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    Join the X-Philes Jamie, Karen, and AJ as they continue their rewatch of The X-Files. Tonight they will continue with season 4 as they discuss Never Again, Memento Mori, Kaddish, Unrequited, Tempus Fugit and Max.

  • Allan James: Doors to Somewhere - WORLD PREMIER

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    Singer/Songwriter Allan James is our VIP Guest Superstar in Hour 1 of the Friday Night Dance Party.  Allan's new album DOORS TO SOMEWHERE World Premiers tonight and we'll be playing the music and hearing the stories behind the new tracks!

    In Hour 2 - it s your requests, so call in or Facebook me the songs you want to hear!  

    Call 323 657-1493 to ask Allan a question and join the fun!

    Buy Allan's DOORS TO SOMEWHERE on iTunes here!

    Allan James is a Rock/Pop Artist located in the Shenandoah Valley of Northern Virginia (USA). Located in a small town, his home & studio are surrounded by beautiful mountains where he writes, records, produces album’s & performs live both on stage & via webcasts.

    Although known for his creative style of guitar playing, he is an award winning singer/songwriter, composer plus multi-instrumentalist he also plays bass, keyboards & drums.

    AJ is a self-taught musician, began playing guitar & singing when he was 8 & in his early teens began recording & performing live in schools, dances & charities. When 15 he moved to Iceland for a few years where he had his own TV guitar show. He headed back to the U.S. to record his 1st single, becoming a firm favourite in schools, gigs & record stores in the Washington DC area.

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    Lets Celebrate 1 Year

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    With the Anniversary Just 2 days away from the airing of this show, I thought it would be fun to highlight the show and tribute by Bringing on some guests to help celebrate what we are doing that day. Mr. Armadillo Terry, A friend of and touring pal of AJ Pero will join me during the show to update me on what he has been up to and pass along some stories from his days hanging with AJ. I hope to have some other family and friends of AJ's during  the show to add their perspective.

    NFL Pre-season week 3 if upon us so that means we will have our 3rd installment of the Raider Training camp report with Dom Guinta. Still waiting for the verdict in the DEFLATE GATE "Trial". Loads of Major Injuiries around football as well, so we will do our best to breakdown comings and goings in football as well. 

    We will have Jeff Tolwinski and his CD review and Jeff's final update on the "Hard Rock n Sports Band" as well. Another week of TWBH and a segment on baseball with Roy Jones will happen during our 3 Hours.

    So Much to do and lots to talk about and we will hopefully get some calls from listeners with their own AJ Pero Stories and maybe some questions for our special guests.

    See you this Thursday at 6:30 pm est live on BLOGTALKRADIO.com.

    Keep On Rockin!!!



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    Da Jumpoff-Real Friends: Is Blood Thicker Than Water

    in Hip Hop Music

    On this episode of Da Jumpoff........

    Our hot topic of discussion will be REAL FRIENDS: IS BLOOD THICKER THAN WATER!!!!!!!!!! Have you ever been betrayed by a family member or friend? Have you ever GAVE and GAVE and GAVE but didn't receive help when you needed it? Have you ever been there for someone when they were down but forgot about you when you were down? We wanna hear from you tonight on the show!!!!!!! Also tonight on the show, we will be having our #TeamBBW segment with Queen Tee!!!! Tonight's #BBW topic will be As a BBW woman, do you feel there is a "type" of man you are supposed to be with? Lets talk confidence ladies. Where's yours? How did you get it so high or why is it so low? On our Turn Up/Turn Off segment, we will be listening to the sounds of Jamal Steele's Love Manifesto!!!!!! Our listeners will vote turn up or turn off on the track.

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    Islam, Religious, Religion, Islamic History,Critical Issue Affecting Our lives

    in Religion

    1st hour:Solution to critical issue that affect/effect our lives with host Dr. Jamal Rasheed, author of Broader Perspectives of Effectively Educating All of Us, It is Mandatory to Identify and Kick Slave Habits, Positive Solution To Improves Our Lives,and other books.  Joint in on the Conversation.

    2nd hours Islamic history with Amadous Shakoor, History from 636 AD up to Today. Joint in to increase and share your knowledge. 

    3rd Hours Not Just Talk with Michael Hameed, talk with quests about information that keep you inform on the happening in the communities.

