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    Are you prepped & ready for your worst case scenario? Learn how to prepare. LIVE

    in Current Events

    What is your Worst Case Scenario?  Natural Disaster?  Food shortage?  Pandemic?  Nuclear attack?  Whatever it is, are you prepared to survive?  Preparedness experts Randy Powers and Bobby Akart are LIVE to explain what being prepared to care for yourself and your loved ones entails.  Randy and Bobby offer some sensible precautionary advice to listeners in the event of a short term crisis or one that may be long term and life changing.  You don't have to be caught unready and depend on some other entity to help you be safe.  

    Please call 347-633-9609 to ask questions, make comments and tell us how YOU are prepared to handle whatever lies ahead.      

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    Sponsors for toinght's speial presentation are:  Robert Gregory Browne http://robertgregorybrowne.com. Author D.D. Corbitt, the Florida Keys adventure novel "The Amaretto" http://ddcorbitt.com, AVAAndersonNon-Toxic consultant Mimi Elmore http://www.avaandersonnontoxic.com/. Pawsotively Purrfect https://www.facebook.com/PawsotivelyPurrfect/  http://discountpetsandsupplies.com - UNDERWRITER.

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    KindleWorld's Perseid Collapse Series authors LIVE on Science Fiction Spotlight

    in Books

    Science Fiction Spotlight guest host Pam Stack welcomes Steve Konkoly, author of The Perseid Collapse Series, a post-apocalyptic thriller, that has become a KindleWorlds sensation.  Joining Steve are the authors who have contributed novellas to the series including A.R. Shaw, Alex Shaw, Bobby Akart, David Forsyth, Geoff Hopf, Greg Ferrell, Ian Graham, Murray McDonald, Paul Antony Jones, Randall Powers, Richard Stephenson, Sean T. Smith, Steve Bird, Tim Queeney, and Tom Abrahams.  This is an unprecedented LIVE event and you are welcome to join our conversation by calling 347-884-8266.  (Podcast of this broadcast will be available On Demand).   To learn more about The Perseid Collapse Series in KindleWorlds, please visit https://kindleworlds.amazon.com/world/PerseidCollapse?ref_=kww_home_ug_PerseidCollapse.

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    Pleiadian / Plejaren Contact Report35

    in Paranormal

    In Contact Report 35 PTAAH is talking about a planet that is called AKART which is around five light years away from earth.  The people on this world are just a little more advanced technologically and spiritually from the people of earth.  However, there planet is massively over populated with a population of 23 billion people.  They visit the earth to get food.  What is posted on the Billy Meier WIKI is actually just an excerpt from the original contact.

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    A szülőségről - About parenting

    in Self Help

    Hogy tervezted ilyen gyerekeket akartál magadnak? hol rontottad el?
    Mi van akkor ha semmit soha nem rontottál el?
    Mi van akkor ha nem kell ezt az egészet megértened csak elvezni és minden egyes napot egyre örömtelibbé varázsolni?
    Szeretnél változtatni azon a helyzeten ami otthon van?
    Szeretnéd könnyedebbé, örömtelibbé varázsolni az életed, a gyerekeid életét?
    Tudod e, hogy más is lehetséges? Tudod e, hogy mindig mindenkinek van más választása? És hogy hogyan lehetséges ez? - NO ERROL FOGUNK MA BESZÉLGETNI
    HÁZIGAZDÁK: Birgitta Thewlis és Lampert Mária
    LÉLEK TV,  Élet virágai - Access Consciousness - Birgitta Thewlis és Lampert Mária: