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    Ben Askren, Shawn Bunch, Mike Kogan, & AJ Matthews Read more

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    This week the show is kicking off the show is a man who could have arguably the best wrestling in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. Our first guest is undefeated in his MMA career, has defended his championship belt 4 times and is 9-0 under the Bellator banner. “Funky” Ben Askren is opening up the show and we have plenty to talk about. 
    When it comes to world-class wrestlers Bellator has A “Bunch,” I don’t mean a bunch as in a number I mean a “Bunch” as in Shawn “Bunch The Great” Bunch. Shawn isn’t the typical Wrestler who came to MMA after their time on the mat was over, this has been a part of the plan for a very long time. Shawn about made the crossover to MMA back in 2009, but decided to try and make one more run at the Olympics. 
    Our next guest is a man who represents some of the biggest names in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. If you have ever seen Roy Nelson, King Mo, or Jason High fight well it’s because of Mike Kogan. Mike is one of the sports top managers and the list of his clients could go on and on. We could have easily filled a full hour with Mike about his insight into the game but we only have him for a single segment. 
    AJ Matthews is back this week and even though we saw AJ lose his fight on last weeks episode we still have plenty of Fight Master to watch and discuss. We will talk to AJ about the shoulder injury, dealing with being injured while on the show, and the things we didn’t get to talk about last week like; getting ready for a fight with a new team, how he handled the weight cut leading up to his fight, and of course the nerves leading up to actually walking into the cage.

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    Show 200 Enson Inoue, Brandon Frunk, AJ Matthews

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    Our first guest is a man who truly lives the Bushido lifestyle. There are few men that I would say were born in the wrong era and Enson Inoue might be one of them. If you have ever seen Enson fight you realize that he enters the cage fully prepared to never leave. Enson is a warrior unlike most athletes in this sport, he truly is the samurai of MMA. 
    “Brandon Frunk” (Stop reading this and go grab a pen and paper and write that name down…) you won’t want to forget the name. Brandon is an amateur prospect coming out of Alliance MMA in Chula Vista, CA. You have already know for us to bring a man with out a single pro fight onto show 200 he must have potential. Brandon finished his career as the Xplode Fight Series Champ.
    AJ Matthews is back and ready to talk about everything related to this last weeks episode of Bellator’s reality show “Fight Master.” This week we see Joe Riggs having to really work hard to make it to the 170 lb fight limit. We will talk with AJ about the things you didn’t see in this weeks episode

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    201: Casey Ryan, Rich Power, Isaac De Jesus, & AJ Matthews

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    This week we are giving you three guys to keep an eye on as they continue to come up in the sport and our first guest is ready to step into the RFA cage on August 16. Casey Ryan aka Spider Monkey is set to take on Kevin Casey in the Co-main Event at RFA 9. Casey is coming into the fight with 5 wins and no losses. That’s right he’s undefeated with 4 wins coming by way of submission and his last by way of TKO. 
    It’s nothing new to hear about a wrestling standout making the switch to MMA fighter, but rarely do we hear about a boxer dropping the lace up gloves for the 4 oz style. Our second guest is a man who is doing just that. San Diego Heavyweight boxer Rich Power was billed as Americas next great white hype and now is making the crossover to the cage. Rich is a man who has the power and speed to make an immediate impact on the sport. 
    Kicking off hour two is a man we told you to watch out for a long time ago and we are not changing our stance anytime soon. Isaac De Jesus is back on the show and set to be back in the Tachi Palace cage. Isaac is a man who brings a lot of stand up and kickboxing experience with him into the cage. 
    AJ Matthews is back this week

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    Bubba Jenkins, Cliff Wright Jr., Lew Polley, & AJ Matthews

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    Our first guest has started his career off with a record of 3-0 and finishing all of his opponents in the first round. When he made the switch from the wrestling mat to the MMA cage, Bubba Jenkins was regarded as a high prospect to watch and he has proven those predictions to be true. Bubba came into the sport of MMA after winning the 2011 NCAA Division I Championship at 157 lbs  
    Our next guest is getting ready to step back in the Bellator MMA cage and looking to get back to his winning ways. Cliff Wright Jr. is preparing to take on Donald Sanchez on July 31. We will talk to Cliff about getting back in the cage, how this fight came to be, taking on a veteran like Donald, and if he feels the experience will be something he will have to overcome.   
    Bellator’s new reality show “Fight Master” was back this week and we saw two more fights happen this week. We have our man on the inside AJ Matthews back in the shop to talk about the things we got a chance to see on the televised part of the show, but AJ is also here to share what we did not get a chance to see.   

