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    PWR Presents A Tribute TO Joanie "Chyna" Laurer & Prince Rogers Nelson-Prince

    in Entertainment

    The world woke to the shocking tragic news of the discovery that Joanie Laurer, known the world over as Chyna, had been found dead in her California apartment. By noon, the shock and sadness of the world was increased when word came out that the artist known as Prince (real name Prince Rogers Nelson) was also found dead in his home in Minnesota. While not personally connected, each had a MAJOR impact on the entertainment world.                                                                         Tonight will pay tribute to both of them, talking about Joanie's impact not just on Womens wrestling, but on the wrestling business in general. We will intersperse it with some of the best music recorded by Prince and artists he worked with.             One MAJOR rule, there will be NO specualtion on the cause of either's death. There will also be NO negative comments allowed regarding Joanie's personal life, especially the negative parts. This program is designed to celebrate both of them.                                                        

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    power of perception writers Kristen Rogers

    in Motivation

    Kristen Rogers has always had a passion for writing, but found her calling in poetry at the age of 14. Since then, Rogers has written poetry as a way to cope with the everyday trials and tribulations that we face in our lives. Rogers’ poetry centers around her life, friends, family, experiences, things she is passionate about, or that spark her interest. In November, she released her first book of poetry entitled ‘Kristen’s Diary’ that is available for purchase on Amazon.com and Barnesandnoble.com. Kristen’s Diary chronicles Rogers’ life, and tells a story of heartache, triumph, and perseverance that everyone can relate to. In addition to writing poetry, Rogers has also written for blackgirldangerous.org about her experience as a bisexual black woman, as well as help start a business called the Black Excellence Network. Kristen Rogers is a 2nd year graduate student at Adler University in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program in Chicago, IL. Her plans after graduating include finding work in consultation, and starting a PhD program in public policy. She is passionate about the #BlackLivesMatter movement, LGBTQ rights, and reproductive rights. Her hope is to use her platform as an artist and business owner to speak out against inequality in our society.

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    A. Deep Live: PRINCE Rogers Nelson

    in Music

    Prince Rogers Nelson (June 7, 1958 – April 21, 2016),[2] known by his mononym Prince, was an American singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and actor, serving as a major figure in popular music for over three decades. Prince was renowned as an innovator and was widely known for his eclectic work, flamboyant stage presence, and wide vocal range. He was widely regarded as the pioneer of Minneapolis sound.

    Prince was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Prince sold over 100 million records worldwide, making him one of the best-selling artists of all time.[10] He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

    He died at his Paisley Park recording studio and home in Chanhassen, Minnesota, near Minneapolis, on April 21, 2016, after suffering flu-like symptoms for several weeks.[

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    Jessica K. Rogers Exec Dir of C2i for youth in foster care ages 15-24

    in Health

    Business of Health.Well.Fit. - Apostle SB Barber talks with Jessica K. Rogers Executive Director of C2i. Louis J. King, CEO of Summit Academy gave Jessica the opportunity of a lifetime! She has positively impacted youth and families in Minneapolis through various community programs she has led over the last 15 years. Jessica is truly passionate about the mission and work of Connections to Independence because she is a product of foster care herself. Jessica is committed to creating a unique culture and environment for C2i youth and staff to feel like this is more than a place to come to work and participate in programming. It’s a safe place where all staff and youth are valued and considered part of a family.
    The Mission of Connections to Independence is to provide unique programming and advocacy for foster care youth, ages 15 - 21, to promote a successful and healthy transition to living independently as they reach adulthood. 

    GMSbuzz & Guest Contact:
    *Sat, 4.23.16 @2PM. Hats & Pearls Springtime Tea Party 'Take a sip for Civili-Tea w/ Mz. Lola Thomas & Cycle Changers Tickets $20. Georgetown On The River, 5750 East River Rd, Fridley, MN 55432. Call 763-355-7177
    *Donate In memory & support of Kirk E. Washington, Jr & Family Legacy
    *Sat, 5.7.16, 3PM-7PM. 3rd Annual Kentucky Derby Fundraiser for Connections To Independence Youth C2i Food, Fashion, Fun all for a great cause!

    Send us your questions/comments before, during, after the broadcast. Join us on Twitter@GMNetwork, Facebook@GMNLiveTv, YouTube@GMNLiveTv or Instagram@GMNLiveTv -- SB Barber Morning Show with Apostle Shena SB Barber is produced by ShenaBarber.com and presented by GRACE Media Network.

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    An evening with Actor James Preston Rogers

    in Entertainment

    We are thrilled to have the opportunity to chat with James Preston Rogers. James was approached by the WWE just as the acting roles started coming in. He played Bjorn in Outlander (2007) opposite Ron Perlman & Jim Caviesel, Sea Change (2007) opposite Tom Selleck, and an independent feature Poker Nights. James was also in Adam Sandler's, Pixils. 

    James stands a 6' 5", hulking & muscular frame.  James is also starring in The Masked Saint as The Reaper in theaters now. 

    We look forward to spending the evening with James, talking about his exciting career and plans for the future.

    Learn more about James here

    Call in and speak with James (646) 668 2716

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    JSR Episode 3 featuring Joe Caporoso, Connor Rogers, Jeff Lloyd, and Drew

    in Football

    DA Osorio and Paulie Bruz are joined by Jeff Lloyd, Joe Caporoso, Connor  Rogers, and Drew From Jersey/

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    Remembering Prince Rogers Nelson Who Died At Age 57, His Impact On The World

    in Culture

    Listen to The Michael Imhotep Show, Thurs. April 21st, 10pm-12midnight EST (7pm – 9pm PST) with host Michael Imhotep of The African History Network.  We remembered Prince Rogers Nelson who died today at age 57.  We discussed his impact on music and pop culture and discuss the latest about his sudden death.

    DETROIT: FREE EVENT - Sat. April 23rd, 2016, 2pm-7pm, Screening and Discussion of "Resurrecting Black Wall Street – The Blueprint" with host Michael Imhotep.  Michael Imhotep will also do a presentation called “Redistributing The Pain: How African Americans Historically Fought Back With Economic Boycotts & Cooperative Economics”.  Visit http://AfricanHistoryNetwork.com for more information or on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/771738726295951/?active_tab=highlights.


    CALL IN WITH Questions/Comments at 1-888-669-2281.  POST YOUR COMMENTS.  WE MAY READ THEM ON AIR.  Listen online at http://tunein.com/radio/Empowerment-Radio-Network-s199313/ or by downloading the "TuneIn Radio" app to your smartphone and search for "Empowerment Radio Network" or at www.AfricanHistoryNetwork.com. 

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    Ep# 145 Marcus Rogers & The Heresy of Modalism!

    in Christianity

    Ep# 145 Marcus Rogers & The Heresy of Modalism. w/guest Pastor Saiko Woods of His Word His Way Fellowship Church & open invitation to Marcus Rogers.

    Welcome to G220 Radio, on this episode we will be dealing about and hopefully with a well known speaker on social media. Marcus Rogers is the man many have seen wearing an army uniform talking about God. He has a large following of people who support and share his posts and videos. While he has much zeal and passion, what is it that he actually believes theologically. Recently Saiko Woods and myself have challenged Marcus on his beliefs, which has become more evident that he holds to and promotes the Heresy of Modalism. Marcus Rogers said he would be on the show but has pulled back from coming on but the offer still stands open for Marcus to call in and defend his position. In the attempt to confront Marcus on the Trinity, many have provided scriptual support and attempted to correct Marcus' understanding of the Trinity even reaching Dr. James White on the Dividing Line where Dr. White broke down Marcus' video denying the Trinity, yet Marcus still refuses to hear anyone who actually understands the position.

    Topics we want to discuss concerning Marcus Rodgers:

    New Revelations from God
    Once Saved Always Saved Rejection
    Denial of the Trinity >> Oneness Heresy

    Want to know more about my guest? Go to:

    http://hiswordhisway.org/ for Pastor Saiko Woods

    To know more about G220 Radio & Ministries>> Go to :



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    Sign of the Times : The Curious Death of Prince Rogers Nelson

    in Current Events

    tomorrow is promised to no man, but Prince's death has us confused. Beyond the question of how... Is the more immediate question of why? 

    Bad health? Nope... The man ate organic everything. Drugs? Nope ... The man was a devout Jehovah's Witness. Just got the right to own his masters worth billions?.... Hmmmm

    It's worth a conversation and at least a royal tribute on air to the man that is responsible for half of the world pregnancies since the 80's.

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    Late night with Joseph Rogers and Host Yvonne Smith

    in Current Events

    Sunday March 20 6 pm Pacific 7pm Mtn 8pm Central &9Pm Eastern. Current events on how Mental health Community is effected by the Current Events. Late Night Hero and Frequent Guest Joseph Rogers. Confirmed guest also  Daniel Fisher. Gina Calhoun invited but not confirmed.. Please Call in 267  621 521 0167

    Joseph Rogers has been a succesful advocates for persons labled with mental illness for over 3 decades. Both Dr. Fisher and Rogers have been involved in system advocacy and Organizers of Past Alternatives Conferences.



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    @TopStarHipHopRa @Powertalk_w_og @Mackdrama1017 Homage to Prince Rogers Nelson

    in Music

    Tonight we honory the memory of Prince who died this morning on April 21, 2016. By playing his music. His gift to the wolrd. We love you Prince & know you have gone back t the creator who needs your music in other places now!

    Call 347-633-9588 Press 1 to talk.

    Top Star Hip Hop we feature music from www.topstarhiphop.com & from the artists we interview. We feature a varitey of shows from talk, music, Top 20 weekly Hits, Gospel Hip Hop, Battle Rapping, Powertalk With OG, Real House Wives of Twitter. We have it all plus Entertainment News. We are the voice of the Indy Artist and we rule the streets. We are the streets! @mackdrama1017 #OGMackDramaProduction all rights reserved