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    Disney animator Andrew Ramos drew Mickey Mouse, Aladdin, The Lion King, Pocahontas, Teenage Mutant Nina Turtles and many other iconic characters.  Join us for an interesting discussion of Disney and animation. 

    The views and opinions of our guests do not necessarily reflect the views and opinons of Richard Rossi Live or Blog Talk Radio.

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    Emmy Award Winning Liz Callaway on The Mompreneur Model Show with Dori DeCarlo

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    Liz Callaway is a Tony®Nominee and Emmy Award-winning actress, singer and recording artist, who loves to talk about her favorite subject - being a mom! She will be here on Thursday, September 25th on The Mompreneur Model Show here on Word of Mom Radio - the show for Mompreneurs - the NEW business woman.

    Liz made her Broadway debut in Stephen Sondheim's Merrily We Roll Along, received a Tony Award nomination for her performance in Baby, and for five years, won acclaim as Grizabella in Cats. Liz sang the Academy Award nominated song, "Journey to the Past" in the animated feature Anastasia and is also the singing voice of Princess Jasmine in Disney's Aladdin and the King of Thieves and The Return of Jafar. Liz has 5 solo recordings: Passage of Time, The Beat Goes On, The Story Goes On, Anywhere I wander, and her new Christmas album Merry and Bright.

    Join us on the 25th and as Liz shares a song or two and so much more!  Follow here on Twitter at @LizGoesOn and on Facebook @LizCallawayOfficial. Give us a call at 646 595 3163 and join the conversation.

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    Robin Williams Tribute

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    Join us as we discuss our favorite Robin Williams movies!

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    Robin Williams- A Fan's Tribute

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    Millions were shocked to hear of Robin Williams' passing on Monday, Aug. 11, 2014 and mourn the comedic genius.  As a huge fan of his, I wanted to take a look at his incredible career and remember the good times, as well as how many he touched with his talents.

    We'll also take a look at the debilitating affliction of depression and give you the tools for how to spot someone with this horrible disease. 

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    The Ignorance Equation-Na-Nu Na-Nu and thanks for all the laughs, Robin Williams

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    This Sunday we explore the troubled life, comedic genius and tragic death of the legendary Robin Williams:

    As millions mourn the unthinkable death of a comic icon that had so much more to give, some criticize, mock, and even celebrate his passing. Where does the hate for the beloved comedian come from, and how can we even begin to understand his unexpected suicide?

    Join us as we talk with Nancy Virden, author of the book "Called to Live: A Chronicle of Recovery After Attempted Suicide," about her personal struggle with Major Depression, suicide, and what it can be like having the mind of a suicidal person. We will also be talking to our very own Honey Badger about his rage filled comments towards Robin Williams, his hate of what he sees as a hypocritical outpouring by the public due to his death, and why he thinks we should not be nationally grieving the life of the one-of-a-kind comedic genius, Robin Williams.

    So be here this Sunday 1PM EST for all the Intergalactic Shazbot you can jam into your Boring Terrestrial Ear Holes!


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    In no way should any of the comments on this show be misconstrued as professional mental health care.  If you or someone you know is struggling with thoughts of suicide, call 1-800-273-TALK, the National Suicide Prevention Hotline.

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    Today On The Boochcast, Booch talks about being a Chauffeur for Comedian Jim Florentine, The Impact Robin Williams had on his life, recaps Monday Night Raw, and pays tribute to Legendary Robin Williams with clips of some of his best performances onstage and on film.

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    THE MARK presents Remembering ROBIN WILLIAMS

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    Join Us!


    Robin McLaurin Williams (July 21, 1951 – August 11, 2014) was an American actor, stand-up comedian, film producer, and screenwriter.

    Rising to fame with his role as the alien Mork in the TV series Mork & Mindy (1978–1982), Williams went on to establish a successful career in both stand-up comedy and feature film acting. His film career included such acclaimed films as The World According to Garp (1982), Good Morning, Vietnam (1987), Dead Poets Society (1989), Awakenings (1990), The Fisher King (1991), and Good Will Hunting (1997), as well as financial successes such as Popeye (1980), Hook (1991), Aladdin (1992), Mrs. Doubtfire (1993), Jumanji (1995), The Birdcage (1996), Night at the Museum (2006), and Happy Feet (2006). He also appeared in the video "Don't Worry, Be Happy" by Bobby McFerrin.

    Nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor three times, Williams received the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in Good Will Hunting. He also received two Emmy Awards, four Golden Globe Awards, two Screen Actors Guild Awards and five Grammy Awards.

    On August 11, 2014, Williams was found unresponsive at his residence in Marin County, California, and was pronounced dead at the scene. According to the Marin County's coroner's office, the probable cause of death was suicide by asphyxiation.

