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    A. Akbar Muhammad report on Iran Trip

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    This episode of Global Peeks sits with A. Akbar Muhammad, the International Representative of the Nation of Islam and the Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan to discuss his trip & the delegation of the Nation of Islam who just returned from Iran.

    TEHRAN, Iran - The horrific issues of racism and police brutality in America were the focus of the third annual New Horizon Conference themed “On the Brink” where several activists presented talks on the injustices of the united States against Black, Brown, Red & the poor. A delegation from the Nation of Islam also presented at the conference. 

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    Akbar Muhammad live in Ferguson: Black People at Crossroads

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    Global Peeks—Akbar Muhammad-International Rep. of the Nation of Islam discusses why we can't stop & won't stop moving forward. The Grand Jury determined no indictment is in order against Darren Wilson, the killer cop who murdered Michael Brown Jr. in Ferguson, Mo. All over the world people went to the streets in solidarity towards an end to these atrocities on Black life. With the climate of overt repression, hostility & continued killing and violation of Black, Brown & Poor People in America, war against us is clear.  

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    A. Akbar Muhammad—International Rep/Nation of Islam

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    With the imminent announcement from the Grand Jury concerning Darren Wilson, the rogue cop who shot & killed Ferguson Mo teen Michael Brown Jr—the Nation of Islam International Rep. Akbar Muhammad talks to Global Peeks about the War preparations of the US Gov’t in reaction to potential Black outrage Wilson is not indicted for the killing. 

    “We cannot allow those in the state of Missouri to divide us in the name of so-called peace when the grand jury drops its decision about Darren Wilson, the White police officer who killed Michael Brown, Jr.  And we should ask this question: Do those calling for peace, really want peace? If so, why are they preparing for war?”   ---Akbar Muhammad

    Read Akbar’s appeal to those fighting for justice: Divided We Fall, United We Stand

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    Justice Or Else-A Global Demand-Guest: International Rep. Akbar Muhammad

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    This episode of Global Peeks we sit down with Nation of Islam International Representative, A. Akbar Muhammad to talk about the international & global implications of the upcoming Justice Or Else gathering on the National Mall in Washington DC on October 10, 2015. There is an intensifying universal cry for justice playing out on the world stage in every society on every continent. Mr. Muhammad has traveled to near 150 countries in the world and has unique insights on many of the issues affecting the world today.

    Support Justice or Else by going to www.justiceorelse.com

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    A. Akbar Muhammad, International Rep.-Nation of Islam

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    Global Peeks welcomes live from Accra, Ghana, A. Akbar Muhammad, the International Rep. of the Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan & the Nation of Islam. We will discuss various events happening globally and also the 50th anniversary since the unfortunate assassination of Malcolm X.

    Since 1982 Akbar Muhammad has worked as the International Representative for the NOI and is regarded as one of the most knowledgeable individuals on the life and works of Minister Louis Farrakhan, The history of the NOI, Malcolm X and issues affecting the African Continent, the Caribbean, Central and South America.

    Akbar Muhammad has traveled to one hundred and forty-four countries and has lived in Ghana, West Africa.  He is known worldwide by many African Presidents, Heads of State and Muslim leaders. He has been instrumental in organizing humanitarian efforts in various parts of the globe, including African-American physicians serving clinics and hospitals in remote parts of Africa and leading press delegations to hot spots worldwide.

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    Global Peeks Welcomes Akbar Muhammad live from Ghana, W. Africa

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    Akbar Muhammad has travelled to 144 countries and is the International Representative of the Nation of Islam & Hon. Min. Louis Farrakhan. We will discuss Reconciliation, the Nation of Islam & the Muslim World. There has been a serious initiative being established by the Hon. Min. Louis Farrakhan toward the path of unity with the Islamic World as desired by the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad.  We will also touch on the turmoil in Nigeria, Iraq and Syria.

    “Regardless of differences, the wisdom of God is rising out of a people and Allah is preparing us for a role that we heard he had prepared us for, or was preparing us for…You are not any longer to be the followers of others to God. You are like Bilal, to call the human family back to the true worship of the one true God and therefore our sojourn in America was necessary. Our servitude slavery was necessary.” –Hon. Min. Louis Farrakhan

    Read Minister Farrakhan's full words -- 'Reconciliation': An Example for The Muslim World


    ‘Reconciliation’: An Example For The Muslim World



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    Global Peeks Welcomes: Int'l Rep. of Nation of Islam Abdul Akbar Muhammad

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    We sit down with A. Akbar Muhammad-the International Rep. of the Nation of Islam to discuss the global stature of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan & the Nation of Islam. Currently the Nation is represented in Europe, Africa, the Caribbean & South America.

