-2015

    Warrior of the Light

    FREE Meditation Music "Reflections"

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    Karla Sanjur reporting live from Taiji, Japan

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    Karla Sanjur, Cove Monitor from Ric O'Barry's Dolphin Project will be giving us an update about Angel the white albino dolphin. As the 1 year in captivity anniversary of this young albino dolphin. Sanjur visited Angel at the Taiji Whale Museum along with Ric O'Barry.

    Sanjur will also give us updates and relate to us the past two days she has spent in Taiji, Japn.

    Come and join us and call in and speak with Karla Sanjur. Once the radio show starts a Skype logo will appear, its a skype to listen and talk. Or, Call in to speak with the host and guest at (424) 675-8287


    Don't miss this show!

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    The Multiverse and Chaosphere from Michael Moorcock

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    On Thursday March 5th, 2015 the Hermetic Hour with host Poke Runyon will
    have a discussion on the magical heroic fantasy fiction of British
    literary lion Michael Moorcock. Moorcock. Although Moorcock did not coin
    the term Multiverse he did much to popularize it in his Elric of
    Melnibone series. H.G. Wells used it in Men like Gods, and Richard
    Shaver's Red Dwarf called it the "Simultane." Parallel Worlds is perhaps
    the best description of it. What Moorcock did coin was the "Chaosphere"
    that mace-like symbol of the black ball with eight spearheads emerging
    that was adopted by Peter Carroll as the symbol for their Chaos Magick
    system. Moorcock's literary concept of the Chaos world is presented as
    an ocean of swirling colors and energies dashing against the cliffs of
    his fantasy world -- and periodically invading and claiming lands ruled
    by the Lords of Law. The Lords of Chaos, one of which is Elric's patron,
    play a constant game with men as the pawns. Moorcock was perhaps
    influanced by Vance's Cudgel, to create his anti-hero The Albino
    ex-emperor Elric of Melnibone, who struggles to overcome the sociopathic
    heritage of his race and finally secumbs to it under the influence of
    his black-magick sword which is a vampiric weapon with a evil mind of
    its own. This was a perfect fictional character for the darkness that
    followed the era of the flower children, a presage of the current goth
    and black metal fads. Moorcock describes himself as an anarchist and is
    a controversial literary figure in Britain. He is presently writing a
    Dr. Who novel, his first using someone else's character. So if you want
    to discover the magick of Michael Moorcock tune in and we'll navigate
    the multiverse.


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    Oscar Cichlid Keepers Hour Episode 2: Raising Juvenile Oscars

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    On the 2nd episode in our new series Oscar Cichlid Keepers Hour, Oscar Alex will be discussing the very cute juvenille baby Oscar cichlids. Baby Oscar Cichlids are seen at every fish and pet stores. Matter of fact most oscars sold in the fish hobby are juveniles! Juvenile oscar cichlids are very attractive and most people will want to buy one!  Oscar Alex, will teach you everything you need to know about raising juvenille oscar cichlids.

    Oscar Alex will be discussing: what to feed and how many times to feed baby oscars, tankmates for baby oscars, why is my baby oscar's color changing ( Alex will address this), care for baby Oscar Cichlids, and more!

    You can call in LIVE at 1 347-989-8142 with any questions or discuss what you like about baby Oscar Cichlids!


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    Empire State Reptiles and More Special Guest: Ron Tremper

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    Please join us as we sit down for an interview with a legend Ron Tremper! Ron Tremper is known for the creation of oe of the most popular Leopard gecko morph the Tremper Albino. Check him out at LeopardGecko.com      or visit us online at EmpireStateReptiles.com.


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    LETS TALK ABOUT IT  www.facebook.com/letstalkaboutit8

    Albinism is a rare group of genetic disorders that cause the skin, hair, or eyes to have little or no color. Albinism is also associated with vision problems. 

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    Oliver Cacioppo from Morelia Morphology joins us for some carpet talk.

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    In this episode we are joined by Oliver Cacioppo from Morelia Morphology. We will be hitting on all of the various carpet python projects that he is working with including the albino tiger, a world's first for him.