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    Join the Wacky Talkers Jamie, Karen and AJ as they discuss the premiere of Fear the Walking Dead, Mr. Robot, The Strain, Falling Skies, Dark Matter and whatever else sounds good this week.

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    Dakota Discus & HannaPro Discus Talk Discus: Stendkers VS Asians

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    Dakota Discus has been breeding Stendker Discus while I'm attempting to breed Asians. Dakota Discus believes in Stendker Discus while I believe in all the different strains of Asian discus. Stendker Discus are very limited in the types they have. I think Asian Discus are beautiful Fish. However, I do agree that Stendker Discus are hardier so, come listen as AJ from Dakota Discus explains why. You can call in at 1-347-677-1837. AJ is an avid snake and fish keeper so come join show at 8 pm EST this evening.

  • Race Fans Rock - Broadcast No.37 - Guest: Josh Martin, NSCS Gas Man

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    Join host Infield Jen on tonight's Race Fans Rock Radio Show as she chats about what she's been up to this past week & as she chats with her friend Josh Martin who also happens to be a NSCS gas man! Tune in to find out for which team & more! 

    Stay tuned as Jen chats all about her boyfriend, Brian Keselowski's decision to put in his bid and run for President of the Unites States! Jen will give a complete run down of what you can expect this weekend as the NASCAR Xfinity Series & Camping World Truck Series gear up for some great racing this weekend! Jen will also share her unique opportunities that have been allowing race fans to meet all their favorite drivers all year long! Find out what the buzz is all about & how Jen can help YOU too!

    You don't want to miss a single minute of this show! 

    It all starts at 8:00pm tonight!


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    Boston College Football Season Preview: Jon Meterparel Joins BCI To Talk Eagles!

    in Sports

    It was a long winter.

    It was a longer spring.

    And the summer seemed interminable.

    But the fall is finally here.

    Boston College football is back.

    Dan and AJ are back on the mics to bring you all of the live radio action in the week leading up to the Boston College football season. Join them as they break down the offseason, some of the roster additions, and some of the news and notes as 2015 dawns on the horizon.

    For the season preview, they are joined by an incredibly special guest. Ahead of his Monday night broadcasts on WEEI with head coach Steve Addazio, Jon Meterparel, the "Voice of the Eagles," jumps on to talk about the upcoming season and his latest endeavor with Boston College. Jon is entering his 10th season as the voice of the Eagles and his fourth year covering Boston College basketball. Every Monday, he'll be joined by head coach Steve Addazio on WEEI to talk about the Eagles from 7-8 PM. Jon is no doubt one of the most special guests we've ever had, and he'll lend some fantastic insight into the Boston College breakdown.

    So tune in and make sure to call in with your thoughts on the upcoming season at 646-200-0446. Football is back!

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    Messin With Major Tillery - An Unsung Hero In Solitary Confinement

    in Legal

    Major Tillery stood up to the prison administration: he confronted them in no uncertain terms, noting that Mumia must get to the hospital in time - before he dies. SCI Mahanory Superintendent Kerestes told Major to mind his own business, to which Major replied 'Mumia is my business'. Please join us in standing in solidarity with Major Tillery,who has been transferred and put in solitary confinement as punishment for demanding that Mumia receive medical care.

     1. Call prison officials to demand that Major Tillery be released          from solitary confinement!
     Superintendent Brenda Tritt, SCI Frackville (570) 874-4516 
     Dept. Of Corrections Secretary John Wetzel (717) 728-4109 
     State that you are calling about Major Tillery #AM9786, to demand he be released from the RHU and placed back in general population. 

    Inform them that you aware that he is in the hole and being denied medication in retaliation for speaking up for another prisoner. 

     2. Write Major a letter of solidarity:

     Dear Major Tillery, 

     We honor your brave act of solidarity on behalf of Mumia Abu-Jamal. You urged him to seek medical care and challenged the Prison Superintendent to protect his life. You helped save the life of a fellow prisoner and for that act of solidarity they are trying to bury you in the bowels of SCI Frackville under false charges. No matter how hard they try they cannot hide you under the weight of lies and intimidation. The power of the truth must come to light. Thank you Major Tillery for your courageous service. We salute you! 
     Major George Tillery AM 9786 SCI
     Frackville, 1111 Altamont Blvd
     Frackville, PA 17931



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    Sports & Bullshit

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    Jamal and Dan talk the upcoming fantsy football season and give you tips on your upcoming draft.