    Bro. Akbar lectured &  traveled to 144 countries; lived in Ghana & Egypt and has done International business over several decades. Our discussion will also cover foreign affairs, living & investing abroad.

    “We are not an organization, We are a World” – Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad

    Call In # (347) 857-4514 [Bro. Akbar will take questions & comments]


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    Global Peeks & A. Akbar Muhammad, International Rep. of the Nation of Islam

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    This episode we sit down to discuss the critical issues of the world with A. Akbar Muhammad who represents the Nation of Islam & the Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan worldwide. We will discuss global politics and the open season murder of Black people across the United States. He will take questions and comments from listeners.

     Please help spread the word and share with your friends and associates.

    Support Minister Akbar Muhammad in his call for justice in Guyana- Please sign the online petition @ LetterforAkbar.info and share with your friends.

    Letter of Support for Akbar Muhammad to H.E. Donald Ramotar - President of Guyana, South America

    His Excellency Donald Ramotar, I am a friend /associate of Mr. Akbar Muhammad. I am aware of his arrest and unlawful detainment in Georgetown, Guyana on May 19...(Continue reading @ www.LetterforAkbar.info )

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    NOI*Intl.Rep.Abdul Akbar Muhammad* Africa and the World*

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    ASA*, Greetings Dear Family, please join me in welcoming the International Representative of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam, Brother Abdul Akbar Muhammad.. he is just returning from touring in the Carribean with The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and delegation. I'm looking froward to the insight he will be sharing with us concerning our Brothers and Sisters in the Carribean, what is happening in the Gaza, Egypt, Syria, Libya, the talk of war with Iran, the many attacks that are taking place in Mother Africa and so much more** This is a program not to be missed, invite friends for this learning experience , taught by one of our Pioneers in the Nation of Islam, who has traveled this world over many times, he's 70 years young, he's still going strong and from his personal communication with many of the World Leaders, and living in Africa for many years, we must sit at the foot and learn from our Great Elders like Brother Abdul Akbar, a Living Legend...

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    Unlawful Captives: Akbar Muhammad Africa and the World

    in Politics Progressive

    Unlawful Captives presents: Abdul Akbar Muhammad
    Topic: International Affairs: Hosted By: Sistar Cassandra and Jason X
    Abdul Akbar Muhammad, International Representative of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam. Brother Akbar is a Historian and world traveler who has spent over 40 years studying the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Akbar has been doing the work since 1978. He accepted the responsibility to assist Minister Farrakhan to rebuild the Nation of Islam and in 1984 gained his stature at home and abroad as the International Representative of the NOI.  Akbar has been one of the key organizers of many of the NOI’s Saviours’ Day conventions; in October 1994, he organized the NOI’s first International Saviours’ Day Convention in Accra, Ghana, bringing over nineteen hundred travelers from America to Africa.  In addition, he planned and organized Minister Farrakhan’s international tours to Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean while building relationships with presidents, heads of state, and leaders of many of the countries they visited. Akbar has traveled to one hundred and twenty-eight countries around the world—including thirty-eight African nations-and has lived in Ghana, Africa for over a decade. 
    Reference: http://www.worldwideinfoforum.com/forums/akbar_muhammad_a_foreign_di.html

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    "The Farm" A Special Report from Dr. Ridgely Muhammad

    in Food

    Welcome to "The Farm" Program! Your host is Dr. Ridgely Muhammad. We look forward to having you in the audience tonight and bring a friend, can't wait to hear your comments and questions.The Ministry of Agriculture (M.O.A.) is all about eating the best foods, having the best body and most importantly growing your own, non GMO, food. Also, expect to receive information that is positive feed for the mind. Every Saturday at 8:00pm, est. To enter the studio dial 347-945-5454, or to enter the chat room click here http://www.blogtalkradio.com/noimoa

    To visit the farm go to www.noimoa.com. learn all about keeping a community safe and educating the children in a safe, positive environment, learning genuine history. We would also appreciate you making a contribution to our M.O.A. blogtalkradio show when you visit, we have much to offer, enjoy!