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    Beyond the Airwaves Episode 70 -- Robin Williams' Passing and More

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    This is Beyond the Airwaves: The Infinity Project, where we go beyond the mainstream media and tackle issues that don't seem so important to the major networks.

    In the wake of the sudden suicide of Robin Williams today, we'll talk about his astounding showbiz career from Mork to Aladdin's genie and beyond. We'll also talk about what led to the apparent suicide, severe depression. We'll attempt to lighten things up afterward with Oddball Extreme's comprehensive review of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy after seeing it over the weekend. WARNING: There are spoilers involved. If you HAVEN'T seen the movie yet, DON'T listen to this episode until you have seen it. We'll also talk about other interesting topics throughout this episode.

    Ikari Chaos-San is the founder and creator. Shirley is truly the Oddball Extreme. Janet is our resident Arizona Magician. Tim is the Tokusatsu Master. Plastic Kaiju is our resident Nestene Consciousness based Godzilla. Heather is Queen Kitty Serenity. MikeBoyens is our video game wizard. We'll also have appearances by our friends from the MAD HOUSE, so come and listen in!

    Visit our official website at http://beyondtheairwaves.weebly.com and don't forget to join in the conversation on the forums located on our official website. We want you guys and gals, the fans, to tell us what's on your mind and what you feel is important to cover, so let us know what you want to hear.

    **All sound effects are protected under fair use provisions and are NOT intended to create any copyright infringement.**

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    The Sal Sirchia Show "The Mayor of Rock and Roll"

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    KELSEY is a 17 year old from Southern New Jersey. She began singing and dancing from a young age.   She started taking dance lessons and became part of a dance team with a performing arts group.  From there Kelsey went on to join the Encore Show Choir and then moved on to the Harmony Show Choir with Mainstage Center for the Arts. Kelsey also joined their summer theater program at the Camden County College.  This is where her love for the performing arts began to blossom. She performed in several musical productions presented by Summerstage at Mainstage Center for the Arts.  These productions included: Kids on Broadway, High School Musical 2, Disney's Spectacular, Disney's Aladdin, Disney Hero's, Disney's Alice in Wonderland, Disney's Villains, and Disney's Mulian.   Another production Kelsey performed in is Homeroom presented by Mainstage Homeroom Players.  Aftershock Entertainment is another production company she performed with.  These shows included:  True Villain’s, Clue the Musical as Mrs. White and I Unusually Lovable Original Works.

    Kelsey is continuing to follow her dreams of becoming a singer/songwriter by working hard and putting a lot of time into her sessions to achieve the best she can be.  Kelsey has begun an AMAZING journey and is excited to see how far it will take her.  Kelsey's first album is now complete and is available to hear on Reverbnation and SoundCloud. Her first single  I Heart Me  is now available to purchase on iTunes and Amazon.  


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    The Musical Show With Matt & Joe

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    Join us for our weekly romp throught the world of Musical Theater.  This week we explore the shows that opened during the 1950's, from Guys and Dolls to Gypsy to House of Flowers we got you covered.  We also discuss the new Disney Musical Aladdin, so don't miss out on what is a fun and wild ride through the 1950's.

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    Disney Animator, Mark Henn, is Grateful that God has Blessed him to Live...

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    He is one of the longest continuously employed artists at Disney. In over 30 years, his contributions to animation have included several leading Disney characters, mostly heroines. His work includes: Princess Jasmine in "Aladdin," Belle in "Beauty and the Beast," Ariel in "Little Mermaid," Young Simba in "The Lion King" and Mulan in "Mulan". He was also the animator of the 2007 film "Enchanted", and he directed the award-winning short film, "John Henry." Additionally, he was the supervising animator of Princess Tiana in Disney's "The Princess and the Frog." He has been nominated for an Annie award four times: three times for Character Animation for "The Lion King," "Mulan," and "Winnie the Pooh," and once for Short Animated Film Direction for "John Henry." Recently, he served as one of the lead animators, overseeing the development of all of the characters on the Oscar-winning film "Frozen". 

    Emily Belz of World Magazine says that he is a Christian. In an interview, she asked him, "How does your faith play into your work, into character development and storytelling?" He said, "It’s a global impact as well as day-to-day and scene-to-scene. I’m very blessed. … This has been my boyhood dream to be a Disney animator. I’ve seen a lot of change and a lot of ups and downs. I was almost fired at one point. God has been incredibly gracious to allow me to be here, and I feel like this is where I’m supposed to be... God has gotten me through many a tough day and tough scene and tough production schedule. It’s nice to work for a company where the basic values we want to put across in our films are right in line with my faith."
    His name is Mark Henn.

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