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    Let's welcome Dr. Blair 4 an Open Forum w/host REVELATION aka & GodIs L aka...

    in Spirituality

    Let’s welcome Dr. Delbert Blair back to “Get Your, It Together!” Saturday 2-7-14 @ 10:am est. Hosted by REVELATION aka and co-host GodIs L aka LaKenta. This master teacher, prolific scholar, and devout historian of the cosmic dimensions, was born a psychic. This world renowned iconic elder, master lecturer, and metaphysical guru, will inspire us with his pearls of wisdom relative to the meanings behind the signs, symbols & secrets of the now presence, as we ascend closer to the center of the Milky Way for our melanin shower. His impressive body of work spanning more than 5+ decades and can be viewed on the many DVD's, CD’s and a plethora of YouTube videos chronicling his evolutionary development over time, shown the world over. He asserts that ELF waves emanating from electronic devices and the mind altering chemical trails, inhibits ones abilities to head the inner call succinctly. His web site, www.themetacenter2.com is full of products, services and holistic substances geared toward enlightenment spiritual growth, health and all forms of healing the whole being, heart, body and mind. He also, host a radio show forum every Tuesday night from 7:p - 9:p cst., and to call in 605-562-3140, code 255792. This widely acclaimed historian will open our eyes to the many signs of our current times, as this will be an open forum and we encourage your questions and/or comments, so press 1 to share. Remember, we’re all activated seeds of consciousness, animated by The Spirit of The ALL That Is! So, let’s all embrace and activate our Spiritual Conscious Awareness in the here and now! Call 773-897-6555, www.blogtalkradio.com/gyit

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    The Ghostman and Demon Hunter Show "John Kassir AKA The Crypt Keeper"

    in Paranormal

    A blast from the past when John Kassir AKA The Crypt Keeper joins Shaun and Nathan to talk about all the fun behind Tales from the Crypt.

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    Hakim Bey aka Moorpheus comes 2 "GYIT" 4 The 1st time. Hosted By REVELATION aka.

    in Spirituality

    Let’s welcome Hakim Bey aka Moorpheus, creator of OCCOULIA, a computer programming language, for the 1st time to “Get Your, It Together!” REVELATION aka will speak with this founder and prolific author of the bestselling book “Secrets of Secrets: The Revelation of OCCOULIA. Morpheus, states that what we call reality is really a computer simulation, because the inventor of the computer programming language OCCOULIA, says that this is a way to program this reality and to unlock your god given powers that can change your life, and ultimately the world! He has authored a plethora of other books, dozens of lectures and radio shows speaking on the cutting edge dynamics of technology, history, religion, spirituality and the social-economics of our society.  He encourages that you get his book, “Secret of Secrets” absolutely FREE of charge here at www.secretofsecrets.info.  We MUST explore and master the final frontier, SELF! So, let’s continue in the "Get Your, It Together!" tradition of affirming that we’re all activated seeds of pure consciousness, animated by The Spirit of The All That Is! The call in # is 773-897-6555 for your questions, and/or comments live on air. Or, log directly onto the site during the show to chat your questions at www.blogtalkradio.com/gyit You can also email your questions and comments ahead of time to getyourittogether@gmail.com .

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    LOVE's Evolution of F.E.A.R. hosted by REVELATION aka, with co-host GodIs L.

    in Spirituality

    Please join REVELATION aka & co-host GodIs L of "Get Your, It Together!” Saturday January 17, 2015 @ 10:am est. to 12:noon, for their 1st in a series of forums discussing the Unconditional Love factor, with F.E.A.R. being an integral part of the evolutionary process of Hue-man BEINGS. This show seeks to stretch perceptions and broaden our perspectives on the unlimited prospects of harmony and balance, lending an enormous amount of focus on the willful intent to directly inspire and motivate with a heightened sense of spiritual conscious awareness, in the now! By doing so, many other cosmological attributes will ultimately follow, assisting in the evolutionary process of our ever expanding presence, as we ascend and travel, anchored to love unconditional. We’ll analyze the dynamics necessary to live in the created reality of our choice, blissfully, peacefully and lovingly without conditions, manifesting nothing other than a Divine Experience! So, journey with us as we uncover particular specifics that we must learn to alter, navigating around and redirecting programmed states of conscious awareness, ultimately impacting our emotions, actions, thoughts, energy expressions, etc., resulting in outcomes that builds courage, confidence and loving trust. We're breaking long standing traditions that has kept many shackled to lies that perpetuate fear, binding to untruths that incarcerate the imagination. Call in with questions, comments, or just wanting to share in the highest frequencies of love at, 773-897-6555 blogtalkradio.com/gyit.

  • Sistah Q Starts The New Year, w/REVELATION aka On A Heightened Frequency.

    in Spirituality

    Please welcome Sistah Q for our intro to a higher frequency for the New Year. The dynamic and outspoken Sistah Q, will join REVELATION aka and share this conscious raising platform with the inimitable Sista of PantherPaw Productions. She is the author of the highly acclaimed book “Maintaining Our Temples” and the editor/publisher of “Maintaining Our Temples HealthZine.” Her program “What The Problem Is," can be heard on Harambee Radio on Thursday evenings at 7:pm est. and her website, WhatTheProblemIs.com, has been voted the very “Best Black Nationalist Site” for a couple of  times. Sistah Q will speak with us in an open forum, gracing our air waves with her special brand of spirit filled, conscious awareness and thorough understanding of what is needed in this ego driven, dis-ease managed and financial industry. Her very clear and straight forward views of a common reality that’s shared by many,   regarding a perceived on-going war against people with melanin. You don't want to miss, what will be a very powerful episode of enlightenment, that promises to be spiritually edifying and consciousness raising, Let’s continue to affirm that we’re all activated seeds of consciousness, animated by the Spirit of the All That Is! Share your questions, thoughts, views, suggestions, etc., prior to the show by emailing us at getyourittogether@gmail.com. The call in # for question, or comments is 773-897-6555 and/or you’re encouraged to log directly onto the site, at www.blogtalkradio.com/gyit and chat with us live on air.

