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    World War 3-just who is Albert Pike

    in Politics

    Man's real genius and knowledge remains preserved in books-quote from Albert Pike.Just who is Albert Pike and how was he able to accurately predict WW1 and WW2.He even has a prediction for WW3 that will blow your mind.Tonight we'll examine General Pike and his prediction for the spiritual change of mankind,and ask the question should we be aware of the change to come.
    Plus we'll look at recent news stories and take your calls and comments on this topic and just about anything else you want to talk about tonight.the chat room is open as well,so call in on this subject,and share what you know about the Freemasonry.

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    End Times Prophecy Report 6- Albert Pike & his 3 World Wars

    in Christianity

    End Times Prophecy Report:
    The Website: End Times Prophecy Report
    What does the Bible have to say about the times in which we live? 
    Topics include--but are not limited to:
    End Times Bible Prophecy and News, End Times Deception, Societal Collapse, Apostasy, False Teachers, Mass Hysteria, Demonic Attacks, War, Rumors of War, Famine, Pestilence, Salvation through Jesus Christ, Earthquakes, UFOs, Earth Changes, False Christs, All Roads Lead to Rome, New World Order, Conspiracies, Nephilim, Giants, GMO Frankenfood, NWO
    End Times Prophecy Report #6 - Albert Pike and His 3 World Wars plan.
    1- Who was Albert Pike?
    2- What was his plan for the 3 world wars?
    3- What is the evidence that this plan is being put into effect?
    4- Does the Bible have anything to say about WW3?
    5- What can Christians do?
    6- What will work?
    End Times Prophecy Report
    30-minute shows
    Host: Mondo Frazier

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    The Wake Up Mission Radio Show With Chelene Nightingale and Randy Dees

    in News

    By popular demand,there will be no guest on today's show as hosts Chelene and Randy catch up on all the news of the week.

    They will discuss politics,faith,business,history,economcs,finance,government corruption in all three branches,media corruption,political freedom,political oppression,economic freedom,economic opportunity,economic oppression,financial freedom,financial opportunity,financial oppression,government over reach,Christian values,Conservative values,agenda 21,the ndaa,the patriot act,illegal immigration and a host of other topics that may come to mind.

    With Chelene and Randy you will get the the truth,not some white washed "approved version" of what happened,when and to whom.They expose the lies and corruption the government and media spew forth on a daily basis.

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    The Wake Up Mission Radio Show Welcomes Tina Hollenbeck

    in News

    The Wake Up mission Radio Show Hosts Chelene Nightingale and Randy Dees are pleased to welcome Tina Hollenbeck.

    Tina Hollenbeck’s primary commitment and calling is to her husband and children. To that end, she has educated her daughters at home for their entire lives and will continue do so through their young adult years. A former public school teacher, she also advocates passionately and unapologetically against institutional schooling and for home-based education. In March 2013, she launched The Homeschool Resource Roadmap (www.hsroadmap.org), a website designed to inform parents about the stance that homeschool resource providers are taking on common core. Since then, The Roadmap has become the single most extensive listing of homeschool-related resources available anywhere on the web. Tina is also the founder and lead admin of The Christian Homeschool Oasis (https://www.facebook.com/groups/christianhomeschooloasis/), a virtual support group for homeschooling parents around the world. And she writes regularly for her blog, Being Made New (http://tinahollenbeck.blogspot.com/) as well as several other venues, including Celebrate Kids, Inc. (www.celebratekids.com), through which she co-authored the book Celebrating Children’s 12 Genius Qualities. Tina speaks extensively on homeschool-related topics and was a featured speaker at the 2015 Great Homeschool Convention events in Fort Worth and Cincinnati.

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    The Wake Up Mission Radio Shows Welcomes Evan Sayet

    in News

    The Wake Up Mission Radio Show Hosts Chelene Nightingale and Randy Dees are pleased to welcome Evan Sayet.

    Evan was born in New York city and went to school in Rochester, New York. He would soon move out to Hollywood in order to pursue a career as a stand-up comedian, television writer, and eventually video producer as well. However, post 9-11, he rethought (or more accurately, thought about for the first time) his political and social beliefs. Evan recognized that he had been acting as a knee-jerk Liberal, but was, in reality, a conservative at heart. From that moment, he has dedicated himself to conserving and promoting the values of the America that has given him freedom and allowed him to pursue his life of liberty and happiness.

    In the meantime, Evan has become the nation’s leading conservative, political comedian, an in-demand Master of Ceremony for Republican and conservative events, while at the same time writing the bestselling book The KinderGarden Eden: How the Modern Liberal Thinks. He’s given numerous lectures on the same subject as his book – including one to the Heritage Foundation, to which Andrew Breitbart call the lecture, “One of the five most important conservative speeches ever given,” – and another to the Conservative Forum, which has been recognized as the definitive explanation as to how and why the Mainstream Media has gotten, literally, every major story of the past six decades not just “wrong”, but as wrong as wrong can be. Evan Sayet resides in Los Angeles, California.

    Recently his Tweet regarding the Garland killing of two islamic jihadis who were going to attempt to wreak havoc at Pamela Gellar's Draw muhammed Contest went viral.

    His website is http://evansayet.com

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    Financial Literacy - Albert Higgins - CEO Aboriginal Financial Solutions

    in Real Estate

    On "It's My House" we shall continue our gentrification series by taking a look at "financial literacy". One of the major factors behind a neighborhood becoming gentrified is because the people living in that neighborhood on a critical mass level are usually "financially illiterate".