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    Tyson Griffin, Michele Gutierrez, AJ Matthews, & John Moraga

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    Our first guest is set to make his World Series of Fighting debut against Strikeforce Vet Gesias Cavalcante. That’s right Tyson Griffin is kicking off the show and we are looking forward to talking to Tyson about his career, and the new multi-fight deal he just signed with the WSOF. 
    It’s been a while since our last guest was on the show or in the cage, but “The Diablita” is ready for both. Michele Gutierrez is set to take on Jordan Nicole Gaza on August 23rd in North Dakota, for Crowbar MMA. Michele has not been in the cage since April of 2012 at Invicta FC 1. 
    Bellator’s new reality show “Fight Master” was back this week and we are past the fights to enter the house. We have our man on the inside AJ Matthews back in the shop to talk about the things we got a chance to see on the televised part of the show, but AJ is also here to share what we did not get a chance to see. 
    The man wrapping up the show is also the same man looking to dethrone the UFC Flyweight Champion Demetrious Johnson. John has been waiting for his shot at UFC gold and this fight was rescheduled to take place on July 27, 2013 at UFC on Fox 8. John has been on a very nice winning streak and has a lot of momentum coming into his title shot. 

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    Nick Newell, AJ Matthews, Kevin Ross, Tiffany Van Soest

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    This week we have a great line up, the first two hours we keep things all MMA Related and in the second hour we turn it all towards Lion Fight Promotions and two of the biggest stars on the card. So get ready cause the first hour we take you down and the second hour we plan on standing you up and lighting you up on the feet. 
    Our first guest is looking to make an impact on the World Series of Fighting, the same way he left his mark on the XFC. Nick recently signed with the WSOF and is slated to take on Keon Caldwell as the promotions 4th event.
    Our next guest is a man who has been missing from the shop for one week. AJ Matthews is back and we are ready to talk the last episode of Fight Master, Bellator MMA’s new reality show.
    Kicking off the second hour is a man who brings the fight every time he enters the ring. Kevin “The Soul Assassin” Ross is up in the shop and ready to talk his amazing career, his upcoming fight, and of course what the future holds for The Soul Assassin. 
    Our last guest is no stranger to the show and has even showed you her singing skills, don’t blame me just #BlameBiggie. Tiffany “Time Bomb” Van Soest is back in the shop and rea

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    Veronica LoCurto, AJ Matthews, James Krause, & Ryan Martinez

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    Our first guest is no stranger to the show and no stranger to the sport of Women’s MMA. Veronica “VRod” LoCurto is back and we have plenty of Women’s MMA to talk about. We will talk to Veronica about the upcoming Invicta FC 6 card. 
    Fight Master the new Bellator reality show kicked off this week as did a new tradition over here on the show. Each and every week we will have on our man on the inside AJ Matthews. AJ won his way into the house on the first episode after defeating Darryl Cobb by unanimous decision. We will talk to AJ about the lead up to the entrance fight, why he chose who he did for his coach, and more.
    Kicking off the second hour of the show is a man on an 8 fight win streak and the last one, won him fight of the night honors and submission of the night in his UFC debut. James Krause is our last guest and we are looking forward to talking to him about his UFC debut against Sam Stout, the decision to take the fight on short notice, and how life has changed in just a little over a week. 
    Our last guest is knocking out the last half hour of the show the same way he knocked out Richard Hale in

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    Rafael Lovato Jr., Rener Gracie, AJ Matthews, & Bruce Buffer

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    Our first guest this week is none other then Rafael Lovato Jr. Rafael is set to take on Andre Galvao at Metamoris 2 on Sunday, June 9, 2013. Rafael is  the second American (Our own B.J. Penn being the first) to win the Brazilian National Jiu-Jitsu Championship as a black belt.
    Okay so if I say the last name Gracie who do you think of? I mean you could think of Royce, Rorion, or maybe even Helio, but what about the new generation? Well our next guest is just that, the new generation of Gracies, and Rener Gracie is back in the SHOP!
    ellator just recently announced the cast of their new reality show "Fight Master" and kicking off the second hour is one of the men who made the cut. Alliance MMA Welterweight AJ Matthews is dropping in to talk everything he can about the show.
    After both fighters have walked the path that leads them to the Octagon, entered the cage, and heard the roar of the crowd; only one thing is left before they end up laying it all on the line they have to hear from the Veteran Voice of the Octagon "It's TIMEEEEE!! Speaking of the "Veteran Voice of the Octagon" Bruce Buffer the man who has coined the phrase is on the show to talk about his book coming out "It's Time, My 360 View Of The UFC."

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    Wednesday Noon Day Prayer With Prophet Laron Matthews 12:00 Noon cst

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    It's Wednesday Noon Day Prayer with Prophet Laron Matthews.  Join Prophet Matthews @ 12:00 noon for another Prophetic Experience where the word of the Lord comes alive.




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    A Sunday Morning Prophetic Experience With Prophet Laron Matthews 7:00 a.m. cst

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    Join Prophet Laron Matthews for another Sunday Morning Prophetic Experience where the word of the Lord comes alive.

    call in @ 424-222-5276




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