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    Welcome Dr. Bombay 2 “Get Your, It Together!" Hosted by REVELATION aka...

    in Spirituality

    Let’s welcome Swami Sachinanda aka Dr. Bombay to “Get Your, It Together!” Revelation aka, will share his platform with this internationally acclaimed holistic  healer that utilizes fruits, herbs, natural oils and intentionally focused energy to aid in helping people to improve conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, obesity and joint pain, just to name a few.  Dr Bombay performs energy surgery that rejuvenates and regenerates. His grandfather is credited with passing on to him generations of wisdom with herbs from his motherland of India, which stresses that the only limitations that one has, are the ones that are imposed on oneself. He works through a person’s first cell of creation, which is established at conception, residing in the pineal gland, also known as the Third Eye. The manifestation of this first cell contains the blueprint of our perfection, wholeness and infinitely eternal health. Almost a decade and a half ago, Dr. Bombay met the renowned Swami Mantra Shakti Healer and was under his tutelage. With the Swami’s guidance, Dr. Bombay experienced a “break” through when the healing mantra given to him, started manifesting its healing properties channeling through Dr. Bombay!  He can be reached for healing sessions and consultations at 516-669-4488, or go to his website at doctorbombayproducts.com. You can also email him at kingofbug@yahoo.com. Let’s continue in the "Get Your, It Together!" tradition of affirming that we’re all activated seeds of pure consciousness, animated by The Spirit of The All That Is!

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    @Ms_Terree aka The Frugal Foodie

    in Cooking

    A little about me: I've been a finalist in a cooking demonstration competition, prepped and plated up food alongside some famous Food Network chefs, volunteered at large food and wine charity events, and judged at World Food Championships competitions in California and the Finals in Las Vegas. But my greatest passion is for quality food that doesn't bust the average family's budget!

    I am not a vegetarian, but I do like to balance my diet by eating healthier during the week. So, I observe #MeatlessMondays and #FishFridays because it's not just healthy, but also economical (and good for the environment)! If you're a die-hard meat-eater like me, you won't give up meat for even one meal a week unless the dish tastes great. So I search out dishes where you don't feel like it's missing something or lacking flavor!

    I will also talk about what you can do with things on sale, or re-purposing leftovers. I once fed a hungry group of 20 poker players a corned beef & cabbage dinner on St. Patrick's Day, (yes, mostly men) for only $20. And a few went back for second and third helpings!

    I have met some very cool, fun people in the food industry,and I hope I'll be able to share their stories - -  starting with my own! I'll also tackle some of the food news or trends that pop up and share my take on these fads, while sharing information and recipes.

    I have no formula set in stone about how this show will go moving forward, so if I get a lot of interest, I may address questions on air that you send to me! So please tell your friends about this show and let's have some fun while we save money!

    @Ms_Terree aka The Frugal Foodie


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    The Davidic King aka the Holy Spirit.

    in Religion

    The Davidic King aka the Holy Spirit.

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    Ali Myers is guest on Get Your, It Together! 4 the 1st time. Host REVELATION aka

    in Spirituality

    Please welcome S. Ali Myers of Mind Right Radio for the 1st time to “Get Your, It Together!” This will be a very special airing of our 100th episode. Revelation aka will talk with this clairvoyant and psychic medium about metaphysics, spirituality, conscious awareness, spiritual self development, astrology and numerology, just to name a few. Ali Myers states that his mission is to offer information and services to help those evolving spiritually, with enlightenment being the goal of the Soul and is happy to play a small part in the journey of ascension. Many of the services can be found on his website at 3rdeyeactivation.com. There you can find articles with information on acquiring techniques on spiritual development, occult, chakra and third eye activation, to name a few as well. There are also meditative rituals, online workshops, personal readings and YouTube videos on the various offerings. Be sure to tune in, meet up in the chat room and offer comments/questions, or words of appreciation for this particular genre of radio broadcasting. And, continue in the "Get Your, It Together!" tradition of affirming that we’re all activated seeds of pure consciousness, animated by The Spirit of The All That Is! The call in # is 773-897-6555 for your question, or comments live on air, with words of encouragement and appreciation aired as well. You can also email your well wishes to gyit@kyngjaymes.com

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    Direct Line Interview with L.A. aka Fly Rebel

    in Music

    Today at 6pmEST be sure and #TUNEIN for another installment of our "DIRECT LINE" Interview series as we chop it up live with L.A. aka Fly Rebel @LA_Gpp on #K100RADIO
    Listen in with the tunein mobile app http://tun.in/se8P4 OR get our FREE #android app http://goo.gl/EhxXNB or #iPhone app http://goo.gl/Z8n6x5
    visit our website for details www.K100Radio.com

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