    Ignorance is the root cause of gentriciation.

    We shall be listening and learning from Albert Higgins who is the C.E.O./President of Aboriginal Financial Solutions. He will be speaking to us about "Financial Literacy" and financial solutions.

    Visit our website: www.itsmyhouseonline.com

    Listen to "It's My House Radio" @ 712-432-8863. 

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    GERARDO GUTIÉRREZ, director de la comedia "Luz Divina"

    in Business

    Armando F Sanchez Production
    Upcoming live global podcast en Español 

    GERARDO GUTIÉRREZ, director de la comedia "Luz Divina"

    Tierra Blanca Arts Center presenta "LUZ DIVINA"

    Con el firme propósito de traer entretenimiento sano y familiar Tierra Blanca Arts Center presenta: "LUZ DIVINA"

    En esta comedia, Luz Divina es el personaje central de la obra: la cual se desarrollo en la ciudad de Los Ángeles, en un local llamado "Botánica El Yerbero Moderno".  

    Luz Divina quiere desarrollar nuevas técnicas fusionando la Santería y el Espiritismo con el gran afán de ayudar a las personas, que por cultura o idiosincrasia, acuden a ella para que les resuelva los problemas mundanos. 

    ¿Porque será que muchos de nosotros antes de recurrir a un consejero o psicólogo buscamos respiestas y solución a nuestros problemas y situaciones con los santeros o espiritistas? ¡En esta divirtida comedia encontramos la respuesta!

    Sabado Mayo 30, 2015 8:00 pm Plaza de la Raza, Teatro Margo Albert
    3540 N. Mission Rd., Los Ángeles, CA, 90031

    Viernes, Julio 12 & Sábado 13, 8:00 pm en Trovarias Espacio Cultural
    7018 Rita Ave., Huntington Park, CA 90255

    Blanca A Soto, 323-394-1010   Blancaras@aol.com


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    in Current Events

    Professor and prison abolitionist     Rebecca Hensley?
    Professor in the Sociology department
    at Southeastern Louisiana University, Hammond, LA

    Rebecca Hensley is a writer, speaker, and sociologist who's made a life's work out of unapologetically announcing what she  sees. She says, "  Some people love it. Some people don't. Whatever. The ball is still the ball, no matter what kind of spin somebody tries to put on it."  A commmitted struggler against the prison industrial complex she has worked on the behalf of many warriors locked down most recently the Angola 3

    A skilled orator- teacher - and activist she will display a lifesworth of wisdom for the future genrations of struggle to advance the cause.

    Her Blog: www.whyaminotsurprised.blogspot.com/2010/09/narrative-about-narrative.html



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    Jeff Trek: Todd Shawn Tei Director of the new movie Star Trek Captain Pike

    in Entertainment

    Star Trek: Captain Pike will be produced by Rigel 7 Productions and directed by Jeff Trek's special guest Director Todd Shawn Tei. 

    If you saw the original series Star Trek pilot “The Cage”, then you remember Captain Pike discussing his previous mission with the ship’s doctor and seeing many flashbacks throughout the episode. At the beginning of The Cage, set in 2254, Pike and his crew are recuperating from a mission to Rigel VII during which several members of the landing party were killed by inhabitants. The incident filled Pike with so much guilt that he is actually considered resigning his commission. In “Encounter at Rigel” you will see this story for the first very time. The original series never showed us what really happened, only quick flashbacks, but never the whole story. Now, finally, after all these years, Director Todd Shawn Tei brings us this entire epic story and you get an extremely special preview right here on Jeff Trek. Get your com-lock and beam on board. \\//,

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    If You Keep Moving, You'll Keep Improving

    in Fun

    Today is the 22nd annual National Senior Health and Fitness Day.and the theme for this year's activities is, "If you keep moving, you'll keep improviing." 

    That's a theme that's been consistant with this show from when we started here on Blog Talk Radio seven years ago. It's always been my major goal to provide encouragement to boomers and above to stay active or to get active if for some reason you haven't been in a while. There are so many things you can do and new ones coming along all the time.

    Just last month we had a National Masters Swim competition here in San Antonio. As a volunteer with the San Antonio Sports Foundation I took part in the event and it was so encouraging to see things like one heat between three men that were all in their ninties. What have you got planned for your 90's?

    On today's show I'll give you an overview of activities and how to get started. If you've got a question, the listener line 347-934-0549 is available and I'll do my best to help you.

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    Memorial Day Episode

    in Podcasting

    Several Months Ago, Hunnicoutcasts Super-Fan Albert requested to appear on an episode. In honor of our troops. We've decided to discuss the WWII Cartoons. Not meant for civilians Private S.N.A.F.U. Situations Normal All...All...Fouled up.

    The thoughts and opinion/s. Are that of the individual host/s. They do not reflect Hunnicoutcast/Skirt Productions.

    The opening song is that of its respected intellectual property. And it's affiliation, no infringement is intended.

    The Spreaker.com Artwork is that of Kendra Hale, and Kendra Mullins.

    The Itunes Podcast Artwork is that of Jeff Batista.

    Twitter @Hunnicoutcasts
    Itunes Hunnicoutcasts

    HunnicOutcast/Skirt Productions Copyright 2015

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